Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) is looking for the perfect partner for his Miss Overegge

Pieter Veenstra was once again one of the most prominent names in The Netherlands in 2015, and many fanciers were talking about Miss Overegge, his latest investment.

Pieter Veenstra and his family

Pieter Veenstra, one of the most successful fanciers in The Netherlands, not only received a lot of attention for his impressive results. 2015 was another great season, with teletext prizes in the one day long distance NPO races from Sens (5th against 8211 p.) and Souppes-sur-Loing (3rd against 6888 p.). However, he gained even more attention when he obtained NL14-1499725 Miss Overegge. This hen was the fastest in the entire province of Friesland three times in 2015 for Johan Halman (Zuidveen, NL). In addition, Pieter managed to get his hands on the National Pigeon Champion one day long distance NPO 2015 NL10-3040963. This hen called N.P.O. Queen was raced by Berrie v.d. Brand & J.R. (Boxtel, NL).

NL14-1499725 Miss Overegge, 1st NPO Sens and 1st NPO Souppes-sur-Loing

Miss Overegge

This one year old hen has really won an impressive number of prizes in the course of only five weeks in 2015. Many fanciers found it hard to believe that a pigeon could win so many prizes in such a short period of time. She took three first prizes in the province of Friesland, including two NPO prizes, as well as two other top results. This is a brief overview of her impressive palmares:

1st    NPO Sens                              8211 p. -  547 km
1st    NPO Souppes-sur-Loing                 6892 p. -  565 km
1st    Quiévrain   (Province Friesland)     12996 p. –  312 km
14th   Quiévrain   (Province Friesland)     20464 p. –  312 km
33rd   La Louvière (Province Friesland)     17288 p. –  290 km

The wing of Miss Overegge

Pieter now faces the challenge of trying to come up with a breeding strategy that will get the most out of the bloodline of Miss Overegge (her full pedigree can be found here). Still, he is in a comfortable position, since he has quite a selection of possible partners for this hen. The cocks in his breeding loft are invaluable breeders themselves, having bred highly talented young birds. We would like to present to you the cocks that will be privileged to become the first partners of Miss Overegge.

NL12-1051111 Brother Dolce Vita, sire 3rd NPO Sens 8211 p.

Brother Dolce Vita

The first one is NL12-1051111. He is a son of the pair NL04-5435151 Davinci x NL05-1909293 Special Blue, which makes him a brother of NL08-2020821 Dolce Vita. Let’s take a look back at the titles that Dolce Vita has won:

1st International Ace Pigeon one day long distance W.E.N.C. Dortmund 2010
1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Allround Poznan 2011
1st National Ace Hen WHZB 2010
1e National Ace Hen WHZB 2010
1e National Ace Hen one day long distance WHZB 2010

The 12/111 Brother Dolce Vita proved himself as a breeder as well. One of his daughters finished in third place in the one day long distance race from Sens NPO against 8211 p. for the Mantel Combination (Bergum, NL). The full pedigree of 12/111 Dolce Vita can be found here.

NL11-1159902 Son Mr. Blue, sire of 1st NPO Chateaudun 6293 p.

Son Mr. Blue

The next possible partner for Pieter’s new top class hen is the cock NL11-1159902. His dam NL08-2020822 Cela Vita is a sister of Dolce Vita, which gives you an idea of what Pieter’s breeding strategy will look like. The sire of 11/902 is NL02-5255446 Mr. Blue, another iconic Veenstra pigeon. Mr. Blue was 3rd Best Cock in the national WHZB competition in 2003. He showed his potential in 2004 as well, taking first place in that same prestigious competition. The 11/902 Son Mr. Blue proved an invaluable breeder as well: he is the sire of a 1st NPO Chateaudun (Province 8)  against 6293 p., won by Mark v.d. Berg (Ijsselmuiden, NL). Click here for the pedigree of 11/902 Son Mr. Blue.

NL08-2021383 Seiko, sire of 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB 2014


Another partner for Miss Overegge is called Seiko. Click here for the full pedigree of NL08-2021383 Seiko. He is a son of NL07-1180406 Rolex, 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2009 and a grandson of Mr. Blue. Seiko became world famous as the sire of NL12-1005204 Esmee, which was raced by Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL). You can tell from the brief overview below that this was indeed a top class racing bird:

Olympiad Pigeon Budapest 2015 cat. Allround
1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB 2014
1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NTAK Topwings 2014
2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO 2014
4th National Ace Pigeon one day long distance Fondspiegel 2014
9th National Ace Pigeon Allround TBOTB 2013

NL10-3040963 N.P.O. Queen, 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO 2015

N.P.O. Queen

We will also take a closer look at the second most important introduction of Pieter Veenstra last year: NL10-3040963 N.P.O. Queen. This blue coloured hen had an impressive 2015 season, winning the following prizes:

8th    NPO Montluçon        5143 p.
8th    NPO Argenton         4419 p.
12th   NPO La Souterraine   3086 p.
16th   NPO Chateauroux      3115 p.

She was raced by Berrie v.d. Brand & J.R (Boxtel, NL) in Province 3, where her achievements of 2015 resulted in the following titles:

1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO
1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance Fondspiegel

Click here for the pedigree of N.P.O. Queen


Pieter not only obtained two of the most appealing racing pigeons of 2015, he also introduced them in a top class pigeon family. His task will be to look after this pigeon's legacy; he is doing himself and the pigeon racing community in The Netherlands a big favour.