Brand new combination Roziers-Xiang (Bevel, BE) wins two national ace pigeon titles YBs in 2016

The Roziers-Xiang combination was founded in 2015, and their second racing season will be a memorable one for young birds' specialist Jelle and his Chinese partner Green: they have won a 2nd National Bourges II, the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs, and the title of 7th National Ace Pigeon in the same category.

A busy season

A fancier who wants to be competitive at national level should be left with nothing but his very best pigeons by the end of the season. This means you have to know what your pigeons are capable of, and this is something Jelle understands more than anyone else. He puts his pigeons to the test throughout the entire season, and his entire young birds's team has to complete the same races: six consecutive longer middle distance races, covering a total of 3,120 km.

Jelle and Green started the racing season on 30th of July with a racing team of 81 youngsters, cocks and hens. They competed in four national and two interprovincial races with 416 basketed pigeons, and their prize percentages are nothing short of impressive:

63.78% prize (262 pigeons) per 4
47.68% prize (167 pigeons) per 10
28.26% prize (116 pigeons) per 20

We listed the prizes that they have won in each of these six races here.

Green Xiang and Jelle Roziers, successful in their very first season as a team

The cherry on the cake

The combination had their best overall result in the closing race of the season, the national race from Châteauroux on 10th of September. The team started te the season with 81 youngsters, and 60 of them were still part of the team by the end of the season. All 60 were basketed for this race, eventually winning 46 prizes per 4, 35 prizes per 10, and 7 prizes per 100:

2786-2849-3166-3559 (46/60)

This was an excellent performance and it resulted in two national ace pigeon titles. The strongest two pigeons from Châteauroux closed the season with an 8th and 52nd National, and they went on to win the title of 2nd and 7th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs 2016. It was the cherry on the cake after a highly successful young birds' season, in which the team also won a 2nd National Bourges II. 

Green and Jelle in front of their lofts in Bevel

Three stars

The entire racing team performed at a high level this season but there are three pigeons that really stood out in 2016.

Illinois, 2nd National Bourges II 2016

On 6 August racing bird BE16-6060648 Illinois delivered the first top result for the young birds' team in Bevel, finishing in second place national from Bourges II 27,980 p., only 13 seconds behind the winner. This result did not come as a surprise, since this chequered hen had already won an 8th Interprovincial Vierzon 3,108 pigeons the week before.

Illinois comes from stock dam Queen L. from her father's side. One of Queen L's grandsons was paired to the line of Stamdoffer 118 of Team Noël-Willockx (Baasrode, BE), and this proved an excellent combination - but more on that later. The dam of Illinois is in an bred pigeon to Rivaldo, an invaluable breeder for the Houben family. The full pedigree of Illinois can be found here.

Seven Junior, 2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs 2016

The team's most consistently successful pigeon of 2016 was BE16-6060650 Seven Junior, who claimed the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs 2016 after winning the following 3 prizes:

13/08/16  Argenton II        32nd National  19,592 p.
03/09/16  La Souterraine II  19th National  16,613 p.
10/09/16  Châteauroux III     8th National  14,762 p.

In July this year he also won a 124th Provincial Gien 5,470 p., a 42nd Interprovincial Vierzon 3,108 p. and a 1st Noyon 986 p. (as the second fastest of the province).

Seven Junior originates from stock breeder Queen L. from his father's side, just like Illinois. His sire Seven is a youngster of Whity Bart (Geerinckx breed) x Sunny Queen (daughter Queen L). He is also related to the breed of Noël-Willockx via his dam Lady, which is a fourth-generation descendant of Stamdoffer 118. Like we said, the bloodlines of Queen L and Stamdoffer 118 appear to combine really well. Click here to learn more about the pedigree of Seven Juniors.

Tampa, 7th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs 2016

Racing bird BE16-6227595 Tampa was in great shape throughout the season as well. She started with a 212th Interprovincial Vierzon 3,108 p. before winning the title of 7th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs 2016 based on three top results:

06/08/16  Bourges II        33rd Zone       8,989 p. (136th National 28,078 p.)
13/08/16  Argenton II      154th National  19,592 p.
10/09/16  Châteauroux III   52nd National  14,762 p.

The pedigrees of ace pigeons Seven Junior and Tampa are remarkably similar. Seven is a grandchild of the pairing Whity Bart (Geerinckx breed) x Sunny Queen (daughter Queen L) from his father's side, while Tampa is a great-grandchild of that very same pair, also from her father's side. This means she is yet another descendant of stock dam Queen L. And they have another thing in common: the dam of Tampa is a direct Houben, just like the dam of Illinois. Click here to read more about the origins of Tampa.

A talented team of breeders

Illinois, Seven Junior and Tampa moved to the breeding loft after the season. Jelle and Green now have an invaluable team of breeders that should provide them with a talented racing team for 2017. It appears that the combination is all set for the future; they just have to wait for the new generation to come to full potential.