Ivan & Willy Baetens (Sint-Niklaas, BE) have already won three provincial first prizes in 2017

Willy & Ivan Baetens from Sint-Niklaas are having another very successful racing season. They have already claimed three provincial victories this year: Argenton, Bourges and Chateauroux.

BE14-4052088 Wittekop Junior: 1st Provincial Argenton

Wittekop Junior is without doubt one of the stars of the racing team in Sint-Niklaas. He also won a 43rd National Zone B1 from Bourges against 6,719 old birds earlier this season, before taking a provincial victory from Argenton against 2,547 old birds. This racing bird was quite successful in 2016 as  well:

Bourges: 75th Provincial of 4,032 pigeons
Chateauroux: 90th National Zone B1 of 6,692 pigeons
Argenton: 4th Provincial of 1,971 pigeons / 12th National of 9,228 pigeons
Chateauroux: 28th Provincial of 1,310 pigeons

As his name suggests, this talented racing bird is a son of Wittekop (BE07-4115032), winner of a 1st Provincial Bourges, a 22nd Provincial Argenton, a 93rd National Argenton, and a 52nd National Chateauroux. Wittekop is a 100% Marcel Aelbrecht (Gustaaf bloodline) from his father's side, and a Geerinckx from the line of Gladiator x Bourgeske from his mother's side. The dam of Wittekop Junior is a 100% Marcel Wouters through racing bird Leeuw, 8th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance and the sire of a 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2012. Click here for a closer look at his impressive pedigree.

BE16-4011214 '214': 1st Provincial Chateauroux II

The 214 is the next pigeon in this series. He is having a great racing season: besides his provincial victory from Chateauroux II of 2,311 yearlings he also claims a 4th Provincial Bourges II against 1,935 yearlings (a 44th national of 12,176 pigeons) and a 37th Provincial Argenton II of 1,904 pigeons. This is quite a palmares!

The sire of the 214 is none other than Messi (BE10-4123229). Messi was a strong racing bird and winner of a 1st Provincial Montluçon (3,550 pigeons), a 4th National Zone B1 Chateauroux (3,270 pigeons), a 9th Provincial Blois (2,144 pigeons), etc. Messi is a 50% Urbain De Maere (from Blitz) and a 50% Geerinckx (from Gladys, a daughter of Gladiator x Sproetkopje). The dam of the 214 is a daughter of Chipo of L&M Baertsoen (the sire of Lady Bourges x Geerinckx). Click here for the 412's' full pedigree.

BE16-4011101 Bullet: 1st Provincial Bourges II

And the team's third provincial prize winner is doing great as well this season. He wins a 1st Provincial Bourges II of 1?935 pigeons, finishing in ninth place national of 12,176 pigeons. In addition, he wins an 11th Provincial Chateauroux II of 2,311 pigeons and a 21st Provincial Argenton II of 1,904 pigeons.

The sire of Bullet is Ace of Aces (BE14-1053232), a direct Casaert and a son of Nikolaas (1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2013) x Palme D'or (Gaston Van De Wouwer and the dam of Nikolaas). The dam is Dame 080, winner of a 9th Provincial Chateauroux and a 22nd Provincial Bourges. She is a daughter of Speedy Ace (7th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2012 for Lanslot - Dockx x Johny Vreys) x Super Lucky (yet another Geerinckx descendant from the line of Gladiator). Alles is netjes terug te vinden in de pedigree van Bullet.

Yet another great season

Ivan & Willy Baetens, also known as the Bricon Loft, can look back on another memorable year, with no less than three provincial victories and several more top results at provincial, zonal and national level. Their names will undoubtedly pop up in the winter as well, when the championship titles are awarded. A top quality breed never ceases to deliver. This team has done a great job!