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Team Vermassen (Gavere, BE) adds flavour to an excellent season with 17 first prizes including a 1st, 2nd and 2nd Provincial

The team from Gavere has had quite a few toasts in recent weeks, having won an impressive 17 first prizes, including a 1st, 2nd and 2nd Provincial. The 2017 season has been a memorable year for David, Nadine and Denis, although they do regret the loss of racing bird 317/17, their 1st Provincial from Blois.

Consistent results

Since entering the middle distance competition in May, Team Vermassen has been getting great overall results and prize percentages almost on a weekly basis. They have 17 first prizes on their palmares so far this season. Click here for a brief overview of their palmares for 2017. Here is a look at their most notable top 10 prizes:

04/06 Limoges: 2nd Provincial 2,870 olds / 3rd Zone 4,876 olds / 8th National 14,937 olds
17/06 Châteauroux: 2nd Provincial 4,740 YLs
                   8th Provincial 4,740 YLs
24/06 Argenton: 3rd Zone 4,079 olds / 9th Provincial 2,547 olds
                5th Zone 4,079 olds
15/07 Blois: 1st Provincial 4,517 YBs
             6th Provincial 4,517 YBs
13/08 Orléans: 7th Provincial 324 olds
               7th Provincial 612 YLs

Denis, Nadine and David of Team Vermassen

15 July 2017

The team did particularly well in the provincial race from Blois on 15th of July, where the young birds' team of David, Nadine and Denis basically overwhelmed their opponents in great racing weather. They have no less than 10 pigeons in the top 50 against 4,517 young birds: 1-6-15-18-22-23-33-37-42-50. No less than 33 on a total of 61 pigeons managed to win a prize that day.

The provincial first prize winner in Blois was BE17-4185317. She comes from Moreno x Poline, the parents of quite a few prize winners but more importantly two youngsters of the two breeding pairs that enabled Team Vermassen to become one of the leading lofts in Belgium in recent years. The sire of Moreno comes from Mandella x Zita, the parents of Black Hawk (1st Nat. Brive and 2nd Nat. Zone Montluçon) and the grandparents of Blauwwit Sproetje (1st Nat. Zone La Souterraine). That same Black Hawk now has a proven reputation in the breeding loft as the sire of a 2nd Prov. Vierzon, a 4th Prov. Blois, and a 5th Prov. Villemander. The dam of Poline is a daughter of Casper x Het Gueretje. They are the parents of Marieke (1st Nat. Zone Bourges), Medart (1st Prov. Vierzon), Croket (1st Prov. Villemanduer), Irma (2nd Prov. Montrichard, 4th Nat. Zone Argenton and 7th Nat. Zone Issoudun), Zeno (5th Prov. Vierzon) and numerous other first prize winners. In short, these two breeding pairs have brought a lot of joy to the three fanciers from Gavere in the past several years. Click here to discover the full pedigree of the 317/17.

The grandparents of the 1st Prov. Blois are also the parents of the 1st Nat. Brive 2013 Black Hawk

A major loss

Exactly one week later the Vermassen family was filled with sadness after a new provincial race from Blois. They spent the entire day waiting for the return of their provincial winner from last week, but to no avail. "It is a feeling that has kept lingering to this day, as the 317/17 has still failed to come home", Denis told us. Apparently, a fancier can go from heaven to hell in just seven days.

A successor from the same nest

The fanciers from Gavere are still hopeful. Besides the excellent results of the entire racing team, the nest sister of the provincial winner from Blois appears to be quite a talented hen as well: this BE17-4185316 has already won a 2nd Tours 433 p., an 11th Orléans 633 p., a 17th Blois 448 p. and a 31st Pont 737 p. Team Vermassen is confident that the 316/17 will be a worthy successor to her sister that went missing on 22nd of July.

The 316/17 should substitute for the 1st Prov. Bois, her lost sister, in the long run