Maurice and Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) win 1st Provincial Chateaudun against 3,594 pigeons

The team has already won three provincial first prizes this year, from Chateaudun, Chateauroux and Clermont. This means Luc De Laere has been just as successful as last year. The first prize from Chateaudun was unsurprisingly won with a son of the invaluable racing and breeding pigeon Tiekes Bliksem.

Tiekes Bliksem: from top class racing bird to exceptional breeder

Most of you will already be familiar with the Tiekes bloodline of Luc and the late Maurce De Laere. This bloodline has developed into a genuine Tiekes dynasty. These pigeons were crossed with the exceptional Bliksem bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE), and their descendants developed into exceptional pigeons, including of course Tiekes Bliksem BE11-3115713, winner of 7 first prizes and 3 second prizes. Three of his daughters have already won a first prize in 2016, including a victory in this year's race from Chateaudun. The daughters of Tiekes Bliksem have also won a 1st Provincial Clermont against 9,815 young birds and a 9th Provincial Pontoise against 12,690 young birds.

BE16-3053842, 1st Provincial Chateaudun against 3594 young birds

This cock beat the entire field of 3,594 young birds, claiming victory with a velocity of 1,370,12 m/min. He is one of the successful sons of Tiekes Bliksem.

The dam of the provincial winner is Herculia, a daughter of Hercules (Verheye). She won a 1st Provincial Chateaudun against 1,267 pigeons and the title of 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB West Flanders in 2015. You can find the full pedigree of the provincial winner hereYou can find the full provincial results from Chateaudun here.

BE16-3053822, 1st Provincial Clermont W.V.O.U. against 9,812 young birds

This hen is a daughter of Tiekes Bliksem as well, and her dam is a daughter of Gladiator Tieke. This means she is an inbred pigeon to Super Tieke. She originates from another top class pigeon from her mother's side: Dirk Van Dyck's Kannibaal (Zandhoven, BE). Click here for the full pedigree.

BE16-3053829, 9th Provincial Pontoise W.V.O.U. against 12,690 young birds

This cock won against 436 young birds at club level, while finishing in 9th place at provincial level. He is already the third first prize winner bred from Tiekes Bliksem, the new top class breeder of Maurice & Luc De Laere. His dam is Geschelpte Turboduivin, a daughter of Turbo (winner of a 2nd National Brive against 5,132 pigeons). Geschelpte Turboduivin is a pigeon with a proven record: she is the dam of a 12th Provincial Limoges (3,351 pigeons), a 14th Provincial Argenton (2,459 pigeons), a 5th Provincial Orleans (2,679 pigeons), etc. The full pedigree of the 829 can be found here.

High expectations for the future

Tiekes Bliksem has only spent one year in the breeding loft, and he already bred two provincial first prize winners and a provincial top 10 prize winner in 2016. We expect Tiekes Bliksem to become even more renowned as a breeder than as a racing bird. Together with Luc we look forward to the next round of youngsters bred from Tiekes Bliksem.

De Tieke, grandfather of Tiekes Bliksem and an invaluable pigeon