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Marc and Geert Pollin (Snellegem, BE) take the win from St. Vincent, their second national first prize in just a week's time

Is this a unique feat in pigeon racing at national level? Marc and Geert have managed to win two national first prizes in the course of just five days. They won a national first prize from Montauban yearlings last week, and they have now added another national win from St. Vincent old birds to their palmares. Great job!

"Third time lucky", we said in our last week’s article, referring to the third provincial first prize of 2015 for Marc and Geert, which also resulted in a national first prize from Montauban yearlings. Perhaps this statement might apply at national level too, since they have just won their second national victory in five days’ time. It would be an amazing achievement to add a third national win to their palmares of 2015. You never know with the excellent pigeons of Pollin.

They had only just celebrated their victory from Montauban when they took another important victory on Friday: Marc and Geert Pollin took their second national first prize of 2015. This means the town of Snellegem celebrated a first prize for the third consecutive week.
They clocked their national winner from St. Vincent on Friday evening at 21:20’32”, covering 896.428km with a velocity of 1023.87 m/min. This makes him the fastest competitor in Belgium. This flight from St. Vincent was a sun-drenched race with clear skies along the entire course. Temperatures reached about 30°C, and the wind was coming either from southerly or easterly direction.

Many fanciers consider this to be great racing conditions, and this is clearly the weather in which the Polling pigeons feel very comfortable. Besides their national win, Marc and Geert have won a few more top prizes:

St.Vincent 194 olds: 1-19-30-46 (4/6)
Provincial 678 olds: 1-67-88-135 (4/6)
National 3.037 olds: 1-195-298-436 (4/6)

The winner of the national first prize from St. Vincent was a Grandson 12, and is now called Bruce (named after a fancier who passed away recently). This is his list of achievements:

-Bruce BE13-3016047

 1st  Nat St.Vincent   3,037 p. ’15 
 4th  Argenton           256 p. ’14
45th  Zone A1 Argenton 1,648 p. ’14
412th Nat Poitiers    14,094 p. ’14
14th  Argenton           414 p. ’13
157th Prov Tours       2,964 p…

Click here for the best results on his current palmares.

He originates from the bloodlines of the three stock breeders for Pollin, namely Nai, Mortifer and Dortmunder.

Sire: Son Igor BE12-3013303
Winner of a first prize with a 1st Tours 378 p. and an 11th prov. 1,852 p. He is a son of Igor BE09-3003112, a full brother of the 1st Prov. Poitiers 1,457 d. and of As-Trix (bred from super breeder Nai 04-112 x Dam As-Trix 04-075) x Miss Joske BE09-3091294, from a joint breeding of Marc Pollin and Jos Thoné (with Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund Mortifer 03-141 x Sedna I 04-055, winner of a 1st Int. Narbonne 5,870 p.). Miss Joske is the own nest sister of the sire of last week's 1st nat. Montauban yearlings 2015.

Dam: Daughter 12 BE11-3050053
An own nest sister of the 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance young birds 2011. She is a daughter of ‘De 12’ BE09-3091012, winner of a 1st Limoges 385 p. and a 144th Nat. 14,211 p., a 1st Nantes 156 p. and a 4th Intprov. 2,883 p., a 1st St.Junien 199 p. and a 6th Intprov. 1,706 p., a 3rd Chateauroux 531 p. and a 125th Nat. 22,718 p. (a son of Olympiad Pigeon long distance 2009 Dortmunder 04-154 x Halfsister Limoges 03-015) x Daughter Cadel BE08-3090037, the dam of a 1st prov. and 3rd nat. Agen 6,216 p. in 2015.
Click here for the full pedigree.

The national first prize from St. Vincent proved the start of another great weekend for the Pollin pigeon breed. Despite the unfavourable wind direction for the province of West Flanders, the Pollin pigeons managed to perform really well at national level, winning a 4/6 from Brive old birds, a 3/5 Brive yearlings, a 3/5 from Chateauroux yearlings, and also an impressive overall club result from Chateauroux old birds:

Chateauroux club 146 olds:
2-10-13-16-18-22-26-28-38 (9/9)

Three times lucky once again? Marc and Pollin can now aim for a third national first prize this season, which is obviously easier said than done. It would be a truly exceptional feat but a pigeon breed in great shape can do great things. The pigeons of Pollin are clearly in great form, and you never know what to expect, with three weekends of long distance and extreme long distance racing still ahead. Congratulations Geert and Diane.