Belliot Christian repeats his 'stunt' of 2004 and Wins the very tough international classic from Marseille 13.954 p.

Christian BELLIOT, Missillac (Fr)

Typical for the sport season are the almost weekly postponed liberations because of poor weather. Now that the season with the old pigeons is gradually coming to its 'last legs', the fanciers are hoping for a few races with good pigeon weather as clincher for this pigeon year spoiled by rain. The international Marseille didn't escape the fickleness of the weather either. The race was postponed 3 times until finally the start shot was given on Tuesday the 22nd of July at 7h15.
The weather seemed to be ideal, even though the pigeons had trouble with the Mistral. In the Rhone valley the Mistral was full frontal with peaks up to 75 Km/hour. It promised to be 'tough going' for the pigeons, which indeed it was. Not one pigeon managed to achieve 1000 m/min. It certainly wasn't a race for 'softies'. It was then no surprise that the greatest share of top pigeons in the 'short race' landed in the shortest distances, in France and Germany… although the 2nd prize international (with 981 m/min) was for the tandem Fons Van Ophuizen-Marell in Landgraaf (NL)… a remarkable performance more than worthy of an international victory.

Winner from Bretagne
Good, for the international victory we had to look towards France, and it was the 'international winner' of Marseille 2004, mr. Christian Belliot who repeated his prowess once more. He clocked his pigeon at 19h40 from a distance of 734,615 Km, giving him a velocity of 988,50 m/min.
Christian Belloit, is a 52 year old teacher who lives near the Bretonese coast in Missillac, a municipality with approximately 4.400 inhabitants. The French municipality Missillac is to the north-west of the 'Loire-Atlantique', near Morbihan, lying between Nantes-Vannes. The international race from Marseille is the only international race in which Christian can and is allowed to partake in (given its short distance). A real shame, he says… because he would oh so like to participate in a Barcelona. Christian has raced pigeons since 1974, and his colony consists of 16 breeding couples, 28 widowers, 50 youngsters and another 12 couples with nest hens for the 'Grand Distance'. The Belloit-pigeons are a mix of the various Gorin pedigrees, Dordin (line of the Esthete x Argus etc… obtained via P.Chemin), Vereecke, Desmet-Matthijs, Janssen, Meulemans, Devos, Videau, Braakhuis, Gebr. Kuypers, Stichelbaut, De Scheemaecker... These are the 'foundations' on which the loft is built, although for the last few seasons there has been more inbreeding or more breeding towards certain lines… with or towards the 'toppers' of the loft! The Long Distance races (600-900 Km) form the main objective on which everything is set. Only the races above 600 Km are taken into account by the selection, the rest are used as preparation and are seen as training races. The pigeons are then only given depurative in preparation for these training races. As the kilometres increase, sport mixture is progressively added. Christian makes up the sport mixture himself and it is a mixture of 4 different sport mixtures that can be bought everywhere. When it is the turn of the races above the 600 Km, extra corn is added to the sport mixture for the last 3 or 4 days.

And the medical side of things?
The pigeons are vaccinated annually against Paramyxo, and this year they were vaccinated for the first time against paratyphus. Before the start of the sport season the pigeons are given a preventive cure against tricho and coccidiosis. During the season they will normally be given a light cure against tricho for 3 days every 3 weeks.

Pedigree : Click here

"SPLENDID" brand-new Marseille winner
The 1° International Marseille winner answers to the name "SPLENDID" ring F05-358715, and is a beautiful 'faded' cock, of medium build, but with long supple 'Long Distance muscles' and an all-seeing 'strongly pigmented white eye' in his 'bright head', and a very supple wing. In short a pigeon with everything, just like every fancier would like them… characteristics that Christian attaches a lot of importance to and on which he selects. Christian doesn't hide the fact that "Suny" is one of the dream pigeons of the loft and of which he had high expectations… expectations that have transpired!
The father, named "David" (ring 193890/96) was obtained from sport friend and member of the same club J.Ch.David… one of the top fanciers in the association. This pigeon was a 'crack' as a racing pigeon by Mr David, and was 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance (for honours list see pedigree) and originated from M.Bouyer from St.Nazaire (out a crossing Janssens x Fevrier x Delbar via breedingstation 'Natural').
The mother is the "Faded breeding hen" (ring 1981190/04) who is 'inbreed' to the 1° Nat and 2° Internat Marseille in 1999, comes from the own old sort of Christian Belliot (originating from P.Chemin). The "SPLENDID" is a late pigeon from 2005, and was entered for Marseille as 2° nominated from the 9 pigeons. Christiaan didn't race much in 2005 and 2006 because of moving house and the bird flu.
Starting in 2007 "SPLENDID" really starting showing his abundant class with the following performances:

In 2007:

Narbonne 631 Km 102 p. 1, 825 p. 2, 2.956 p. 34
Poitiers 1.752 p. 70
Chateau du loir 1.402 p. 73
Poitiers 1.525 p. 235
Brive 1.270 p. 284

In 2008:
(trainings race from Caen 225 km)
Creil 394 Km 1.111 p. 10
Gent 582 Km 986 p. 142, 2.691 p. 274
Verviers 677 Km 830 p. 97, 2.022 p. 185
Marseille 736 Km Int. 13.954 p. 1

Normally Christian never shows the hens to his cocks before they leave for a race, only the 'dish' is turned over. This is done in order to keep the pigeons as calm as possible, and to stop them using up any unnecessary energy in the basket. An exception to this rule was made for Marseille and the hens were shown for a short while. This apparently gave extra motivation, with the well-known result! This wasn't the first time that Christian Belliot had done well, he had already shone repeatedly in international Marseille.

A short summary:
1999 Marseille National 1.862 p. 2,16,150 Internat 16.784 p. 2,65,783
2000 Marseille National 1.694 p. 14,18,31,34,66,69,207 Internat 17.649 p. 14,18,31,34,185,203,1269
2003 Marseille National 1.663 p. 30,55,147,322,379,408 Internat 20.786 p. 166,296,1312,3090,4045,4375
2004 Marseille National 2.667 p. 1 Internat 19.627 p. 1

It was the 2° international victory for the Belliot family in this 'Grand Distance classic' from Marseille. His sport friend, mr. M.Chevrier from Herbignac stands in the provisional prognosis in 64th position internationally with a hen, which according to insiders has a chance of winning the 1° prize by the hens. This hen is also a 100% Christian Belliot-pigeon, which would mean a double triumph for the Belliot family! For which our sincere congratulations, and we wish you all the success for the future!