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Team BDS (Ruiselede, BE) achieves great results thanks to a high quality breed!

4 provincial first prizes, 3 first prizes in the zone, as well as 6 pigeons in the provincial ace pigeon championship KBDB. Team BDS can look back on a great 2014 season. It takes a high quality pigeon breed to be able to achieve such excellent results in the course of just three years.

The story behind team BDS is a good example of how to perform at a top level with a joint effort. It appears that three of the greatest champions in Belgium can achieve great things when they work together. Dr. Piet Blancke, Bart Declerck and Dirk Speybroeck, the three fanciers behind team BDS, are a perfect example. Veterinary surgeon Piet is the breeder and manager who also sets the course for the two racing teams. Bart looks after a team of 30 hens in widowhood, which are raced under the name of BDS/Declerck in Tielt. Dirk races a team of 40 cocks under the name of BDS/Speybroeck in Vinkt.

Every member of the team has his own responsibilities and specialties, and the combination has been quite successful since their start back in 2011. They focus on the national races of the longer middle distance and the light long distance, which are races from 450 to 700km. They have been very successful, especially in 2014. They already bred a national winner as well: Martin De Poorter won a 1st nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2012.

The goal is to basket their team of cocks for the national long distance more and more often. Their first attempts in this competition quickly resulted in a provincial first prize from Jarnac old birds in 2014 from Dirk’s loft in Vinkt.

Inbred Stier x Dochter Gueret: an excellent new pair

We have to admit that some breeding pairs are regarded a super class pair all too quickly. In many cases they do not really deserve that name. Many of these called world class pairs have really only bred one truly exceptional racing bird and that’s it. We think a top class breeding pair should be able to breed several top quality youngsters over an extended period of time.

The breeding pair Inbred Stier x Dochter Gueret was a great find in the BDS breeding loft. They bred an exceptional racing bird in their very first pairing in 2011: Time Bandit, an outstanding first prize winner in the one day long distance. This was just the beginning, because they continued to breed many highly talented youngsters. We will discuss some of these exceptional first prize winners that were raced from three different lofts, which highlights the breeding qualities of this new breeding pair.

-Karin BE13-3076165

6. Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking longer middle distance YL – 5 national races
4-Bis. Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YL KBDB 2014
’14 Argenton II Prov    413 p. 1
                Zone    467 p. 1
’13 La Souterraine      348 p. 1
                Zone  2,555 p. 13
                Prov  2,795 p. 25
’14 Tours       Prov    411 p. 9
                Zone    527 p. 11
’14 La Souterraine      152 p. 4
                Zone  1,173 p. 20
                Prov  1,116 p. 33
’14 Bourges I   Lok     458 p. 6
                Zone  3,461 p. 29
                Prov  3,324 p. 35
’14 Tours       Lok     165 p. 6
                Prov  2,964 p. 53
’14 Montluçon   Prov  2,321 p. 49
                Zone  2,471 p. 56
’13 Clermont    Lok     339 p. 4
                WVOU 10,654 p. 77
’13 Brionne     Lok     201 p. 4
                Prov  6,773 p. 90
’13 Argenton    Zone  3,297 p. 181
                Prov  3,235 p. 232
’13 Chateauroux Zone  3,380 p. 298
                Prov  3,274 p. 305

Sire: Inbred Stier BE10-3161456
An outstanding breeder and the sire of Karin, Piet, Time Bandit etc. He is a 100% G. Vandenabeele pigeon from Jerry De Stier BE98-3156009, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and grandson of stock sire Kleinen 253/81 (from Son Kleinen: Stier x Fantasia) x Miss Gueret BE06-3159447, winner of a  2nd nat. Gueret 10,679 p. (a daughter of Pinochio x Farah).
Dam: Dochter Gueret BE09-4189887
A direct Benny Steveninck, a daughter of supercrack Gueret BE08-4216930 (1st Prov. Gueret 3,067 p., 1st Nat. Limoges 16,896 p.) x Nina BE08-4216906 (granddaughter Chipo)
Click here for the full pedigree of Karin

Karin was one of the stars of 2014 in the racing lofts of Bart Declerck. In addition, both Benny Steveninck from Hamme and Martin De Poorter from Sluis (NL) have a great racing bird in their loft that was bred from this amazing pair.

