Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) shows early form with a provincial win from Vierzon

Albert Derwa-Luxem is a household name in international pigeon racing. The descendants of his breeding hen Paulien have performed really well both at home and in other fanciers’ lofts, and his provincial winner from Vierzon originates from that same Paulien bloodline as well.

Albert Derwa and Francine Luxem from Herent in Flemish Brabant had a confident start to the 2014 season, with a provincial victory against 1,826 old birds in a tough race from Vierzon last weekend. Their best one year old had to settle for second against 1,594 yearlings, being just 0.85 m/min slower than the winning yearling of Leon Jacobs from Tremolo. All of Albert’s old birds won a prize and three of his 12 basketed yearlings finished in the provincial top 10. These are outstanding results!

This illustrates the strength of the Derwa pigeon family. Albert prefers working with a small group of pigeons and this proves a successful approach. Several descendants of his outstanding breeding hen Paulien have been added to his collection in recent seasons. This hen has had a considerable impact on his pigeon loft but her bloodline has played a major role in quite a few international lofts as well. The provincial winner from Vierzon is also closely related to Paulien: the dam of the provincial winner, BE12-2080040, is a daughter of a nest sister of Paulien, crossed with a cock from the bloodline of Flor Vervoort x Maurice Voets. You can find the pedigree of the provincial winner here.

The provincial winner from Vierzon. "She does not have a name yet; I first want her to win another top prize", Albert explains.

Palmares van BE12-2080040

Vierzon        Prov.   2,136     1
               Iprov.  9,950     5
Sourdun        Club    1,369     3
Châteauroux    Prov.     591    11
               Nat.    6,005    72
Soissons       Club    1,024    13 
Bourges        Prov.   1,470    22
               Nat.   11,883   238
Argenton       Prov.     938    93
               Nat.    6,795   364
La Souterraine Nat.   19,155   145
               Prov.   2,823    40
Momignies      Club      114     3
Soissons       Club      301    16
Pithiviers     Club      357     8

Provincial result of last weekend's Vierzon

1,826 old birds:   1-42-101-133-395-439 (6/6)
1,375 yearlings:   2-5-8-33-98-101-166 (7/12)

Paulien, an invaluable breeder!

Paulien is an exceptional breeding hen in the collection of Albert Derwa. The provincial winner from Vierzon stems from this excellent bloodline, as well as a seemingly endless number of successful pigeons from other lofts worldwide. The following overview should give you an idea of the value of Paulien, which is indeed an exceptional breeding hen.

In her home loft:

  • Invictus: 1st Nat. Issoudun 2013, a grandson of Paulien
  • Pricilla: 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance 2013, a daughter of Paulien
  • De Zoon: 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. D Nitra 2013, a son of Paulien
  • Primo: 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon All Round Europa Cup 2011, a son of Paulien
  • Pellina: 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance 2008, a daughter of Paulien
  • ...

In other lofts:

  • Koen Minderhoud (NL) won a 1st NPO Pithiviers 6,340 p., a 1st NPO La Souterraine 3,077 p. and a 1st NPO Châteauroux 2,227 p. in 2013 with Geeloger, a grandson of Paulien.
  • Jos Thoné (BE) claimed the provincial win from Vierzon 2013 against 3,088 p. with Derwien, a granddaughter of Paulien.
  • Gerard Koopman (NL) won a first prize from Quiévrain against 2,817 p. last weekend with a youngster from Cassius (Kleine Dirk x Annelies) x a daughter Paulien.
  • Premier Stud (UK) won a first prize against over 2,000 p. with a grandchild of Paulien and a first prize against over 3,000 p. with a grandchild of a brother of Paulien a few weeks ago.
  • ...

The lofts of Albert Derwa, who clearly prefers racing with a small team