Linda Meulemans-Damen (Arendonk, BE) wins 1st International St.Vincent 11,437 old birds

The international classic from St. Vincent has added another prestigious loft to its list of winners, with Karel and his daughter Linda Meulemans-Damen claiming the international first prize. Their pigeon was the fastest at international level, reaching a velocity of 1147.93 m/min!

Walter, Karel and Lina Meulemans-Damen showing their international winner from St.Vincent

Arendonk appears to be a sacred place in our sport. The Janssen brothers turned their home town into a world famous place, and Karel Meulemans has made Arendonk even more famous. Karel (80) has created a top class pigeon loft here, just like the renowned brothers from the Schoolstraat in Arendonk. Karle started winning top prizes back in 1950, and he has continued to win first prizes and important titles to this day.

Karel Meulemans has been a world class middle distance fancier for years, and he owes a lot to his amazing stock pair Oude Vandenbosch x Janssen-duivin. Many fanciers will have heard of their descendants Merckx, de Kadet, de Witneus, de Piet, De Prins, Schoon Donker, het Bont, de Benjamin, and many others. Karel was in a combination with his son-in-law Frans Mariën for several years, and the loft of Mariën-Meulemans has gained quite a reputation. This came to an end when Frans passed away in 1980, after which all pigeons were sold. However, Karel was able to keep some of the best descendants of their stock pair, and so he continued to achieve great success.

His daughter Linda started to get interested in the sport as well, and this was soon the start of their current combination of Meulemans-Damen (Damen is the family name of Walter, Linda's husband). They agreed to focus on the long distance, and it proved a great choice. They won a 1st national (and 2nd intern.) Dax in 1995, as well as an 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB. They became National Champion Long Distance in Belgium in 1995, and the talented Meulemans pigeons did really well in the long distance and the extreme long distance. The old breed was paired to pigeons of Van Gils from Ravels and direct pigeons of Roger Florizoone, which included mainly direct descendants of Witneus. It appears that these pigeons needed more time to develop than their own middle distance bloodline, but Linda and Karel were very patient. They knew that these newly bred pigeons could not win top prizes from Bourges or Chateauroux, but they knew they had great potential in the extreme long distance, their favourite distance.

1st International St.Vincent

The latest winner of the 1st intern. St. Vincent against 11,437 pigeons originates from two bloodlines we mentioned earlier, crossed with the golden line of Laureaat of the Gyselbrecht family from Knesselare.

The international winner is one of a kind: he had already won a 1st Montauban and a 1st Perpignan at club level, before claiming an impressive international victory from St. Vincent. He was clocked at 21:43'52" after covering 974.441km. This resulted in a velocity of 1147.93 m/min.

-Blauwe St.Vincent BE09-6080627

’14 St.Vincent  Intnat  11,437 p. 1
                   Nat   3,240 p. 1
’14 Cahors         Nat   7,140 p. 47
’12 Perpignan      Nat   6,661 p. 205 (1st club)
                Intnat  16,893 p. 365
’11 Montauban      Prov    769 p. 13
                   Nat   9,091 p. 448
’13 Cahors         Nat   8,570 p. 382
’12 Chateauroux    Prov  1,762 p. 55
’12 St.Vincent     Z.K.    169 p. 14
’12 Cahors         Prov    821 p. 39
’10 Limoges        Club    173 p. 14
’10 Tulle          Club    152 p. 15

Sire:  Blauw Marseille BE00-6050090
Winner of an 8th Nat. Marseille 4,183 p. and a 25th Intnat. Marseille 19,290 p. in 2002. He is a son of Jonge Laureaat BE96-4605777 (a direct Gyselbrecht pigeon from Knesselare, being a direct son of the 1st Internat. Barcelona 1995 Laureaat Barcelona BE92-4428350 Gyselbrecht x Baron-duivin 579/84 Vanbruane) x Blauw BE95-6270467, winner of a 1st Bourges 193 p., and a 1st Argenton 273 p., 7th Nat. Argenton 14,105 p. (granddaughter of 1st Nat. Marseille)

Dam: Moeder Marseille NE07-6125166
She is the dam of the 31st Nat. Marseille 3,245 p. 2012 and the 11th Nat. Marseille 2,375 p. in 2013 (both pigeons won the provincial first prize). She is an inbred pigeon of Witneus Florizoone, bred from a grandson x daughter Witneus. She is a daughter of Blauwen BE01-6080404 (winner of a 22nd Nat. Dax 5,189 p., a 16th Nat. Perpignan 7,611 p., 94th Nat. Perpignan 6,489 p., a 251st Nat. Perpignan 7,537 p, bred from Geschelptwitpen Zoon Witneus 084/96 x Dochter Pantani 690/99) x Blauw Dochter Witneus BE99-3085120 (a direct youngster of the world famous Witneus BE90-3152165, Primus inter Pares 1997 Barcelona).

You can find the full pedigree here

Linda and Karel had basketed two pigeons for St. Vincent. Their second pigeon from St. Vincent was clocked at 7:37'17" on Sunday morning, winning a 102nd National prize. In other words, this loft won a 1st and 102nd place at national level against 3,240 old birds, which is impressive!

This year's winner of St. Vincent belongs to the loft of Karel and Linda Meulemans and son-in-law Walter Damen, a loft that has made history in our sport. They have contributed to Belgium being the home country of pigeon racing. They were successful in the middle distance 20 years ago, and they are now a successful long distance and extreme long distance combination. This is his second national victory in the extreme long distance (Dax and St. Vincent), and it shows that the Meulemans pigeons are world class marathon racers. Well done, congratulations!