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BDS-De Clerck (Tielt, BE) win 1st provincial and 1st zonal Gueret yearlings

Team BDS has been performing very well all season and so they were expected to take an important win sooner or later. Their pigeons have now claimed a well-deserved provincial and zonal victory from Gueret in the yearlings’ category.

Bart De Clerck and Piet Blancke with Miss Gueret

2014 has been remarkably successful for team BDS, which has been winning prizes every weekend. Their best pigeons have been doing very well at provincial and national level, which resulted in an impressive list of victories. Bart, Dirk, and Piet have had a great 2014 season so far, with an impressive number of first prizes from their two racing lofts:

-BDS-De Clerck in Tielt:

1st Prov Gueret 1,224 yearlings
1st Zone A1 Gueret 1,235 yearlings
1st - 2nd - 3rd Chateauroux 387 yearlings
1st Tours 165 yearlings
1st Blois  87 yearlings

-BDS-Speybroeck in Vinkt:

1st Vierzon 1,240 olds
1st Bourges   790 yearlings
1st Fontenay  472 olds

Their racing team appears to be in great form, and they were ready to win a provincial, a zonal, or maybe even a national top result in the course of 2014. The hens’ team from the lofts of Bart De Clerck in Tielt eventually claimed a major victory in last weekend’s race fom Gueret 2014. It was a crowning achievement for a splendid racing season, and we take the opportunity to present you their first class racing team:

-Miss Gueret BE13-3076021

Gueret     Prov  1,224 p. 1
         N.Zone  1,235 p. 1
           Nat   9,815 p. 5

Sire: Blizzard BE04-3069859
Winner of a 1st Limoges 242 p. and an 18th prov. 4,009 p. He is a son of Linksen BE99-3103788 (a son of stock pair 1 for Cools-Blancke: Gaby x Francine) x Golden Wiske I BE01-3116126 (she is a granddaughter of Wittenbuik-Vandenabeele and stock pair 1 Cools-Blancke).

Dam: Pootje Gueret BE09-4280862
A top class breeding hen and winner of a 67th Nat. Gueret 5,237 p. She is a sister of the iconic BDS pigeons Lady Gaga and a half sister of Elias. She is a daughter of Blue Tieke BE08-4280642 (from Blauwe Doorslegene Speybroeck x Blauw Saertje) x Geschelpte Tieke BE05-4325410 (a 100% Speybroeck hen).

Click here for the full pedigree

Gouden Aske, grandmother of 3 outstanding crack pigeons of the 2014 racing team

Magic Aske 1 is arguably the very best pigeon of their hens' team today. This is her list of achievements:

-Magic Aske I BE13-3076225

’14 Fontenay      78 p. 1
         WVOU  5,735 p. 34
’14 Chateauroux  387 p. 3   (24 May)
         Prov  3,616 p. 4
’14 Chateauroux  671 p. 2    (7 June)
         Zone  4,238 p. 5
         Prov  4,085 p. 7
         Nat  21,515 p. 15
’14 Gueret       190 p. 3
         Zone  1,235 p. 13
         Prov  1,224 p. 14
’14 Montluçon    364 p. 8
         Prov  2,321 p. 34
         Zone  2,471 p. 37
         Nat  19,298 p. 97
’14 Chateaudun 3,101 p. 38
’14 Bourges      458 p. 15
         Zone  3,461 p. 84
         Prov  3,324 p. 93

Sire: Hamilton 192 BE11-3050192
A direct Marc Pollin. A son of Hamilton BE09-3091037, winner of 1st Orleans 485 p., 1st Orleans 584 p., 3rd Nat. Chateauroux 18,725 p., 4th Prov. Nantes 2,883 p., 58th Nat. Argenton 9,816 p., 118th Nat. Chateauroux 22,718 p. (a son of the 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB As-Tris x Nanteke, 1st Prov. Nantes 1,498 p.)

Dam: Lady Aske BE07-4272791
An outstanding breeding hen! She is the dam of the 1st Prov. Tours 3,375 p., and the 15th Nat. Chateauroux 21,515 p. She is a direct daughter of the two great champions Sproete Blois BE01-4374173 (stock sire in the Speybroeck lofts and sire of Gonzales, 1st N.Zone A Bourges ’11, and Speedo, 1st Prov. Blois Guldensporen race, Angoulême etc.) x wonderduivin Aske BE00-3195018, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB West Fl. 2000… and the dam of Darling, 1st Nat. Bourges ’04 + 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB ’04. She is also the grandmother of Erna, 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB West Flanders ’04 etc. (a daughter of stock pair 2 of Cools-Blancke: Frans x Alfoncine).