-Time Bandit BE11-4245768
A great pigeon in the team of Martin De Poorter from Sluis, and winner of the following prizes:

Gien              232 p. 1
          Prov  3,776 p. 2
Breuil Le Vert    341 p. 1
          Comb  1,078 p. 1
          Prov  6,101 p. 7
La Souterraine    105 p. 1
          NPO   2,751 p. 15
Breuil Le Vert    462 p. 9
          Comb  1,658 p. 24
Pommereoul        426 p. 13
          Comb  1,789 p. 53
Mantes La Jolie 1,265 p. 80   etc…

-Piet BE13-3076288
This pigeon has won quite a few prizes for Benny Steveninck from Hamme:

Poitiers  Club    112 p. 1
          Zone  2,628 p. 14
          Nat  14,094 p. 120
Tulle     Club    100 p. 3
          Zone  2,037 p. 81
          Nat   5,731 p. 295
Souppes   Club    275 p. 14
Gueret          2.027 p. 154

A splendid 2014 season: 4 x 1st provincial, 3 x 1st in the zone and 6 provincial ace pigeon titles

It is fair to say that Piet provided a solid basis for his two colleagues, who have been able to achieve great results in 2014. They have won 4 provincial first prizes and three first prizes in the zone. Let’s have a look:

1st Prov Gueret I yearlings West Fl.
1st Prov Jarnac Oude East Fl.
1st Prov Argenton II yearlings West Fl.
1st Prov Tours Oude West Fl.
1st Zone A1 Gueret I yearlings
1st Zone A1 Argenton II yearlings
1st Zone A1 Tours Olds

In addition, team BDS from Antwerp also managed to win the title of 11th national Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2014, as well as six provincial ace pigeon titles KBDB. Again, 2014 has been a marvellous season for this team, and probably their best season since the start of this combination in 2011, that has really started to reach full potential.

The foundation of this breed consists of the old lines of Cools-Blancke and their colleague Rudi Desaer. This is basically a combination based on the golden bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele, which the two families were based on. These bloodlines are based on pigeons from the breeding loft of Dr. Piet Blancke (the old Cools-Blancke bloodline) and pigeons of Dirk & Roger Speybroeck (the line of stock pigeon Sproete Blois and his son Magic Gonzales). Other bloodlines that were introduced include that of Benny Steveninck, Norbert Ally, Marc Pollin,P & D. Houfflijn, Jos Joosen and Batenburg-Van de Merwe. These are all great pigeons capable of winning first prizes against the strongest opponents.

Several great pigeons have been bred from this team of breeders right away, including:

-Magic Aske I BE13-3076225

11th Nat Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB 2014
3-Bis. Prov Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB 2014
Fontenay    Club     78 p. 1
            WVOU  5,735 p. 34
Chateauroux Prov  3,616 p. 4   (24 May)
Bourges I   Zone  3,461 p. 84
Chateauroux Zone  4,238 p. 5   (7 June)
            Nat  21,515 p. 15
Chateaudun  Prov  3,101 p. 38
Montluçon   Prov  2,321 p. 34
            Nat  19,298 p. 98
Gueret      Zone  1,235 p. 13
Bourges II  Zone    889 p. 43
Chateauroux Zone    661 p. 49  (9 Aug)

The results that have resulted in an ace pigeon title are printed in bold.
It is remarkable that she is a summer youngster of 2013 that only had one training flight from Pontoise. Apparently, her lack of experience in the national races as a young bird did not prevent her from giving her best in 2014, making her one of the best pigeons in the national races of the longer middle distance in Belgium. Talented pigeons tend to find their way to the top very quickly; Magic Aske I is the perfect example. Click here to take a look at her impressive pedigree.

