Albert and Francine Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) have another great season thanks to Paulien and her descendants

De Primo and De Zoon, Invictus (1st nat. Issoudun), Rosella (2 x 1st prov.), Vallari (1st prov. La Souterraine), Pricilla (1st prov. Gueret), Daughter Paulien (3 x top-20 national), Rosella (1st ace pigeon B.U '14 and 1st ace pigeon B.U. '15), and Lena (2 x 1st prov.). These are all outstanding pigeons that saw the light of day in the pigeon loft of Derwa-Luxem, and they all stem from super class hen Paulien.

Albert Derwa-Luxem, one of Belgium's iconic fanciers

And these are just a few of many. In 2017 alone we also have Mon Amie (1st Prov. Blois, 8th Nat. Argenton) and Izaura (1st Interprov. Bourges, 5th Nat. Chateauroux) who joined this list. Together with the rest of the team, they added 28 first prizes to the palmares of Albert and Francine last season, including three provincial first prizes. Albert's career as a pigeon fancier could best be described as a team that knows how to deliver time and time again, season after season. 2017 was no different: his team of yearlings was victorious already in their first race of the season from Momignies, and they delivered another fantastic overall result in the closing race, again from Momignies. Here is a brief selection of the first prizes that were won in Herent in 2017:

08/04 Momignies: 111 YBs: 1-2-3-4-5-12-13-14-30 (16/9)
29/04 Soissons: 74 olds: 1-2-3-6-25 (6/5)
06/05 Melun: 628 olds: 1-2-5-11-17-38-113 (13/7)
04/06 Vierzon: 2,258 YBs: 1-8-9-10-38-43-483 (9/7)
08/07 Momignies: 1,444 YBs: 1-2-13-15-17-27-34-59-71-74--129-132-133-138-140 (30/25)

The best of two worlds

A number of years ago Jan Hooymans contacted the PIPA team to help him in his search for the perfect partner for his renowned breeding cock Harry. Harry, winner of a 1st Blois 37,728 p., a 1st Chateauroux 22,340 p. and a 3rd Chateaudun 21,520 p., is still the best one day long distance pigeon in The Netherlands. They promptly came up with the name of Pauline of Derwa - Luxem, which was already an internationally renowned breeding dam at the time. And not only for Albert and Francine - many other fanciers have benefitted from the introduction of Paulien descendants, including Ronny Menten, Koen Minderhout, Matthias Coel, Erik Limbourg, Jos Thone, and Gommaar Verbruggen. Jan Hooymans closely examined Paulien's list of references, and he quickly understood that she would be the perfect choice. Paulien moved to his loft in Kerkdriel for a while, where she and Harry bred some outstanding youngsters. The sons and daughters of this special pairing combine the best of both worlds, and they were in turn kept in the breeding loft, to be paired to some other direct Hooymans breeders. And against all expectations, the new generation of youngsters performed even better than their predecessors (click here for the full palmares):

Mon Amie

The pigeon mainly responsible for the team's successes in recent years was racing hen Mon Amie (BE16-2060047). She won 6 prizes per 100 in 2017, 5 prizes per 50 and 7 prizes per ten, and that does not include doubles. With doubles, that would have been 13, 9 and 25 respectively. It is no surprise that she did great in every important championship at the end of the season as well. Here is a look at her best results and her most prominent titles (for a complete overview, click here):

1st/628 Melun
1st/308 Blois - 3rd/921 I.prov.
1st/133 Argenton - 8/3,966 nat.
9th/2,258 Vierzon
16/3,449 Chateauroux
1e Ace Pigeon YLs Longer Middle Distance Pigeon d'Or '17
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Allround yearlings Vlaams-Brabant '17 - 8940 points
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 'De Gouden Veer' '17 - 8610 points
1st As der Azen Nat. olds and yearlings LCB '17 - 8940 points
1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Flanders Olds & YLs LCB '17
1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings Flanders LCB '17
2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings longer middle distance Brabant Union '17
2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Yearlings longer middle distance Flemish Brabant '17

Mon Amie is a daughter of BE11-6082792, which was obtained from John and Jan Baeck, and which went straight to the breeding loft, given his remarkable pedigree. His sire is a son of Armstrong (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina) of Verreckt-Ariën x a half sister of Fenomenale (3 consecutive 1st Prov. prizes) of Camille Nulens. The world famous '231' of Flor Engels is a forefather of Mon Amie from her father's side as well. Her dam is BE14-1209819, a granddaughter of De Harry of Jan Hooymans, paired to Alexia, winner of a 1st Chateauroux 5,620 p. The sire of the 819/14 is a son of the '800' of the Scheele brothers. This 800 won a 1st Orleans of 4,927 pigeons. Click here for the impressive pedigree of Mon Amie.


Albert and Francine won a 1st National Issoudun 2013 of 16,578 pigeons with Invictus, a grandson of Paulien. Invictus was then paired to the 134/13 of Matthias Coel, which comes straight from Albert Francine, winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton 19,309 p. that same season. It was this pair that bred BE13-211119, which would later on become the sire of one of today's stars in the racing loft of Albert and Francine: Izaura (BE15-2093096). She gained a reputation winning six prizes per 100 in 2017 (the coefficient is included in brackets):

1st Melun 628 p. (0.159)
1st Blois 380 p. (0.236)
1st Argeton 133 p. (0.725) - 8th nat. 3,966 p. (0.202)
4th Chevrainvilliers 595 p. (0.672)
9th Vierzon 2,258 p. (0.399)
16th Chateauroux 3,449 p. (0.464)

On top of that, she won 3 prizes per 50 in a national race:

276e Chateauroux 26,695 p. (1.034)
347e Argenton 22,712 p. (1.528)
280e Chateauroux 14,955 p. (1.872)

Click here for the full list of achievements of Izaura in 2017. The dam of Izaura (BE14-1209814) combines the bloodlines of some of the best breeding birds that The Netherlands has to offer. The grandfather of 814/14 from her father's side is none other than Mister Blue (1st Ace Pigeon WHZB '04) of Pieter Veenstra. The grandmother is Dolce Vita (1st Chateauroux 1,418 p.), again of Pieter Veenstra. Her grandfather from her mother's side is Harry, and her grandmother is 'Marijke' of Marijke Vink. Click here for the pedigree of Izaura, which consists of nothing but top class birds.


Albert started keeping pigeons in 1972, and he has not had a single season in which he was not competing for victory at club level, and for provincial or national championship titles. This makes him one of the most successful fanciers in Belgium. We reckon he will continue to achieve great results in the years to come, especially with the Harry x Paulien bloodline. The results of 2017 are just a start for this brand new combination.