Introduction of Pieter Veenstra pigeons (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) leads to national and international success

Descendants of the Pieter Veenstra pigeon breed have once again brought in great results for other fanciers. Some have won national first prizes, while others are in the running for a title of best long distance pigeon, best middle distance pigeon and best allround pigeon in The Netherlands.

2014 has been a splendid season for Pieter Veenstra, who had to start over with a team of yearlings in 2013 after having sold his pigeon collection in 2012. Pieter won no less than 16 victories in CC De Oostgrens this season, which proves once again his expertise as a pigeon fancier and the impressive quality of his pigeon collection. Pieter has reaped the benefits of this high quality pigeon breed, and so did countless other fanciers from The Netherlands and abroad, who achieved great results with this bloodline as well. In the Netherlands alone, three pigeons bred from one of Pieter’s pigeon are in the running for a national title. In addition, three other direct Veenstra pigeons took a national first prize in Holland, won the Belgian Master and won two first prizes in a one loft race in California.

Van Wanrooij combination (Geffen, NL)

The Van Wanrooji combination won the 7th edition of the Belgian Master in Nevele this season, and the sire of their winning pigeon (NL-143446559) is a direct Pieter Veenstra, purchased on PIPA. Click here for the full pedigree.

Kees Nijeboer (De Pollen, NL)

Kees Nijeboer wins the Juniors Derby in sector 3 from Troyes against 17,174 pigeons with Kleine Sola NL14-1578572, another Pieter Veenstra pigeon. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL14-1578572 Kleine Sola

Combinatie Elzinga (Harkema, NL)

The pigeon NL12-1005204 Esmee of the Elzinga combination is a candidate for the title of Best All Round pigeon in The Netherlands 2014. The sire of Esmee is a Veenstra pigeon and a son of Rolex.

Nico van Noordenne (Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NL)

Nico’s NL13-1252402 Amazing 402 is a candidate for the title of best middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands. This Veenstra cock is winner of:

Sens         1st 2429 pigeons
Nanteuil     1st 1449 pigeons
Peronne      6th  617 pigeons
Pommeroeul   8th  524 pigeons
Mantes Jol. 12th 1124 pigeons
Morlincourt 14th  571 pigeons
Meaux       16th 3393 pigeons

The sire is a direct Veenstra that was purchased on PIPA. Click here for the pedigree.

NL13-1252402 Amazing 402

Douwe Soepboer (Burgum, NL)

Douwe Soepboer's Veenstra cock will be one of the main contenders for the title of best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands, thanks to winning the following prizes in 2014:

Sezanne    1st  3,371 pigeons  9th NPO 10,063 pigeons
Sens (NU) 12th  8,725 pigeons 20th NPO  8,269 pigeons
Gien (NU)  1st  5,688 pigeons  2nd NPO  5,121 pigeons

NL11-1162778 De Teen

The dam of this impressive racing bird is a direct Pieter Veenstra. You can find the pedigree here.

Gary Nelson (Cedar Creek, USA)

The last in this series is a 100% Veenstra pigeon that Gerry Nelson had sent to a one loft race in California, along with another Veenstra racing bird. One of the two pigeons fell prey to a hawk even before the first flight, but the other managed to take two victories. She took a first prize against 450 pigeons over a distance of 500km after she had successfully completed a number of shorter distance races. One week later she claimed victory again in a 560km flight. In the end she had to settle for second in the overall ace pigeon championship, with just a few seconds behind the first, based on the average speeds. The sire of this hen is NL08-2020984, bred from The One x Romy. The dam is NL09-2094208, a daughter of Atlantic x Miss Blue.

Sky Chen (Shaanxi, China)

Sky Chen (Free Fly Loft) is the biggest expert in Veenstra pigeons in China. He has all the best Veenstra bloodlines in his loft such as Chanel No.5 (1st International Ace Bird All-Round W.E.N.C .2010), Rolex (1st National Ace Bird W.H.Z.B. 2009), Invincible Donna (the best daughter of Mr.Blue x Prima Donna) and Blue Power (stock bird at Sky Chen’s loft). According to him, Veenstra pigeons are the most powerful birds in the world in one-day long distance races. This is proven by the results he achieved in some very prestigious one loft races:

8th Ace Bird Beijing Eijerkamp One Loft Race 2013 (two races)
6th group Weili One Loft Race 2012
36th, 38th and 315th in the final of the Weili One Loft Race 2012

To conclude

The pigeons of Pieter Veenstra have demonstrated their impressive qualities season after season, and apparently not only in their home loft in Drachtstercompagnie. Well considered introductions and crossings have enabled the Veenstra pigeons to bring new generations of national champions, both at home and abroad.