Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) is National Champion extreme long distance KBDB 2015

The pigeons of Chris Hebberecht were again overwhelmingly strong in 2015. Besides the title of 1st National Champion extreme long distance Chris also won the title of 1st Provincial and 4th Nat. Champion long distance old birds KBDB, and 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB.

It resulted in no less than 6 championship prizes KBDB in 2015, which shows that Chris Hebberecht is still one of the great national champions in the long distance and the extreme long distance.

National long distance champion

Chris Hebberecht is one of the leading names in the national long distance and the international extreme long distance in Belgium. He has very impressive prizes with many provincial and national championship titles and ace pigeon titles, which shows that he is performing at a high level season after season. Several more prestigious titles were added to his loft in 2015, including the following KBDB titles:

1st National Champion extreme long distance KBDB 2015
1st Provincial Champion long distance KBDB 2015
4th National Champion long distance KBDB 2015
5th Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015
6th National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015
9th Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015

It is difficult to keep track of his many titles in the most prestigious national championships. Chris seems to be winning these titles with ease (click here for a full overview) but it actually involves a lot of hard work. 

A solid breed

Chris continues to rely on the solid basis that was created by his father Octaaf, who passed away in 1999. Octaaf’s pigeon collection really reached its full potential in the hands of his son Chris. This breed was founded on pigeons from Valere Dhocker, Hector De Smet, and Roger Vereecke. One of the first stock breeders that was bred from these bloodlines is Fijnen, the sire of Bjorn and Racket, which are in turn the pigeons which the current generation of prize winners originate from. Many of today’s champions are descendants of Champion and Pancho, which bred several of the most iconic Hebberecht pigeons of the past five seasons, including the national ace pigeons Ike (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon), Jaws (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon), Edou (7th Nat. Ace Pigeon), Eros (6th Nat. Ace Pigeon), and the national winner from St. Vincent, Evert.

These old bloodlines are still an integral part of Chris’ current racing loft. These pigeons can breed many generations of prize winners with the potential of winning national top 100 prizes in the long distance and the extreme long distance. These top prizes are obviously of crucial importance in the national championships and ace pigeon championships.

From time to time Chris tries to introduce a new bloodline to his existing breed, which he then pairs to his old breed. However, the bar is set high and it is difficult for a newcomer to prove its worth. If a new introduction fails to deliver it will be left out quickly. The pair Jef x Francine, which bred Supercrack AXL, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2005, is an example of a successful introduction. Chris also obtained a son and daughter of super class pigeon, Euro Diamond (Brockamp) and this has proven to be a successful investment as well. The combination of the old breed of Octaaf and the pigeons of Brockamp are at the basis of the title of 1st National Champion extreme long distance KBDB in 2015.

A top class breeding loft leads to great results

Top class racing birds become top class breeders; a successful breeding strategy will always lead to a successful racing team. This is why Chris closely looks after his bloodlines, which are not often paired to other breeds. As long as these bloodlines continue to breed national top 100 winners, he knows he is on the right track. As we said, the Hebberecht breed is based on the bloodlines bred by his father Octaaf in the mid-1950s. Sixty years later that same breed is dominating the international competition and not only in their own loft. In fact, pigeon fanciers across the world have achieved great results with the invaluable Hebberecht pigeons.

Chris’s father Octaaf not only created a solid breed, he also taught him a lot about keeping pigeons. This knowledge was crucial when he took over his father’s pigeon breed after his passing in 1999. Chris managed to further improve the existing breed and his passion and dedication enabled him to become a nationally and internationally renowned fancier. His prizes includes a national first prize (from St. Vincent), several national ace pigeons and championship titles, and about 20 provincial victories. It shows that the modern day Hebberecht breed consists of nothing but highly talented racing pigeons. Click here for the results of 2015.

