Marina Van De Velde (Grobbendonk, BE) wins 1st Nat. Gueret of 12,516 old birds

This is the second national first prize in Paul and Marina’s pigeon career, after having already won a national victory from Agen young birds in 2001. Their two national winners originate from the same bloodline, with the sire of this year’s national winner being a full brother of their national winner from Argenton 2001!

Again, the apple does not fall far from the tree. It was Samson that brought national attention to Marina’s pigeon loft, winning a national first prize from Argenton as the fastest of 33,097 pigeons. From then on, the bloodline of Samson became an integral part of this breed. For instance, the 1st Ace Pigeon Old Birds and 1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings 2003 in long distance club Antwerp were direct sons of Samson. Many years later, a full brother of Samson became the sire of this year’s national winner from Gueret old birds.

Miss Sara, winner from gueret and fastest overall

The release site in Gueret does not appear to be very kind to pigeons. Remember the fuss about a possible delay for the race in late 2014. There was heavy fog and the race conditions were not quite perfect. Many fanciers blamed the organisers but few of us have noticed that previous editions have been facing similar problems. In fact Gueret has a reputation for being a difficult race, resulting in negative perception. It would be difficult to determine the cause for these difficult races (location, geography?), but in 2015 it was the early morning fog that threatened to disturb the race once again. Pigeons were eventually released at 10am as scheduled, in fairly bright weather and with a fairly strong wind blowing from south-westerly direction. Fanciers had to wait long for the first pigeons to arrive, especially because they were approximately 200 mpm slower than the pigeons in the shorter middle distance race the day before. Both the old birds’ race (79) and the yearlings’ race (98) did not have 100 pigeons with a velocity of 1400 m/min. This indicates that the earliest arrivals were not very fast. The prizes per four at national level were won within approximately an hour and a half, which is a fair bit longer compared to a race in similar conditions.

The fastest of all competing pigeons belonged to the loft of Marina Van De Velde in Grobbendonk, who clocked her winning pigeon Miss Sara at 13:48’48”. She completed 596.323km with a velocity of 1458.72 m/min, making her the fastest of a total of 28,778 pigeons.

This blue coloured hen has won quite a few prizes in national and provincial classics already:

-Miss Sara BE13-6078600

Gueret          Nat  12,516 p. 1    (2015)
Gien            Prov  2,231 p. 8
Chalons s/Saone Prov  1,276 p. 6    (2015)
              I.Prov  5,376 p. 22
Poitiers        Zone  2,708 p. 54   (2014)
La Souterraine  Nat   9,136 p. 358  (2014)
Gueret          Nat  11,894 p. 531  (2013)
Chateauroux     Zone  5,070 p. 311  (2015)
Argenton        Nat   4,498 p. 831  (2014)
Bourges I       Zone  5,691 p. 1080 (2015)
Bourges I       Nat  24,019 p. 4950 (2014)
Chateauroux     Zone  1,247 p. 1247 (2014)

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Sire: Broer Samson BE06-6148971
A full brother of the 1st Nat. Argenton in 2001, making him a son of Vader Samson BE99-6547901 (bred from the winner of 18 first prizes from Quiévrain Goei Witpen 505/93 x Gertje 150/97, the dam of the 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds 2000) x Moeder Samson BE00-6145017, winner of a 26th Prov. Orleans 13,237 p.

Dam: Dochter Jan BE09-6357041
Daughter of 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Duivenkrant 2002 and 1st Ace Pigeon Ave Regina Jan BE02-6113220 (a son of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina ’01 and 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon De Reisduif) x Daughter Di Caprio BE07-6363210, which comes from the loft of Dirk Van Dyck.
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Paul and Marina had basketed a group of 15 pigeons (4 old birds and 11 yearlings) for Gueret. Seven of them have managed to win a provincial and national prize:

Gueret Prov  1,607 olds: 1-91 (2/4)
       Nat  12,516 olds: 1-231 (2/4)
Gueret Prov  2,892 yearlings: 123-305-430-607-777 (5/11)
       Nat  16,262 yearlings: 288-893-1455-2298-3180 (5/11)

Great motivation leads to national win

Paul and Marina have been running a national top class loft for several years. They started back in 1973 before moving to their current location in 1991. It started as a sprint loft that gradually began to focus on the provincial and national classics of the longer middle distance and light long distance, and with great success.

Their racing team consists of 80 pigeons (40 cocks and 40 hens), with 15 pairs kept in total widowhood and the others raced in classic widowhood. Their national winner Miss Sara is part of a team kept in classic widowhood. She had been paired to a different partner this season but she was allowed to spend a few moments with her previous partner before the interprovincial race from Chalons sur Saone a few weeks ago. This really got her motivated, and she promptly won a 6th prov. and a 22nd interprov. prize. The same approach was used for Gueret, where she took a convincing national first prize.

This was a great performance, many congratulations.