Albert Derwa (Herent, BE) again very successful in 2016

If we were to dedicate an article to the most renowned pigeon lofts in Belgium that manage to deliver season after season, Albert and Francine Derwa-Luxem should not be left out. 2016 saw the racing birds of Derwa do what they do best: winning races!

44 first prizes in 2016

The pigeons of Albert Derwa managed to win no less than 44 races. This obviously includes doubles, but that does not make the number any less impressive. The pigeons from Herent appear to be just a little bit stronger and faster than their opponents. And yet Albert had to wait until the very last longer middle distance race of the sesaon (Chateauroux) to add a provincial win to his already impressive palmares. Racing bird BE15-2093096 proved the fastest of 38 old birds from Chateauroux that weekend, while finishing in 12th place against 2,018 old birds.

BE15-2093096, 1st Provincial Chateauroux

These are some of the most prominent prizes on the palmares of the 096:

Soissons: 17th of 959 pigeons
Montargis: 17th of 666 pigeons
Soissons: 2nd of 196 pigeons
Soissons: 1st of 633 pigeons
Melun: 1st of 521 pigeons
La Souterraine: 3rd of 510 pigeons
                29th National of 2,939 pigeons
Chateauroux: 1st of 444 pigeons (Brabant Union) 
             1st of 358 pigeons (Provincial)
             5th National of 2,108 pigeons

The grandparents of 096 from his father's side are Invictus (1st National Issoudun of 16,587 pigeons) x BE13-2111134 (1st National Argenton of 19,309 pigeons for Matthias Coel, a direct Albert Derwa). He is also a 100% Jan Hooymans through the lines of Dolce Vita and Harry from his mother's side. You can read more about this top quality pigeon in his pedigree and his full palmares.

Great results with a small basket

Albert does not have a large pigeon collection but rather a medium to small sized pigeon family. Nonetheless, his opponents from Flemish Brabant and the Brabant Union know he is tough to play against. These are some of his best results:

Momignies (465 yearlings): 9-10-14-16-24-… (11/19)
Momignies (771 yearlings): 11-12-51-60-… (11/19)
Soissons (196 yearlings): 2-3-4-5-6-14-20-… (15/19)
Soissons (62 olds): 3-4-15-18 (4/4)
Soissons (633 yearlings): 1-7-21-29-39-43-57-… (11/18)
Melun (153 yearlings): 1 -2-3-5-6-11-… (10/19)
Melun (144 olds): 1-4-6-12 (4/4)
Sens (163 yearlings): 1-7-8-9-17-18-… (7/18)
Soissons (611 yearlings): 2-3-25-38-41-53-57-…(11/12)
Soissons (339 yearlings): 8-11-14-34-36-39-… (12/14)
Melun (607 yearlings): 1-2-5-38-41-51-55-68-… (11/23)
Melun (521 yearlings): 1-8-15-20-22-48-56-59-… (14/21)
Melun (284 olds): 1-79-94 (3/3)
Argenton (218 olds): 1-10-31 (3/3)
Momignies (1,626 young birds): 2-3-14-31-69-80-81-82-83-85-86-89-93-123-126-128-137-167-
                         169-… (42/70)
Blois (1,535 yearlings): 2-14-54-184-… (5/9)
Soissons (196 young birds): 1-2-5-9-10-15-18-19-23-25-28-29-30-… (23/45)
Argenton (4,582 yearlings): 34-35-457-… (4/4)
Melun (652 young birds): 1-2-6-8-9-11-15-68-72-80-… (24/42)
Soissons (176 young birds): 1-2-4-8-9-11-12-14-19-20-22-23-…. (23/41)
Chateauroux (444 old birds): 1-6-10-22-… (6/9)
Soissons (237 young birds): 1-1-1-4-16-17-18-19-21-22-23-24-25-36-37-38-… (26/34)
Momignies (160 young birds): 1-2-3-21-22-24-25-26-… (16/34)

It's all in the pigeons

Every season again we have to conclude that the most talented pigeon breeds will stand out, no matter if you have a large pigeon family or just a very small one. We would consider the Albert Derwa pigeon breed to be somewhere in the middle. But one thing is clear: he has plenty of top quality pigeons in his collection. He can look back on yet another great season, havinf won 44 first prizes an a provincial victory in 2016.