Geert Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) wins 1st interprovincial Vierzon OVV-FVOV against 8,394 old birds

This is a major win for Geert and his wife Annick this season, who claimed victory with their first nominated! The pupils of Gaby Vandenabeele have been able to beat their master, not surprisingly with a 50% Vandenabeele pigeon.

Vierzon was the first important classic of the 2014 season and an important warm up race for the first flights of the national calendar from Bourges and Limoges, which take place in two weeks’ time (31st May). It was a great race in excellent weather conditions: a clear blue sky, a slight northeast wind and temperatures reaching 20°C by noon. This is what fanciers consider to be perfect racing conditions. The first pigeons achieved a velocity of just below 1200 m/min and all races took place without much problems, which means this was an excellent run up to the national flights. We are looking forward to an interesting opener to the national longer middle distance season (Bourges) and the national long distance season (Limoges), with plenty of pigeons at the start. 

Geert Vanrenterghem wins the old birds' race from Vierzon

The OVV-FVOV race organisers will be happy to see the renowned pigeon loft of Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem take the victory. This pigeon family is well on its way to making it to the very top. This is no surprise; their pigeon breed is based for 90% on the exceptional Vandenabeele bloodline.

Gaby became the main supplier of top quality pigeons for Geert Vanrentergem, while also acting as their adviser, providing invaluable advice whenever he can. This cooperation has led to a remarkable number of provincial, zonal, and even national wins. Geert and Annick achieved a national and international breakthrough performance in the national race from Gueret 2011, claiming an international young birds’ victory (1st Nat. Gueret 14,262 young birds).

Their national winner was a daughter of the amazing stock pair Tsaby 1 x Kim 1, and this breeding pair has become the cornerstone in the pigeon family in Deinze. Nicky, a daughter of this pair, became the dam of Super Romeo in Gaby Vandenabeele's loft, and this pigeon is last year’s National Ace Pigeon Yearlings KBDB 2013.

Unfortunately the hen of this pair, Kim 1, died earlier this year but the loft in Deinze houses plenty more high quality descendants that were bred from this breeding pair or the related bloodline. Kim 1 was a direct daughter of Geert Vanrenterghem’s renowned first stock dam Lieske BE06-4352099 (a daughter of Captain Blue x Nancy), which was paired to Tauber BE06-4352099. Both of Kim 1’s parents stem directly from the Vandenabeele family from Dentergem. Tauber is a grandson of Wittenbuik, and Lieske is a granddaughter of Bliksem (a grandson of Wittenbuik). 

They are also the parents of Memphis BE08-4281549 (a full brother of Kim 1), another outstanding breeding pigeon in Deinze and the sire of Patriek. Patriek was bred from Memphis x Patricia BE10-4073509 (a hen from the pigeon breed of Steyaert-Vd Meerschout) and did remarkably well last weekend. 

Patriek has managed to take an international victory from Vierzon against 8,694 old birds with a velocity of 1190.49 m/min, making him the second fastest of a total of 12,242 basketed pigeons from Vierzon. The yearling of Bart and Robert De Clercq (from Berchem near Kluisbergen, BE) was the only faster one year old with a velocity of 1192.26 m/min. Judging by his list of achievements, this was not the first important result for Patriek.

-Patriek BE12-4176424

Vierzon       895 p. 1  (1190.49 m/min)
     I.Prov 8,394 p. 1
Tours         147 p. 1  (1868.15 m/min)
     I.Prov 1,252 p. 2
Angerville     85 p. 1  (1292.57 m/min)
Clermont      566 p. 2  (1604.75 m/min)
Orleans       303 p. 3  (1145.8  m/min)
       Prov 3,790 p. 23
Angerville    133 p. 3  (1292.57 m/min)
Argenton       91 p. 3  (1201.75 m/min)
     N.Zone 1,036 p. 11
Clermont      247 p. 5  (1261.6  m/min)
Arras         282 p. 7  (1159.22 m/min)
Angerville    116 p. 7  (1392.06 m/min)
Chateauroux   407 p. 10 (1141.01 m/min)
     N.Zone 4,503 p. 69
Clermont      184 p. 13 (1206.53 m/min)
Fontenay      616 p. 51

You can find his full pedigree here

This explains why he was basketed as first nominated and he seized the opportunity with both hands, taking an impressive win. He was able to beat the supercracks of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele, who had brought several pigeons to the club in Wortegem-Petegem to join the race from Vierzon, including the two superstars Benji and Joost (his first and second nominated). They won a third and fourth prize at club level and a fifth and seventh provincial prize (1st and 2nd nom. in first series) against 8,394 old birds! In other words, there was some fierce competition this weekend.

We would like to add that a full brother of Lieske, Orlando BE09-4280780, is the sire of Orlandor BE11-4245806, one of today’s long distance star in Deinze and winner of the 1st Nat. Zone A from Tulle 2013. This is quite a remarkable bloodline!

A great bloodline and great motivation - the key to success

Geert Vanrenterghem’s wife Annick proves to be an excellent caretaker as well. Geert works at the Volvo car factory in Ghent, which means Annick is responsible for the caretaking and training when he is off to work. It goes without saying that Annick is a first class caretaker herself. Their latest win from Vierzon is already their fifth first prize this season. This sounds promising!

The achievements of 2014 up until the week before Vierzon