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Cleirbaut - Van Riet (Bonheiden, BE) are steadily expanding their palmares

Their impressive list of achievements includes several first prizes in the region, as well as a first national Argenton with Miss Blue, a first interprov. with Centerfold and a first prize from Angerville, in which they had the fastest of 25,000 pigeons. Twelve victories in the region and several great results in local and national championships were added to their palmares in 2014 alone.

Louis Van Riet and Kris Cleirbaut

Championship results in 2014

3rd Nat. champion KBDB young birds national races
2nd nat. ace pigeon yearlings in 5 national races (ranking PITTS-Van Robaeys)
5th nat. ace pigeon in 6 national young birds' races (ranking PIPA)

D&D: 552 olds: 4-8-25-52 (4/6)
Nat: 22,633 olds: 20-86-444-859 (4/6)

D&D: 176 olds: 1-16-52 (3/4)
Nat: 7,691 olds: 25-488-1.463 (3/4)

D&D: 905 young birds: 29-30-43-69-91...(13/43)
​Nat: 27,267 young birds: 273-275-398-404-669-937-1.407-1.800-2.032-2.134...(20/43)

D&D: 901 young birds: 5-11-19-22-28-37-75-76-81...(19/44)
Nat: 24,079 young birds: 45-141-255-309-350-463-842-847-900...(19/44)

Union Antw.: 990 olds: 1-5-20-41-71-85 (6/8)
Union Antw.: 1,186 yearlings: 1-2-8-34-53-98-11-115-127...(27/60)

Today's most successful pigeons of Kris and Louis originate mainly from the old basis of Kris, paired to pigeons of Constant Nuyts (Beerse, BE), Gaston Van De Wouwer (Berlaar, BE), and Willy Vanhoutte (Wevelgem, BE), who has won quite a few ace pigeon and championship titles. These four bloodlines have enabled this combination to achieve excellent results season after season. We present to you a few of their greatest champions over the past few years:

Miss Blue (BE10-6027008)

The national first prize from Argenton against 19,728 yearlings was not the first major performance for this hen:

Blois int.prov.: 3rd of 2,755 yearlings
Bourges nat.: 290th of 20,544 yearlings
Chateauroux nat.: 33rd of 25,263 yearlings
Chateauroux: 734th of 8,092 yearlings
La Chatre nat. z. B: 254th of 7,806 yearlings

She has bred several prize winners in the breeding loft, despite her young age:

BE13-6233703 (summer youngster):
Blois: 10e/1,164 p.
Angerville: 40th/2,729 p.
Bourges: 59th/2,629 p.
Chateauroux: 30th/1,468 p.

BE13-6233924 (summer youngster):
Soissons: 17th/294 p.
Sourdun: 8th/1,186 p.
Vierzon: 3rd/1,119 p. - 5th/1,594 p. - 9th/5,715 p.
Sourdun: 4th/802 p.
Gueret: 118th/2,446 p.
Gueret was her final race considering next season.

Bourges: 86th/30,180 p.
Tours: 74th/5,185 p. - 141st/24,097 p.
La Souterraine: 1,131st/18,588 p.

Miss Blue originates from the old breed of Kris from his father's side, and his pedigree also includes the bloodlines of Victor De Belder (Itegem, BE) and Gust 'zotte Gust' Christiaens (Humbeek, BE). The dam of Miss Blue comes from the invaluable Kaasboer of Gaston Van De Wouwer, as well as Goldwin of Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE), which is a nest brother of the renowned 500. You can find the full pedigree here.

Mirabelle (BE10-6027017)

Thsi hen knows what it means to take the lead in a race.

Bourges: 16th/5,767 p. - 45th/4,216 p. - 66th/20,544 p.
Chateauroux: 5th/3,042 p. - 15th/9,112 p. - 50th/25,263 p.
Argenton: 88th/6,036 p. - 445th/22,242 p.
Noyon: 6th/221 p.
Pithiviers: 23rd/323 p.

Mirabelle was moved to the breeding loft where she has been breeding several equally talented youngsters:

Angerville: 5th/2,729 p.
Vierzon: 96th/1,199 p.
Gueret: 47th/2,446 p.

BE13-6233886 (summer youngster):
Vierzon: 55th/1,199 p.
Blois: 47th/419 p.
Chateauroux: 281st/4,062 p.
Gueret: 40th/2,2446 p.
Tours: 103rd/1,098 p.

Chateauroux: 281st/12,071 p.
Angerville: 131st/2,729 p.
Chateauroux: 35th/4,062 p.
Geuret: 56th/2,446 p.
Vierzon: 96th/1,199 p.

The sire of Mirabelle is related to Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer; the dam belongs to the old line of Kris paired to another Kaasboer descendant. Click here for the full pedigree.

Beauty Gaston (BE08-6117571)

To conclude we briefly discuss the dam of Miss Blue, which moved to the breeding loft very quickly given her excellent results.

Issoudun: 19th/5,848 p.
Issoudun: 6th/2,139 p.
Chateauroux: 11th/2,330 p.
Chateauroux: 66th/7,871 p.
Chateauroux: 151st/2,331 p.

Her most well known descendant is of course Miss Blue, winner of a 1st national Argenton 19,728 yearilngs. She is also the dam of several other top quality racing birds:

BE13-6233852 Blue Lightning:
Sourdun: 2nd/1,186 p.
Sourdun: 2nd/495 p.
Soissons: 9th/324 p.

This pigeon was quickly transferred to the breeding loft after these three races, as a result of his excellent pedigree and impressive references. This proved an excellent idea, as one of his sisters got lost in a race with very bad weather, after having won a 2nd Noyon 965 p. and a 51st Noyon 614 p. The sire of Blue Lightning is Beaty Old Blue (BE10-6319353), which is also the sire of King Kong, winner of an 18th prize from Bourges against 33,524 p. Click here for the pedigree of this talented young pigeon.

His favourite distance

“I am really fond of the sprint and the shorter middle distance competition”, Kris admits. “However, my professional life leaves me no choice but to join the national races, as the pigeons usually arrive on Saturday afternoon.” We can imagine many shorter distance fanciers from around Bonheiden are glad to hear this.