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David Vermassen (Gavere, BE) wins 1st Zone A2 Bourges II yearlings

He claimed victory with Marieke, an excellent racing hen bred from top class breeding pair Casper x Gueretje, which have also bred a 1st Prov. Vierzon and a 1st Prov. Villemanduer. You could say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

David Vermassen with his mother Nadine and Denis

David Vermassen is well known for his dominant play; he is a fairly young fancier who likes to surprise us with some spectacular results from time to time. In 2013 he became General Champion of Belgium KBDB, while also winning a national first prize from Brive that year. He continued to achieve great results, including prestigious first prizes at provincial and zonal level. He has now added a zonal first prize yearlings to his palmares in the national classic of the longer middle distance from Bourges (6th of August).

1st Zone A2 from Bourges II yearlings

The pigeons of Vermassen were faced with unfavourable weather conditions in the race from Bourges, with the wind blowing mainly from the west. And yet the one year old hen Marieke managed to put in a brilliant performance, winning a first prize at club level and in the zone, as well as a second prize at provincial level.

-Marieke BE15-4123690

 1st  Zone A2 Bourges II  1.890 p. ’16 (2nd Prov. 1,765 p.)
 2nd  Pont St. Maxence      188 p. ’16
 5th  Pont St. Maxence      563 p. ’15
11th  Pont St. Maxence      593 p. ’15
238th Nat Chateauroux     9,540 p. ’16
988th Nat Issoudun       11,984 p. ’15

Sire: Casper BE08-4091304
He was a talented racing bird, winning a 16th Prov. Blois 1,944 p.and a 47th Prov. Orleans 5,510 p. He is an inbred pigeon to Bonte Crack, bred from a pairing of son x granddaughter of Bonte Crack: his parents are Sultan BE01-4353900 (son Bonte Crack 645/00 x Iron Lady 538/97, 1st Ace Pigeon East Fl. youth club) x Axelle BE05-4021010 (a daughter of Montoya 753/02, the sire of Fiona: 1st Prov. Tours, and a son of Bonte Crack). Bonte Crack is a son of stock breeder Frans of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, which in turn originates from the Dream Pair of De Rauw-Sablon. Bonte Crack is also the sire of Olympic Dream (1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H in Poznan in 2011) and ’t Superieurke (2nd Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance in Ostend ’07 and 3rd Prov. + 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2005).

Dam: Gueretje BE08-4096020
She comes from Bart Piens, and she is the winner of a 1st Gueret 373 p., a 6th Zone 5,166 p., and an 11th Prov. Gueret 3,067 p. She is a daughter of Cahors BE07-4048026 (which won a 17th Nat. Cahors 7,247 p., a 171st Prov. Vierzon 5,076 p., a 212th Nat. Souillac 7,597 p. - he is a 100% A & P. De Smet) x Bourges BE07-4048041 (winner of a 44th Bourges 8,454 p.).
Click here for the palmares and the full pedigree of Marieke

As you can see, Marieke is a full sister of two provincial first prize winners and numerous other great racing birds in David Vermassen's collection.

Top class breeding pair Casper BE08-4091304 x Gueretje BE08-4096020

We have said it time and time again. You can only aim to achieve long term success if you can rely on a solid pigeon breed, a breed that knows how to win races, and that is capable of breeding new generations of equally talented pigeons. 

The parents of Marieke are Casper and Gueretje, two exceptional pigeons and an invaluable pair of breeders. They are one of the pillars in the success story of David Vermassen; they have bred quite a number of prize winners already:

- Medart 276/11:

 1st Prov Vierzon     2,738 p.
41st Nat Limoges     14,271 p.
72nd Prov Tulle       1,605 p.
74th Nat Chateauroux 15,902 p.
95th Prov Brive       1,637 p.
98th Prov Argenton    3,161 p… etc.

- ‘Croket 1’ 145/14:

 1st Prov. Villemandeur 6,060 p.

- ‘Croket 2’ 144/14:

26th Prov Villemandeur 6,060 p.

- Destiny:

 1st Angerville        488 p.
15th Zone Issoudun     671 p.
23rd Nat Bourges    11,883 p.
37th Zone Argenton   1,036 p.
 3rd Dourdan           870 p… etc.

