The young birds of Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) appear to be in great shape

The old birds have had a fantastic season in the national longer middle distance races, including two provincial first prizes and a victory in the zone. It seems a new generation of racing birds is now ready to take over, since the young birds' team of Derwa-Luxem has been quite successful in the sprint competition in recent weeks!

Albert Derwa-Luxem: he had a great old birds' season, and his young birds are performing equally well!

A brief overview:

01/08/2015 - Soissons - (190 km) - Union - 587 young birds
1-2-3-4-5-9-10-13-14-18-22-28-29-30-31-33-43-46-48-50-51-52-... (35/42 p.)

08/08/2015 - Soissons - (190 km) - Union - 1141 young birds
1-2-3-10-15-19-24-31-32-33-41-42-43-49-51-55-57-60-61-65-72-87-...(28/43 p.)

15/08/2015 - Soissons - (190 km) - Union - 959 young birds

These results clearly show that the fanciers from Herent rely on an invaluable breeding loft capable of breeding a talented new generation every year, allowing the fanciers to achieve great results season after season.

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