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Mister Châteauroux Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE) claims national first prize and two national titles in 2016

Former diamond cutter Willy Daniëls managed to claim a national first prize from Châteauroux twice last season, and he has added another national victory from Châteauroux to his palmares this summer. He then went on to win the titles of 1st National Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings and 1st Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings. Great work!

Willy and his wife

Small basket, great results

About 30 racing birds, including youngsters, yearlings and old birds. That is the entire racing team which Willy started the national racing season with. This is a racing team with great intrinsic value, high prize percentages and an impressive list of achievements:

smooth sailing

Willy has not always been this successful unfortunately: "I started racing pigeons in 1978 but I was not really successful at the time. Things started to improve significantly with the introduction of pigeons of Maurice Voets." Maurice Voets got sick and he asked Willy to look after his pigeons for a while. Maurice thanked him by giving him a few descendants of his stock breeder Lichte Bourges. This bloodline had quite an impact in the loft of Willy Daniëls, especially thanks to the descendants of a 1st National Argenton 2008 and a 1st National Châteauroux 2015. Over the years Willy also strengthened his pigeon breed with pigeons of Leest-Peters and of the neighbouring lofts of De Meyer & Son.

The lofts in Kessel

Three talented hens

As with many team sports it is often a number of strong individuals that can really help your team to step up their game and to set yourself apart from your opponents. Willy has been racing only with the hens since 2010, and so his three most important pigeons in the team are three hens as well, all coming from the yearlings' team: BE15-6034008 Sara, BE15-6034024 Kayla and BE15-6034025 Kaat. They all happen to originate from the bloodline of Lichte Bourges of Maurice Voets.

Sara, 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2016

Sara is the star of the team, having won a national ace pigeon title. She won this title thanks to an impressive 0.7373% coefficient across the following races:

28/05/16 Bourges I   National 28th 19,889 p.
25/06/16 Argenton I  National 45th 18,363 p.
09/07/16 Argenton    National  2nd 12,449 p.
16/07/16 Châteauroux National 32nd  9,540 p.

Her complete palmares can be found here.

There are two pigeons from her father's side that deserve a special mention. Her grandfather was a double inbred to breeding hen BE04-6313346 De Witneus, the dam of a 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Club Antwerp 2009. Her great-grandfather from her mother's side is De Limo, winner of two top prizes: a 4th Limoges 17,546 p. and a 74th Bourges 21,940 p. The dam of Sara is related to top pair BE07-6044289 son Zot (De Meyer) x BE09-6217201 grandchild Broer Lichte Bourges (Voets) from her grandfather's side. De Zot won 14 first prizes and Broer Lichte Bourges is one of Willy's stock breeders. Broer Lichte features in the pedigrees of all four of Willy's national winners, but also in the pedigree of the co-winner of the national championship longer middle distance YLs 2016 and thus in the pedigree of national ace pigeon Sara as well. Click here to browse Sara's pedigree.

Sara, 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2016

Kayla, co-winner of national championship longer middle distance yearlings 2016 together with Sara

It was partly thanks to Sara's excellent results that Willy also won the title of 1st National Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2016. Sara and the blue coloured hen Kayla took home the title after having won the following prizes together:

Date      Race                    Pigeons     1st nom.     2nd nom.
28/05/16  Bourges I (Nat.)         19,889 p.   45 (Kayla)   28 (Sara)
18/06/16  Montluçon (Nat.)         10,753 p.  698 (Kayla)  119 (Sara)
25/06/16  Argenton I (Nat.)        18,363 p.  125 (Kayla)   45 (Sara)
03/07/16  La Souterraine I (Nat.)   9,580 p.  119 (Sara)   455 (Kayla)
16/07/16  Châteauroux (Nat.)        9,540 p.   32 (Sara)   251 (Kayla)

Kayla won an eight out of eight in the national races this season, finishing in 20th place in the National Ace Pigeon Championship Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2016. Click here for Kayla's full palmares.

Kayla is a distant descendant of stock breeder Broer Lichte Bourges from her father's side, and her dam is a daughter of top pair BE07-6044289 zoon Zot (De Meyer) x BE09-6217201 grandchild Broer Lichte Bourges (Voets). She is also a full sister of Nikki, 1st National Châteauroux 18,604 p. in 2015. Click here to learn more about Kayla's pedigree.

Kaat, 1st National Châteauroux yearlings 2016

Judging from her pedigree it is no surprise that Kaat was among the strongest racing hens of 2016 as well. She is a nest sister of Kayla, which means she has the exact same origins. Click here for Kaat's full pedigree.

Kaat was not the co-winner of a national championship but she did win a 1st National Châteuroux of 9,540 yearlings in mid-July. Click here to reread our report on Kaat's national win from Châteauroux. That national victory was a crowning achievement for her, after winning a 9th National Argenton 12,449 p. and an 86th National Bourges 19,889 p. earlier in the season. Thanks to these results, and thanks to a 468th National La Souterraine 9,580 p., she managed to finish in 30th place in the National Ace Pigeon Championship Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2016. Click here to browse through Kaat's achievements.

Kaat, 1st National Châteauroux yearlings 2016


Willy Daniëls had an excellent racing season thanks to his three top class racing hens, which have already been sold to other fanciers. The other hens in the team will now get a chance to step up and to become the new champions of this loft. Will they succeed? We will tell you in a few months' time.