- Irma 211/11:

 2nd Prov Montrichard 3,091 p.
 4th Zone Argenton    6,979 p.
 7th Zone Issoudun      671 p.
25th Prov Orleans       309 p… etc.

- Nestmate Irma 210/11:

3rd Noyon 763 p…  etc.

- Zeno 073/14:

 5th Prov Vierzon      3,575 p.
53rd Prov Villemandeur 5,156 p…  etc.

- 174/13:

26th Prov Orleans   5,975 p.
93rd Zone Bourges   4,055 p… etc.

- 173/13:

79th Zone Montluçon   3,408 p.
112nd Intprov Vierzon 3,848 p…  etc.

- Luther 584/12:

77th Intprov Vierzon 8.394 p.
 3rd Angerville        488 p… etc.

Ready for a great 2016 season

The pigeons of Vermassen have been on a winning streak in 2016. They had won 16 first prizes at club level by the end of August, as well as a zonal first prize from Bourges II yearlings.
This palmares is the result of a top class pigeon breed combined with an experienced team of fanciers. David, his mother Nadine and Denis have shown to be an excellent team: they have been working hard to reach this level, and their efforts have resulted in several top prizes and victories. And that is why every fancier puts in the hours every day.

Some of the best results of 2016

14/5 Vierzon 196 YL: 1-4-5-6-9-12-18-39 (8/16)
      Prov 2,095 YL: 10-33-50-64-99-185-320 (7/16)
14/5 Vierzon Prov 5,825 olds: 100-168-169-241-310-755 (6/9)

28/5 Bourges 308 olds: 1-3-9-13-49-66 (6/8)
      Zone 5,147 olds: 9-22-91-229-1089 (5/8)

10/6 Chateauroux 413 olds: 1-6-12-19-20-48-57-78-… (12/16)
      Prov     5,910 olds: 6-46-111-194-201-653-738-1117-1246-1406 (10/16)

19/6 Peronne 956 YBs: 1-3-5-30-30-34-35-42-83-84-88… (33/44)

25/6 Argenton Nat 18,363 YL: 266-652-679-844-1630-3787-4003 (7/15)

02/7 Libourne Nat 3,697 YL: 341-368 (2/2)
02/7 Libourne Nat 5,195 olds: 376-656 (2/2)

04/7 Pont St. Maxence 881 YBs:
1-1-5-12-12-14-14-16-16-18-30-31-31-34-34-37-44-50-54-55-57-58… (54/71)

09/7 Limoges Prov 2,015 YL: 3-23-31-150-376 (5/10)
Nat 6,946 YL: 9-57-82-378-1023 (5/10)

10/7 Pont St. Maxence 658 YBs:
1-2-7-12-36-39-43-57-81… (23/47)

16/7 Jarnac Prov 531 YL: 8-19-81 (3/7)

23/7 Bourges Prov 1,259 olds: 15-82-88-112-150 (5/8)
23/7 Bourges Prov 1,963 YL: 18-19-87-102-169-227-235-280 (8/12)

23/7 Brive    192 YL: 2-4-8-16-23-27-58 (7/10)
      Prov  1,354 YL: 4-8-26-79-120-142 (6/10)
      Nat   5,929 YL: 5-15-74-192-321-389-1240 (7/10)

24/7 Pont St. Maxence  578 YBs:
2-3-6-9-10-16-24-27-30-32-34-38-41-52… (42/62)

30/7 Tulle    194 YL: 1-11-26 (3/5)
      Prov  1,592 YL: 2-64-183 (3/5)
      Nat   7,322 YL: 36-407-972 (3/5)
30/7 Tulle Prov 1,383 olds: 36-176-214-299 (4/8)
      Nat       6,101 olds: 185-827-1014-1398 (4/8)

06/8 Bourges     174 YL: 1-12-28-33-36-43-58 (7/12)
      Zone A2  1,890 YL: 1-63-207-265-313-397 (6/12)

20/8 Souppes  517 YBs:
1-2-2-2-5-11-15-16-17-18-20-20-23-23-23-25-25-35-37-37-39-40-42… (50/80)

27/8 Pont St Maxence (Semmerzake) 645 YBs:
2-3-4-4-6-21-22-23-41-42-43-60-63-64-65… (43/54)
27/8 Pont St Maxence (Eine)  447 YBs:
1-3-4-6-8-9-15-20-21-31-31-31-38-39-45-47-48-49… (36/49)