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Devriendt Jozef

The moral national winner…
Jozef has been a pigoen racer for many years and has also raced Barcelona for many years. Every time has was basketting, he thought: “ Oh, how I’d like once to be the first national...” but down to earth as Joyef is, he thought immediatelly that it wouldn’t be possible against such a lrage number of pigeons. Saturday was still a day of his life. His 179/00 flew the 1st national and the 2nd place international. Electronically was everything OK, the machine registered Jozef’s Barcelona at 05:09:20. The the check that has to happen within 5 minutes didn’t come. How is that possible you might be wondering. Jozef’s explanation is very simple: …stayed up to late and didn’t get up early enough...” Although with pain his heart over his loss, Jozef still shines with happiness. There is still something special in a pigeon, that has been sitting in the loft for two and half hours, but still gets the 10th national prize from Barcelona, the bronze wing of the Barcelona Club in Bruge and the 1st provincial prize.


The Barcelona…
Although he will never be officialy acknowledged as the national winner of Barcelona 2004, is he for Jozef and many others the winner. The 6308179 is a cock born in 2000, which comes from the strain of Alphons Peeters from Vlimmeren. The father of the 179/00 he won seven prizes out of seven in the middle distance category, won the first prize from Tulle and became a long distance Ace pigeon. On the mother’s side, the179/00 goes back to an olympic sort and to the line of the 2nd international Perpignan ’83 of Georges Carteus from Ronse. The 179/00 has more to his name. In 2003 he flew Barcelona ans was 2.689th international against 20.204pigeons. From Perpignan he was 62nd national against 7.537 pigeons and 140th against 16.800 pigeons internationaly. Ohter results on his record are: Poitiers 16th against 251, Poitiers 2nd against 651, Angouleme 67th against 529, Limoges international 1.100th against 23.661, Limoges national 262nd against 5.570 and Limoges local 44th against 1.410.

Jozef and his wife

electronic registration note with the time 05:09:20 and clocking device, with the official time 07:40:08


Jozef and Kristof Carrette with the moral winner in his hands

View of the beautiful lofts