Click here for the full pedigree

We take a look at another top quality racing hen from the line of Gouden Aske of Cools-Blancke:

-Magic Aske II BE13-3076271

’14 Chateauroux   387 p. 1
         Prov   3,616 p. 2
’14 Blois          87 p. 3
         Prov   1,131 p. 12
’14 Chateauroux   671 p. 5
         Zone   4,238 p. 10
         Prov   4,085 p. 14
         Nat   21,515 p. 27
’14 Tours         165 p. 8
         Prov   2,964 p. 66
’14 Gueret        190 p. 10
         Zone   1,235 p. 69
         Prov   1,224 p. 72
         Nat    9,815 p. 626

She is a summer youngster from 2013 that gained a lot of experience in her year of birth, with races from Pontoise and Orleans. She is a granddaughter of the legendary Aske, an exceptional hen of Cools-Blancke.

Sire: Blauwe Prins 151 BE12-4033151
A direct Luc Bafort and a full brother of his long distance star Blauwe Prins, winner of the Zilveren Ring Waasland title, a 33rd Nat. Tulle 8,323 p., and an 85th Nat. Brive 10,089 p. He was bred from Son Pancho Donna BE07-4081840 (a direct Chris Hebberecht) x Super Lady BE07-4027104.

Dam: Speedo Aske BE09-4280845
An invaluable breeding hen in the BDS breeding loft. She is a full sister of Lady Aske (the dma is Magic Aske I), and so she is a daughter of top class pair Sproete Blois x Aske.

Click here for the full pedigree

The racing loft of team BDS in Tielt is home to several more top class racing hens:

Bont Pootje BE13-3076141: 3rd Tours 165 p. and 33rd Prov. 2,964 p., 4th Montluçon 364 p. (and 13th Prov. 2,321 p. – 16th Zone 2,471 p. – 29th Nat. 19,298 p.), 5th La Souterraine 348 p. (and 29th Zone 2,555 p.), 14th Gueret 190 p. (and 92nd Prov. 1,224 p. – 89th Zone 1,235 p.). She is also a granddaughter of Sproete Blois! Click here for her pedigree.

-Karin BE13-3076165: 1st La Souterraine 348 p.(and 13th Zone 2,555 p.), 4th Brionne 201 p. (and 90th Prov. 6,773 p)., 6th Bourges 458 p. (and 29th Zone 3,461 p., 35th Prov. 3,324 p.), 6th Tours 165 p. (and 53rd Prov. 2,964 p.), 49th Prov. Montluçon 2,321 p. (and 56th Zone 2,471 p., 163rd Nat 19,2989 p.) She is a granddaughter of the 2nd Nat. Gueret 10,670 p. of De Clerck-Blancke and the 1st Nat. Limoges 16,896 p. of Benny Steveninck. You can find her pedigree here.

The most successful pigeon in today's team of cocks that is raced from the lofts of Dirk Speybroeck in Vinkt is Speedo Jr., another grandson of their amazing breeding pair Sproete Blois x Aske. This is obviously an invaluable breeding pair. This is the list of achievements of Speedo Jr.:

-Speedo JR BE13-3076201

’14 Bourges       790 p. 1
         Prov   4,397 p. 4
         Zone   4,055 p. 4
         Nat   24,109 p. 102
’14 Vierzon       542 p. 3
       I.Prov   3,848 p. 31
’14 Poitiers      887 p. 11
         Zone   3,699 p. 37
         Prov   4,023 p. 39
         Nat   14,094 p. 95

Sire: Speedo BE13-3076201
1st Prov. Blois Guldensporen! He is another direct son of golden pair Sproete Blois x Aske (related to Lady Aske and Speedo Aske).

Dam: Het 073 BE12-3114073
A daughter of Ulrich Junior BE07-3198982, a direct Norbert Ally, and sire of Ulrike (1st Prov. Bourges ’11) and Blue Hawk (1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Club '10), bred from Ulrich BE97-3155952 x Dochter Brave BE02-33029466, a granddaughter of Bliksem Vandenabeele x One Eye Blind BE08-3037370, a direct Rudi De Saer and the dam of 9th Nat. Bourges 31,719 p. '11, 14th Nat. Cahors 10,381 p. ’11 (from one of the stock pairs of De Saer: Perigueux BE99-3243699 x Corry BE01-31031189. They are the grandparents of today's champion Neymar, 6th Nat. Limoges 18,407 p. and 8th Prov. Tours 6,400 p. in ’14, 10th Nat. La Souterraine 11,236 p., 28th Nat. Souillac 3,641 p.).
Click here for the pedigree of Speedo Jr.

It must be great to have a pigeon collection of such quality at your disposal, and it explains why team BDS has been so successful. They have been among the top players every weekend. This is a team of three fanciers, each of which has his own specialties. Each of the three plays a crucial role: Pieter is the breeder and the team’s manager, Bart is specialised in the hens’ competition, and Dirk runs a team of cocks. This is a success story!

Dirk, Piet, and Bart of team BDS are all smiles.