Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) takes control of the NPO race from Issoudun

Peter Janssen shows what he can do with a small basket in the NPO race from Issoudun, winning the entire top three in Province 9 South. He also has a 100% prize percentage with an 8 out of 8.

Peter Janssen was omnipresent in the race from Issoudun

An excellent one day long distance season

Peter Janssen has had a more than excellent 2017 one day long distance season. He basketed a total of 90 pigeons across six one day long distance races, and they won a total of 67 prizes in Province 9 East-Holland (South), giving a prize percentage of well over 70%. In one day long distance club Achterhoek Twente, which revived the one day long distance in 2017, all top results went to Peter Janssen, whose pigeons were on top in the nominated and not nominated ranking, as well as in the pigeon championship. Here is an overview of his results in Province 9:

20  May      Pithiviers       492 km   2620 p.    5-19-59-60-61-62-64-69-etc.(21/26)
10  June     Gien             522 km   2073 p.    8-10-30-31-32-44-46-64-etc.(15/19)
24  June     Bourges          590 km   1707 p.    14-36-53-etc.(7/14)
8   July     Bourges          590 km   1555 p.    3-13-14-40-62-73-etc.(10/12)
22  July     Châteauroux      641 km   1390 p.    42-48-etc.(6/11)
6   August   Issoudun         618 km    934 p.    1-2-3-6-23-45-etc.(8/8)

Issoudun: he kept the best for last

Peter had to wait for the very last one day long distance race of 2017 to get his best result of the season. He had picked eight pigeons for the closing race from Issoudun, which had won some promising results in this discipline already. Their moult allowed them to get in great shape for this last marathon race, and they surprised even Peter: three pigeons arrived home in a mere 60 seconds after covering 618km in more than seven and a half hours. Peter takes the entire top three in the southern part of Province 9, which shows how dominant his breed is. In addition, all eight pigeons in his team took a result in this race, a clean sweep. Peter also took a well deserved third place in the final results of the Podium der Grootmeesters One Day Long Distance in a new competition founded by pigeon magazine Het Spoor Der Kampioenen. Here is a closer look at the top-three of the NPO race from Issoudun:

DV0147-10-94 the dam of a 1st NPO Issoudun

DV0147-14-237 wins 1st NPO Issoudun

The winner of the prestigious NPO race from Issoudun is DV0147-14-237, a cock with an impressive list of achievements. He won six prizes in the one day long distance in 2017. Besides his victory from Issoudun he also won a third prize in the NPO race from Bourges against 1555 pigeons (8th of July). And this is the rest of his palmares:

Mons               1 – 7138 p.
NPO Blois          3 – 2253 p.
NPO Châteauroux    9 – 4081 p.
NPO Issoudun      10 – 3275 p.

The sire of this first prize winner is DV09711-12-206. He is a son of DV09711-08-275 Superstar of Heinz Meier (Rahden, DE). The breeding value of Sohn Super Star became apparent in 2017: he is also the sire of NL15-1451934, second ace pigeon in One Day Long Distance Club Achterhoek Twente. The dam of the NPO winner from Issoudun is DV0147-10-94; she is a granddaughter of BE95-3263118 De Supercrack of A & H Reynaert.

2nd NPO Issoudun and 1st Ace Pigeon DAT

The second place from Issoudun was won by NL15-1451570. This cock is the revelation of the season in the one day long distance. He takes the lead in the ace pigeon championship both in District 3 of Province 9 and in one day long distance club Achterhoek Twente. This is not really a surprise, given his palmares for 2017:

Issoudun        2 -  934 p.
Pithiviers      5 – 2620 p.
Gien            8 – 2073 p.
Chateauroux    42 – 1390 p.
Bourges        53 – 1707 p.
Bourges       123 – 1555 p.

NL09-1647161 Der Beste, the sire of the 3rd NPO Issoudun 2017

The bronze in Issoudun goes to NL15-1451964

Finishing behind two of his own loft mates, NL15-1451964 had to settle for third in Issoudun. She showed her potential as a yearling in 2016 with a 2nd NPO Blois against 1005 pigeons. Her sire is NL09-1647161 Der Beste. This cock is a brother of Dolce Vita, the renowned pigeon of Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie) that made the international headlines with a record breaking transfer sum. Der Beste developed into an invaluable pigeon for Peter Janssen as the sire of DV0147-11-554 Miss Dolce Vita, 1st Ace Pigeon in the national One Day Long Distance Spiegel competition in 2014-2105. The dam of the 15-964 is DV09711-12-205, a daughter of Goldstuck.

DV09711-12-205, the dam of the NL15-1451964


Level of dominance

Peter Janssen has yet again underlined his level of dominance in pigeon racing. Nothing seems to slow down the now 75 year old pigeon coach from Kleve in Germany. We reckon the one day long distance club Achterhoek Twente could not have wished for a more prestigious championship winner.