Noël Peiren (Zedelgem, BE) wins 1st National Barcelona like a true Flandrien

Noël Peiren has won one of the, if not the most important victory in his career as a fancier with his Blauw Duivinnetje, a pigeon small in size yet really strong and determined.

A Barcelona for hard workers, for true Flandriens

A real Flandrien is a man of steel, who will never give up and is never afraid to work hard. This also applies to Noël Peiren's fresh winner from Barcelona. After all, this was a really demanding race from Barcelona. Probably not the hardest ever, because pigeons could benefit from the wind that was coming from southerly and southeasterly direction. However, we think this might have been the hottest edition ever, with temperatures rising up to 35°C and more on Friday. This is probably why only one single pigeon managed to get home on Friday. This was in a loft close to the sea, where temperatures were 10°C lower compared to a few kilometres inland. Did this pigeon fly along the coastline, to be able to continue flying? That might well be the case.

The truth is that the majority of the pigeons has probably taken a long break in the hot afternoon. They have likely covered a few more kilometres in the evening, before taking the final trip home in the early morning, with enough energy left in the tank. We heard that most of the racing birds from Barcelona appeared to be quite fresh by the time they arrived home, which indicates that they landed fairly early on the first day, instead of wasting energy in the heat. The pigeons that did continue to fly despite the temperatures might have actually lost a lot of time. The result was that most fanciers had to wait long before their first pigeons were home, and it took a while before pigeons started to come home one after the other. Most of them were probably still far away from home on Saturday morning.

Long distance star Noël Peiren takes the win

Does Noël Peiren still need an introduction? He is a multiple national champion KBDB, multiple national winner, and he has won a truckload of provincial and club level victories, both in the long distance and the extreme long distance. He is a super class champion who knows when to be in great form: in the most demanding races.

This national first prize from Barcelona was probably the last thing still missing on Noel's palmares. He clocked his blue coloured hen at 8:05'31", after completing 1082.978km with a velocity of 984.96 m/min.

-Blauw 1st Nat Barcelona BE10-3172518

 1st  Nat Barcelona     7,833 p. in 2015
 2nd  Intnat Barcelona 19,083 p. in 2015
47th  Prov Barcelona    1,434 p. in 2014 (13th club 323 p.)
391st Nat Barcelona     8,764 p. in 2014
735th Intnat Barcelona 21,169 p. in 2014
253rd Intnat Barcelona  5,550 hens in 2014

Sire: Didi 930 BE04-3223930
An inbred pigeon to the amazing Didi of Etienne Devos. He comes from Didi BE96-3156032 (which is a son of Didi BE91-3300507, winner of a 42nd Nat. Pau 7,224 p., a 40th Nat. Dax 6,779 p., a 42nd Nat. Pau 7,760 p. etc) x Dochter Blauwe Didi BE96-3287010 (from Blauwe Didi, a full brother of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB, the world famous Kleine Didi of Etienne Devos).

Dam: Barcelonaduivin BE06-3183362
An exceptional Barcelona pigeon with a great palmares:

 1st  Drie Prov Barcelona 533 p. ’08
 2nd  Prov Barcelona    1,603 p. ’08
21st  Nat Barcelona    11,484 p. ’08
48th  Int Barcelona    23,708 p. ’08
 1st  Barcelona           302 p. ’09
 4th  Prov Barcelona    1,953 p. ’09
56th  Nat Barcelona    13,502 p. ’09
114th Int Barcelona    27,669 p. ’09

She originates from the noble Vanbruane bloodline, being a daughter of Barcelona 5 BE99-3275683 (half brother of 1st Nat. Brive 19,487 p. ) x Daughter Apollo BE01-3263905 (click here for the achievements of her predecessors)
Click here for the full pedigree of the 1st Nat. winner from Barcelona

This was the second race from Barcelona for the winning hen. She only competed in races of up to 500km until the age of two, after which she became a widower hen for one season. Noël reckoned that this small but strong hen might prove useful in his extreme long distance racing team. Her victory from Barcelona proved him right; thsi fancier knows what he's doing. She competed in two national races in the longer middle distance (Bourges and Gueret) to prepare for the season. She was basketed with eggs, after having brooded for a week.

The national first prize from this blue coloured hen was the first of several top results from this hot Barcelona race. This is their overall result:

Barcelona club 292 olds:
1-4-12-17-27-32-44-71-72-91 (10/22)
Prov 1,179 olds:
1-5-26-44-64-99-115-159-244-246-316-361 (12/22)
Nat 7,835 olds: 1-11-91… (preliminary results)

Peiren pigeons can take a beating. They are made of steel, and they get strong by working hard in the national and international classics in the summer. They spend the winter in an open loft, exposed to the elements, to increase natural resistance. This is how many racing birds were raised in the old days as well. This is an approach that Noël learned when he awaited the pigeons of the Catrysse brothers (Moere, BE) as a youngster. He also started to visit the greatest champions in his area, as well as successful fanciers from abroad. He noticed that most of these lofts had something in common: the fanciers that had been successful for many years all relied on a breed of really strong pigeons. He saw this in the loft of his father Georges Peiren as well. He grew up in the loft of his successful father, among many top class pigeons. He managed to follow in his footsteps, and to become a successful fancier himself!

Noël has won everything there is to win, and has won many national championship prizes. Still, this national prize from Barcelona is probably the greatest win in his entire career. It is a crowning achievement for him, many congratulations!