Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) crushes the competition after Newcastle Disease outbreak

Quite a number of fanciers from around the city of Waregem were sidelined for four weeks, due to the protection zone that was installed following a Newcastle Disease outbreak. As soon as the ban was lifted, some teams were really eager to start racing again, including the team of Antony Maes.

Anthony & Chantal Maes

A forced break

When the federal food agency set up a protection zone after a Newcaste Disease outbreak in two poultry farms, pigeon fanciers from around the city of Waregem assumed that their season was over. However, after four weeks without competition the ban was lifted, and pigeons were allowed to race again. Getting back on track after such a long break is quite a challenge, especially with a group of young birds. Nonetheless, businessman Anthony Maes knew that his hard hard work and his highly talented group of pigeons could still lead to good results.

After rain comes sunshine

The ban was lifted in mid-August, and the racing team of Anthony Maes was  on track almost immediately.

They were particularly successful in the popular race from Pontoise, where they claimed an impressive 38 prizes per 100 on 4 weekends, which is quite unique.

Their opponents were particularly impressed with the team's results in Pontoise on 25th of August, where they were truly outstanding at provincial level against 7573 young birds: they claimed a 1-2-3-4-10-15-29-43-48-51-61-63-74-88-146-148-154-155-165-170-185-191-205-207-239-252-255-263-268-314-315-371-449-488-494-583-628-645-646-648-..., as well as 57 prizes with 67 pigeons, including 41 prizes per 10.

And they were great on 18th of August as well, against 9630 young birds: 2-8-22-24-30-51-126-128-130-134-148-154-165-170-261-271-293-296-344-361-362-391-412-453-591-625-762-...; a 38/64 including 28 prizes per 10.

On 1st of September they claimed a 15-16-18-31-34-38-48-51-52-56-58-61-75-117-121-125-130-175-180-182-193-202-239-242-266-273-319-325-330-344-355-360-369-377-380-422-440 of 6106 young birdsThey claimed 52 prizes with 62 birds, with 42 prizes per ten.

The team was split into two on 8th of September, with 20 birds being basketed for another race from Pontoise, against 3586 pigeons at provincial level. They were again outstanding, now winning a 2-9-39-40-43-48-50-106-110-132-145-168. They claim 17 prizes, with 12 prizes per ten. The second team went to Tours, to claim the following prizes in the club: 1-2-3-4-8-10-15-17-18-23-25-33-34-... of 408 young birds. At provincial level they won the following prizes of 2835 young birds: 6-7-9-12-25-38-71-85-87-135-159-184-186-188-, with 20 prizes of 38 birds and 15 prizes per 10.

These are outstanding numbers indeed, some truly impressive overall results with incredible prize percentages. These were all won with a team of young birds that were forced to stay home for four consecutive weekends. 

It would be quite difficult to pick the team's best pigeons but we think there are two pigeons do deserve a special mention. These two pigeons are extraordinary racing birds, a brother and sister from the same pair. The first one is Flipke, winner of three first prizes with a 30/9630, 43/7573, 31/6106 - click here for Flipke's pedigree.

His sister Quick was perhaps even better; her best results are a 8/9630, 16/6106, 2/7573 (beaten by a loft mate). The pedigree of Quick can be found here.

These two prize winners are grandchildren of Sero Sero (3079100/13): 1st National Argenton 9228 pigeons in 2016, and 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon in 2015. 

The beautiful lofts in Waregem

The champion from Waregem did have some fantastic seasons recently, with numerous provincial first prizes, a national victory from Argenton, as well as some ace pigeon titles.

And 2018 is a great success as well, with 2 victories and an impressive 7 second places at provincial level. Anthony Maes claimed 5 provincial first prizes last year, and he is showing to be one of the leading names in the province of West Flanders again this season. Despite Anthony's lung problems, which caused him to reduce the number of racing birds by 1/3 and the young birds even by 50%, he still had plenty of talented birds in his loft. In fact he only kept his second round of young birds of 2018, along with about 15 pigeons of friend and fellow fancier Koen Vandevelde from Rummen. Anthony is particularly happy with this introduction!

It is fair to say that this pigeon family has a bright future ahead. This 2018 generation is very gifted indeed, ready to aim for prestigious victories and championship titles in the years to come. We reckon there is a lot more to come from this kind fancier from Waregem.