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Team BDS (BE) has a spectacular start to the middle distance season

The middle distance season has been underway for two weeks, and Team BDS/Speybroeck has already won 4 first prizes and 2 second prizes in 6 middle distance races. It doesn't get any better than this.


Racing cocks have a great start in the middle distance

The racing cocks of Team BDS/Speybroeck had an impressive start to the middle distance season. They have been basketed for six middle distance races, and have been able to win either the first or second prize in each of them: they claimed 4 first prizes and 2 second prizes so far. Dirk Speybroeck is all set to turn 2016 into another outstanding season, especially because he is determined to pay tribute to his father Roger, who passed way on the 22nd of April.

The race from Fontenay on 7th of May was the opening classic of the middle distance competition, and Team BDS managed to win a first prize old birds and a second prize yearlings here. The old birds were divided over two teams last weekend: the one day long distance team was basketed for Vierzon (to prepare for Limoges on 28th of May), and the best middle distance racing birds were given a weekend off to be fresh for the race from Châteauroux this weekend (21st of May). The yearlings were all basketed last weekend: some went to Vierzon, the others did another flight from Fontenay. It was another highly successful weekend of racing with three first prizes. Only the old birds basketed for Vierzon failed to finish in first place, and had to settle for second instead.
This is an overview of the impressive results that were achieved over the first two middle distance weekends:

07/5 Fontenay (Zeveren-Deinze) 446 olds:  1-4-7-11-13-18-19-29-47-50-53… (17/34)
07/5 Fontenay (Zeveren-Deinze) 408 YLs:   2-5-8-16-20-22-26-36-40-48-58… (18/34)

15/5 Fontenay (Ruiselede–Wingene) 274 YLS:   1-2-3-7-31-46-49-62-69- … (9/16)
15/5 Fontenay (Ruiselede-Wingene  386 olds:  1-4-10-14-38-51-58-74-83- … (9/16)

15/5 Vierzon (Club Eeklo)     291 YLs:  1-8-12-13-32-38-43-47-89- … (9/17)
             (prov.)        2,095 YLs:  20-70-94… (9/17)
15/5 Vierzon (Club Eeklo)     922 olds: 2-19-23-38-61-139-218-292- … (8/9)
             (prov.)        5,825 olds: 44-… (7/9)

The old racing cock that won a 2nd in the club and a 44th provincial is Kleinzoon Monty. He is now the first nominated and the leader of the one day long distance team. This talented racing bird won a 10th Prov. from Vierzon last year, and he is heavily based on the De Saer pigeon breed. His dam is a direct hen of Rudi De Saer: Monty-hen 896 BE11-4249896. She originates directly from top class racing bird Monty 883/06 x Zus Bleken 499/08 (a daughter of stock dam 't Goedje). The sire of Kleinzoon Monty is Cahors BE07-4353696, which comes from Raemdonck-Ruys (Hamme, BE), where he did great in the long distance, including Barcelona. His best results are a 1st Prov. 1,246 p. and a 4th Nat. 7,347 p. from Cahors.

This outstanding racing bird has already won quite a number of top prizes:

-Kleinzoon Monty BE13-3076019

10th  Prov. Vierzon          6,298 p. ’15
37th  Zone A Tulle           2,432 p. ’15
41st  Nat. Limoges II        8,303 p. ’15
44th  Prov. Vierzon          5,826 p. ’16
59th  Zone A Chateauroux II    805 p. ’14
180th Nat. Jarnac            3,741 p. ’14
267th Zone A Bourges         4,397 p. ’14
437th Nat. Poitiers         14,094 p. ’14

The racing hens step up their game

The racing hens of Team BDS are well looked after by Bart De Clerck (as BDS/De Clerck). Bart moved from Tielt to Meulebeke last year, where his young birds had been kept since 2015. This is why this year's team of racing hens consists only of yearlings. The hens were basketed for the provincial race from Tours in West Flanders last weekend, and they did very well in their first important race of the season: seven pigeons finished in the provincial top 100, and ten pigeons won a prize per ten (so within the first 10%). 

Tours  1,759 yearlings : 45-76-80-84-97-98-100-133-158-170-… (20/30)

The big challenge for Dirk and Bart will be to maintain their current form. Their recent results have shown that their pigeons are in great shape, and we all know what a pigeon breed in peak fitness is capable of. We are eager to see if Team BDS can add another first prize to their palmares in the coming few weeks. The team is obviously very ambitious...