The sire of Magic Aske I, Hamilton 192-Pollin, has also bred the best young cock in the loft of BDS/Speybroeck, the BE14-3143020. He is a very promising pigeon with an impressive palmares in 2014:

Villemandeur   736 p. 1
Pontoise       151 p. 4
La Souterraine 499 p. 8
Clermont       232 p. 12
Fontenay       247 p. 13
Clermont       359 p. 23

Other talented pigeons from the first class team of one year old hens of 2014 in Tielt include:

-Bont Pootje BE13-3076141

2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB 2014
’13 Clermont       Club    333 p. 4
’13 Clermont       Club    299 p. 8
’13 La Souterraine Zone  2,555 p. 29
’14 Tours          Prov  2,964 p. 33
’14 Montluçon      Prov  2,321 p. 13
                   Nat  19,298 p. 29
’14 Gueret         Zone  1,235 p. 89
’14 La Souterraine Zone  1,173 p. 4
’14 Bourges II     Club    107 p. 1
                   Prov    798 p. 10
’14 Argenton II    Prov    413 p. 16

Click here for the full pedigree

-Magic Aske II BE13-3076271

6-Bis. Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB 2014
Blois       Prov  1,131 p. 12
Tours       Prov  2,964 p. 66
Chateauroux Club    387 p. 1   (on 24 May)
            Prov  3,616 p. 2
Chateauroux Zone  4,238 p. 10  (on 7 June)
            Nat  21,515 p. 27
Gueret      Zone  1,235 p. 69
Compiègne   Prov  1,257 p. 8

Click here for the full pedigree

We also included the palmares of the most successful old bird in the team, which is called Blue Lola:
-Blue Lola BE11-4245657

5. Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds KBDB 2014
’11 Bourges     Club    280 p. 1
                Prov  3.338 p. 2
                Nat  31.719 p. 9
’12 Montluçon   Prov  2.609 p. 71
’12 Bourges     Prov  1.258 p. 96
’13 Bourges I   Prov  2.817 p. 55
’13 Poitiers    Zone  3.134 p. 17
                Nat  13.813 p. 31
’13 Pontoise    Prov  1.007 p. 51
’14 Blois       Prov  1.766 p. 73
’14 Tours       Prov  6.400 p. 85
’14 Chateauroux Club    342 p. 11 (24 May)
’14 Bourges I   Zone  3.085 p. 65
’14 Chateaudun  Prov  1.961 p. 84
’14 Montluçon   Prov  1.965 p. 29
                Nat  14.230 p. 61
’14 Gueret      Zone  1.194 p. 76
’14 Chateauroux Zone    460 p. 5  (9 Aug)
                Prov    482 p. 6  (1st prize club)

A phenomenal hen, despite the fact that she arrived home injured in the national young birds' race from Argenton two weeks after her 9th nat. Bourges).
Sire: Golden Antoine BE06-3125812
A direct Antoine & Rudi Desaer. He is a fantastic breeding cock from Kapotte Penne BE99-3105092 (100% G. Vandenabeele and a grandson of Turbo) x Braafke BE001-3117108.
Dam: One Eye Blind BE08-3037370
The dam of the 9th nat. Bourges 31,719 p., the 14th nat. Cahors 10,381 p., and a nest sister of Blue Rudi, the sire of a 1st FCI Thailand 2009. She is a direct Desaer pigeon bred from stock pair Perigueux BE99-3243699 (grandson Wittenbuik Vandenabeele) x Corry BE01-3031189 (daughter Turbo Vandenabeele).

It seems that the hens are the most successful pigeons in this combination but the cocks from Vinkt have also been doing very well, winning for instance a 1st prov. from Jarnac. This is a brief overview of the highlights of 2014 for the team of cocks:

Blue Jarnac BE12-3114088: winner of 1st Prov. Jarnac in 2014 - his palmares and his pedigree
Vierzon BE12-3114015: winner of 1st Vierzon 1,240 p - his palmares and his pedigree
Double 12 BE12-3114112: his palmares and his pedigree
Speedo JR BE13-3076201: his palmares and his pedigree

Great fanciers and great management

This is a team of excellent fanciers that can also rely on the scientific knowledge of Dr. Piet Blancke. He is one of the most consulted veterinary surgeons in Belgium, which means he knows perfectly well how to get your pigeons in great form at the start of the racing season and how to prepare them for the most important races. He knows how to get the most out of a top quality pigeon, and that is why so many world renowned pigeon lofts, including several national champions of Belgium and The Netherlands, have drawn on his expertise.

His knowledge is combined with the passion and expertise of the two racing loft managers Dirk and Bart, and this explains why team BDS has become a top class team in no time. The BDS pigeons have proved their potential with a solid 2014 season, winning four provincial and three first prizes in the zone. This is quite a palmares for the three champions, and we think they have a solid pigeon breed with a great future, ready to play a major role in the seasons to come.