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Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE) dominates Vierzon with 4 top 50 places including a 1st Interprovincial

Willy Daniëls appears ready for a third consecutive season of national top results. His team showed their excellent form shortly before the first national race of the season, winning a 1st Interprovincial from Vierzon, and an additional three top 50 placings. Is this a prelude to a new series of national victories and titles, just like in 2015 and 2016?


Willy had basketed 14 hens for the interprovincial race from Vierzon, with 5 pigeons finishing in the top 100 and 3 pigeons claiming a top 25 prize. The strength in numbers of the Daniëls racing birds both in the interprovincial and the provincial results is nothing short of impressive:

20/05/17 Vierzon Interprovincial 4,854 yearlings: 1-21-25-47-83-227-1108-1184 (8/14)
20/05/17 Vierzon Provincial      1,787 yearlings: 1-14-17-28-52-139-577 (7/14)

Apparently the racing team is ready just in time for the nationals that take place over the next few weeks.

Full sister of national ace pigeon Sara takes the win

The winning bird against 4,854 yearlings was the chequered hen Selin, and she was also the strongest of all the old birds in the race, making her the fastest of all 13,031 competitors in Vierzon. She continues to deliver after an already successful 2016 season, which saw her win a 67th National La Souterraine 16,613 pigeons and a 205th National Argenton 19,592 p. Click here for the best results of Selin.

Taking a closer look at Selin's pedigree, we can conclude that she originates from some equally talented pigeons. Selin is a full sister of Sara, winner of the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings in 2016. The two sisters are related twice to De Witneus from their father's side, and De Witneus is the dam of a 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Club Antwerp 2009. Her dam Sakira is a grandchild of BE07-6044289 zoon Zot (De Meyer) x BE09-6217201 grandchild Broer Lichte Bourges (Voets). De Zot is a national born winner with an impressive 14 first prizes on his palmares; Broer Lichte Bourges has bred several of Willy's most talented pigeons. His name appears in all four of Willy's national winners, and now in the pedigree of national ace pigeon Sara as well. He is a genuine top class breeder. Click here for Selin's full pedigree.


Selin's performance put her right up there with her illustrious sister Sara and all the national winners in the Daniëls pigeon breed. We expect Willy to get a lot of enjoyment from this new star in the next few weeks.