Peiren Noel, Zedelgem

 1e National Bourges -
29 May 2004 - OLD PIGEONS.

A little bit shy Noel is doing his story…" I just basketted my pigeons for Barcelona on Bourges as their last serious training race and I got a national victory…"
The other pigeons did also very good on the Bourges-race so we probably can expect a super result on Barcelona from Noel Peiren.

Noel is not just the first, the best pigeon racer. He is already performing for more than 30 years on the highest national level and won e.g. already 1e national Brive, 1e national Limoges, 1e national Bourges, 2 times 2e international Dax, 4e international Barcelona, General Champion KBDB, National Long Distance Champion, etc…
The successes of the Peiren strain on other lofts are also very high. If we hear our neighbours from the Netherlands talk about Aarden, van der Wegen or Eijerkamp, we should certainly not be ashamed to talk about Noel Peiren in the same breath…

The pigeon is called The Bourges, 3036194/01
"De Bourges", is a cock born in 2001. His father is the very famous "Darco". He flew 5 times a national race, 4 times in the first 100 national, the 6th time he came home totally injured, so it was a miracle he still arrived home.



The pigeon prooved himself enough so he could move to the breeding loft and this was a very good decision, because today he is already the father of the national Bourges winner 2004 Belgium!
His results on national races : Cahors 76e on 11.090, Dax 63e on 4.170, Cahors 382e on 13.093, Dax 71e on 4.066 and Cahors 30e on 11.838.
As mother the Bourges had the "Sister King", loft Gyselbrecht. The "King" is together with "Turbo" and "Laureaat Barcelona" the base of the "Gyselbrecht" breeding loft. The "Sister King" comes from "Laureaat" on mother's side. Mother of Sister King is a nestsister of the father of the Laureaat Barcelona ( 1st International Barcelona 1995 in the Gyselbrecht loft). This mother of the Sister King comes from the Laureaat in the Van Bruaene loft.
This pigeon won in 1986 : Cahors 50e on 5.330, Montauban 8e on 3.466, Lourdes 47e on 4.129 and 3e ace pigeon KBDB.
The "Laureaat" of Van Bruaene and the "Dochter Kleinen" are also the grandparents of the "Laureaat Barcelona" of Gyselbrecht Family who won 1e national against more than 20.000 pigeons. On father's side Sister of King comes from Tee.

Local result from Noel in the club in Gistel - 453 old pigeons : 1e, 6e, 16e, 29e, 33e, 39e, 41e,73e, 76e, 86e, enz. The "Bourges" was first nominated from 36 pigeons by Noel.