1st National Champion extreme long distance KBDB 2015

It is for the second time that Chris added this title to his palmares: once in 2010, and now in 2015. This year’s title is based on the following prizes:

Pau       Nat 1,980 p. 33 – 150
Agen      Nat 3,524 p. 76 – 77
Perpignan Nat 5,254 p. 35 – 49

We take a look a the pigeons that have won this title in 2015 and the national prizes they have won in the often very demanding marathon races of 2015.

-Deserteur BE09-4170454

’15 Pau        Nat  1,980 p. 33
             I.Nat  9,052 p. 175
’15 Perpignan  Nat  5,254 p. 49
             I.Nat 15,954 p. 224
’14 Pau        Nat  1,910 p. 5
             I.Nat  8,295 p. 12
’14 St.Vincent Nat  3,240 p. 220
             I.Nat 11,368 p. 825
’14 Perpignan  Nat  6,248 p. 526
             I.Nat 17,971 p. 1391
’13 St.Vincent Nat  3,738 p. 34
             I.Nat 10,907 p. 100
’13 Perpignan  Nat  5,613 p. 323
             I.Nat 15,106 p. 646
’12 Marseille  Nat  3,245 p. 125
             I.Nat 11,244 p. 366 etc.

Sire: Euro Diamond Junior DV06720-07-967
A direct H. & Dr. H.P. Brockamp from the exceptional pigeon and breeder Euro Diamond DV06720-02-537, (1st Olympiad Pigeon Marathon, 1st Nat. Carcassonne 2,719 p. – 2nd Intnat. 10,323 p, 3rd Nat. Perpignan 1,452 p., 4th Nat. Bergerac 1,320 p.) x Sister Mistral DV06720-05-169 (full sister of Mistral, 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Marathon).
Dam: Mother Ian BE04-4437279
A super class hen of Chris Hebberecht. She is also the dam of Ian BE08-4130458 (21st Nat. Souillac 7,760 p. ’12, 49th Nat. Montauban 6,822 p. ’12, 82nd Nat. Brive 8,331 p. ’13, and 97th Nat. Tulle 5,976 p. ’14) and Diamond (1st Tulle 196 p. and 13th Nat. 8,323 p.). She is a daughter of Pancho BE99-4262210 (1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon, and a grandson of Bjorn) x Moeder Ambiorix BE95-4611489 (Ambiorix won a 19th Nat. Barcelona 12,998 p. and a 307th Nat. Barcelona 11,802 p.)
The pedigree of Deserteur

The nest brothers Emir and Elvis, two half brothers of Deserteur, played an important role in winning this title as well.

-Emir BE10-4302473

’15 Perpignan   Nat  5,254 p. 35
              I.Nat 15,954 p. 163
’14 St.Vincent  Nat  3,272 p. 57
              I.Nat 11,388 p. 137
’11 Tulle      Zone  2,002 p. 35
                Nat  6,345 p. 225
’14 Pau         Nat  1,910 p. 103
’15 Pau         Nat  1,980 p. 150
              I.Nat  9,052 p. 582
’15 St.Vincent  Nat  3,037 p. 152
              I.Nat 10,737 p. 652
’13 Libourne    Nat  6,658 p. 190
’13 Vierzon    Prov  6,420 p. 256

Sire: Euro Diamond Junior DV06720-07-967
A direct H. & Dr. H.P. Brockamp, and the sire of Deserteur (see earlier).
Dam: Sister Champion BE02-4064532
A full sister of stock breeder Champion, and thus a daughter of Schone Zwarten 123/93 x Geschelpt Krommen 223/99 (a granddaughter of stock breeder Bjorn).
The pedigree of Emir

-Elvis BE10-4302474 (nest brother of Emir)

’12 Souillac    Nat  7,760 p. 65
’12 Montluçon  Zone  6,081 p. 29
                Nat 17,865 p. 267
’15 Agen        Nat  3,524 p. 77
              I.Nat  6,042 p. 95
’13 Brive       Nat  8,331 p. 158
’13 Montauban   Nat  6,772 p. 261
’14 Narbonne    Nat  4,558 p. 229
              I.Nat 12,528 p. 594
’12 Brive       Nat 11,130 p. 528
’15 Narbonna    Nat  4,047 p. 618

