Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) breezes through the 2018 racing season

The pigeons of Peter Janssen are again outstanding in 2018. He claimed his fourth and fifth victory of the season last weekend, with a first prize in Chateaudun and Bierges in Province 9 East Holland.

Peter Janssen is having another great season of racing

Peter meets his ambitions yet again

Peter had an excellent start to the season, which PIPA published a report about in early 2018 - click here to reread our report. Peter Janssen did get some spectacular results in both the middle distance and the one day long distance, as the undisputed number one in Province 9, as you can tell from his championship titles (including 1st not nominated one day long distance). Peter's pigeons have been in great shape in recent weeks, despite them having to face high temperatures and strong headwinds. They showed their fitness again last weekend with two provincial first prizes with the olds and the young birds.

Clean Sweep and high prize percentages

Pigeon magazine Het Spoor Der Kampioenen has a weekly report about the best Clean Sweep (100% score percentage) of the week, and this time it was Peter who got in the spotlight with his magnificent result in the middle distance race from Dudelange. He won an impressive number of top prizes in district 3 of province 9:

14-07 Dudelange 259 km 2760 p.  2-7-8-10-29-45-77-80-87-100-112-426 (12/12)

And his prize percentage in recent weeks was quite remarkable as well: he had basketed 38 pigeons in total for the last three one day long distance races and the middle distance race from Dudelange, winning 32 prizes across the four races (over 84%).

A victory from Chateaudun marks the end of the one day long distance season

DV0147-14-237 claims his fifth victory in the one day long distance in Chateaudun

The race from Chateaudun last weekend marks the end of the one day long distance season, which has been quite a success for Peter. As was often the case this season, this race took place in high temperatures, and with a strong northerly wind. The velocity of the winning pigeon (1123 m/min) says it all. The first prize in Province 9 (of 1764 pigeons) goes yet again to Peter Janssen. The pigeons of provinces 7 through 11 were released simultaneously, but none of the 5032 pigeons reached a higher speed than Peter's winning pigeon DV0147-14-237. This racing cock has a proven record, having won an impressive 7 first prizes, 5 of which were won in the one day long distance. Here is a look at his best results:

NPO Issoudun       618 km   1 – 2130 p. (province 9)
NPO Chateaudun     538 km   1 – 1764 p. (prpvoince 9)
    Snelste                     5032 p. (provinces 7 through 11)
Bourges            590 km   1 – 1240 p. (district 3 province 9)
    NPO                     2 – 3263 p. (province 9)
Mons               215 km   1 – 7138 p. (district 3 province 9)
Issoudun           618 km   1 – 1234 p. (district 3 province 9)
NPO Blois          584 km   3 – 2253 p. (province 9)
NPO Bourges        590 km   4 – 4231 p. (province 9)
NPO Chateauroux    641 km   9 – 4081 p. (province 9)
Quiévrain          231 km  12 – 8279 p. (district 3 province 9)
PIPA Ranking 2016;          3rd Best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands – 3 prizes

Click here to browse through the full pedigree of DV00147-14-237.

Top class birds make a difference

This racing cock has been performing at an exceptional level, and we reckon you will be even more surprised with his breeding potential. Peter won the provincial race from Nanteuil (381km) of 8138 pigeons on 30th of June, with racing bird NL17-1032803. This hen had already won a 1st prize from Peronne of 741 pigeons in district 3 CC 3 the week before, where she had to settle for 2nd of 10,366 pigeons at provincial level. And this pigeon is none other than a daughter of last weekend's winner DV0147-14-237. And her grandfather from her mother's side is another peculiar bird: NL09-1647161 Der Beste, a brother of Dolce Vita (Pieter Veenstra, NL). Der Beste is the sire of DV0147-11-554 Miss Dolce Vita, 1st Ace Pigeon in the national Eendaagse Fondspiegel one day long distance competition 2014-2015. Click here for the full pedigree of the 17-803.

NL09-1647161 Der Beste, the grandfather of the provincial winner NL17-1032803

The young birds try to catch up

The old birds were successful both in the sprint and the middle distance, as well as in the one day long distance in the province. It shows that the modern day Peter Janssen pigeon is a versatile bird. But the young birds do not want to get left behind by the older generation. Peter claimed three first prizes in district 3 CC 3 after five young birds' races. And the young birds were great last weekend as well, with a double first prize in the province of 10,127 pigeons. The pedigree of the winning hen can be found here: NL18-5162303. Click here for the pedigree of her first successor: NL18-5162343.

Peter Janssen - a phenomenon

We talked about the potential top results from this team in the middle distance and the one day long distance, and now the same goes for the young birds' competition. Peter Janssen is a phenomenon, and his pigeons can do great things across all disciplines. His young birds of 2018 clearly seem up for it.