Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) wins 1st Prov. Orleans and 1st Prov. Chateauroux in a single weekend!

It was bound to happen: he had already won four provincial second prizes earlier this season, and in the weekend of 8 July Luc has claimed a double win, taking a 1st Provincial from Orleans and Chateauroux. This adds to a total of no less than 25 provincial first prizes.

We had only just published our report about team Luc De Laere and his impressive 4 provincial second prizes and 9 provincial top 5 placings (30th of June - click here), and here we are, writing about another top result. It was actually in line with our expectations. Luc took two major wins in a single weekend, claiming a provincial first prize from Orleans and Chateauroux. It was the 24th and 25th provincial win in his career! His two winners are in fact closely related, since they are both grandsons of Baron Junior.

1st Prov. Orleans with Little Prince

Luc had basketed four yearlings for the provincial race from Orleans on Saturday 8th of July, and he wins three prizes:

Orleans Prov 1,649 yearlings: 1-3-138 (3/4)

The provincial first prize was won by Little Prince, one of Luc De Laere's most promising shorter middle distance birds. This champion originates mainly from the bloodlines of stock breeder Tieke and Bliksem-Vandenabeele.

-Little Prince BE16-3053733

 1st  Prov. Orleans    1,649 p. ’17 ( 2nd  Prov 1,422 olds)
56th  Prov. Orleans    3,665 p. ’17 (62nd  Prov 2,927 olds)
62nd  Prov. Chateaudun 2,214 p. ’17 (113th Prov 2,177 olds)
68th  Prov. Chateaudun 1,384 p. ’17 (88th  Prov 1,278 olds)
120th Prov. Tours      3,414 p. ’17
113th Prov. Chateaudun 3,753 p. ’16
152nd Prov. Chateaudun 1,887 p. ’16

Sire: The Blue King 2 BE14-3113784
A cock from a joint breeding with Gaby Vandenabeele. A son of Little King BE13-3159490 Gaby Vandenabeele (half brother Gloria, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB, and a son of Royal Blue BE05-3006583 x Venus Bliksem BE04-3230803, daughter Bliksem) x Perfecta BE13-3054671 Luc De Laere (a daughter of Perfect Tieke BE07-3204750 and the sire of a 2nd Nat. Bourges ’14, x Justine Bliksem BE06-3008201, daughter of Bliksem).
Dam: Kleine Baronnes BE09-3016368
Inbred to stock breeder Tieke from a pairing of ‘grandson x daughter’ Tieke. She is a daughter of Baron Junior BE08-3015149, winner of 2 prov. first prizes from Poitiers (from Junior BE02-3007665 x Justine Bliksem BE06-3008201) x Klein Tiekske BE07-3199149 (a daughter of stock breeder Tieke BE00-3010207).
Click here for the full pedigree of Little Prince

The cock that wins a 3rd Provincial is Lost Son BE16-3053805 (click here for his pedigree), a great racing bird that went missing during a training flight as a youngster, before eventually finding his way back home. He was still allowed to stay on the team thanks to his origins, being a full brother of Donkeren Bliksem and of a 2nd Prov. Chateauroux. He seized the opportunity and he has lived up to the expectations so far.

Baron Junior: grandfather of the 1st Prov. Orleans and the 1st Prov. Chateauroux

1st Provincial Chateauroux with Fideel

Fideel is proving to be another highly talented yearling in Luc De Laere's longer middle distance team. He had already won a 5th Prov. Argenton two weeks ago, and he is now the provincial first prize winner in the national race from Châteauroux II on 8th of July as well.

-Fideel BE16-3053741

 1st Prov Chateauroux 2,998 p. ’17
 5th Prov Argenton    2,714 p. ’17
52nd Prov Chateaudun  3,753 p. ’16
61st Prov Chateaudun  3,594 p. ’16

Fideel is one of the flag bearers of this team with an impressive palmares, of which we have only included his top prizes at provincial level. He is half brother from his mother's side of the moral winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux in 2014 (control ring was not clocked in time), a 1st Prov. Fontenay 7,988 pigeons (the fastest of 16,000 pigeons), and a 1st Ace Pigeon East & West Flandersoth Flanders.

In addition, he is a full brother (from the same parents) of Strong Lady, winner of a 2nd Prov. 1,057 p. & 12th Nat. Argenton 25,949 p., and a 3rd Prov. La Souterraine 2,856 p. in just two weeks' time.

Sire: Late Baron BE10-3181446
An outstanding breeder. He is a son of Baron Junior BE08-3015149 (two prov. first prizes from Poitiers) x Pootje BE01-3107068 (daughter of top class breeding pair Jonge Bonten 717/94 x Blauwe Renterghem 807/95).
This makes Late Baron a half brother of Kleine Baronnes, the dam of Little Prince (1st Prov. Orleans).
Dam: Fredje DV7273-10-409
She is the dam of the moral winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux etc. and of Strong Lady. She is a daughter of Der Star DV7273-04-306 (crossing of Koopman x Wouters) x Zus Gigant 427 DV7273-05-396 (Gigant won 13 prizes in 13 races in 2009; from the line of Prange x Fienneke 5000 Flor Vervoort).
Click here for Fideel's full pedigree.

Luc and his wife Sybille managed to add three provincial first prizes to their palmares both in 2015 and 2016. They are eager to repeat that performance in 2017, and the fancier from Anzegem will do anything he can in the next few weeks to achieve that very goal.