The pedigree of Elvis

The top class Champion bloodline of Chris Hebberecht appears to combine really well with the invaluable Euro Diamond bloodline from Brockamp. One of the pigeons that comes from this very combination is the highly talented pigeon Expres, which also played a crucial role in this year’s national championship title extreme long distance KBDB:

-Expres BE10-4316380

’13 Libourne    Nat  6,658 p. 75
’15 Agen        Nat  3,524 p. 76
              I.Nat  6,042 p. 93
’13 Narbonne    Nat  5,215 p. 194
              I.Nat 11,448 p. 258
’15 Gueret     Zone  4,003 p. 244
’15 Narbonne    Nat  4,047 p. 258
              I.Nat 10,732 p. 787
’14 Agen      I.Nat 11,227 p. 723

Sire: Champion BE01-4094638
The number one stock breeder and winner of a 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon title long distance KBDB 2005
Dam: Eurootje DV06720-08-1337
A direct Brockamp. She is a daughter of Euro Diamond x Sister Mistral 168 (a nest sister of the dam of Euro Diamond Jr; sire of Deserteur, Emir, Elvis).
The pedigree of Expres

1st Prov. and 4th Nat. Champion long distance KBDB, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015

The provincial championship was based on the results in the long distance and the extreme long distance races (provincial results). At national level however, only the long distance results of your first and second nominated pigeons were taken into account.

One of the pigeons that played an important role in this provincial championship title is long distance star, Eros, which was also 5th Prov. And 6th National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB in 2015 with three prizes in the national top 100.

-Eros BE10-4316306

6th National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015
5th Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2015
’15 Montauban   Nat  3,990 p. 15
’15 Jarnac      Nat  3,879 p. 17
’15 Cahors      Nat  6,576 p. 92
’13 Libourne    Nat  6,658 p. 146
’14 Jarnac      Nat  3,726 p. 154
’15 Libourne    Nat  5,024 p. 169
’14 Libourne    Nat  4,589 p. 379
’14 Limoges     Nat 18,390 p. 528

Sire: Jaws BE07-4081813
He was 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2010. He is a son of Pokémon 348/99 (son Bjorn) x Geschelpt Krommen 179/04 (half sister of the dam of Champion).
Dam: Brooke BE08-4130386
Winner of a top prize from Bourges and La Souterraine as a young bird. She is a daughter of Pancho Champion 289/04 x Schoon Bleekje 268/04.
The pedigree of Eros

These pigeons have won several prestigious titles at provincial and national level in the KBDB competition, along with many other renowned titles. Click here for an overview of their titles of 2015.

Pigeons are like wine; they get better with age

Have you noticed how the Hebberecht pigeons only really start to excel at the age of 3 and later? These pigeons are at their strongest at the age of 4, 5 or 6. This was already the case with the early stock breeders Fijnen, Bjorn, Jelle and Lobke and the same goes for the next generation of long distance stars Pancho, Champion, Tarzan, Vedette, Gentleman, Jaws and AXL. That same characteristic can be found in the current team of racing birds, including Eros, Edou, Expres, Emir, Elvis, Evert, and Deserteur. Only Ike won his title of National Ace Pigeon long distance at the age of two.

This might have to do with Chris’s approach, his pigeon collection, or a combination of both. It is difficult to tell. What we do know is that the long distance pigeons of Chris Hebberecht have won most of their provincial and national titles and ace pigeon titles at a later age.
These highly successful pigeons have enabled Chris to play an important role in the most important (extreme) long distance races season after season. He has become a household name and one of the strongest long distance fanciers in the whole of Belgium.

The Hebberecht pigeons are true long distance champions!

Stock breeder Champion: winner of a 1st Prov and 2nd National Ace Pigeon title long distance KBDB 2005

Stock breeder Pancho: 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB in 2004