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A flying start for team BDS (Ruiselede, BE)

Team BDS can look back on a successful start of the 2014 middle distance season, with two first prizes from Fontenay-sur-Eure and already a first prize from Blois in the first provincial longer middle distance race of 2014!

You probably remember that team BDS consists of veterinary surgeon Piet Blancke, Bart Declerck and Dirk Speybroeck, three fanciers with a demanding job who agreed to start working together a few years ago. Each of them concentrates on one particular area of our sport with which they are most acquainted and this approach allows them to get the most out of their hobby: they have played a key role in the provincial and national longer middle distance competition. They are now planning to race a group of cocks in the long distance races as well.
Piet Blancke is the breeder and manager, who sets out the framework for the team’s breeding strategy and the guidance of the two racing teams in Tielt and Ruiselede. Bart Declerck is responsible for the hens in widowhood in the loft in Tielt; the loft in Vinkt is home to a team of old and one year old cocks in widowhood. 

As we said, each member of the team focuses on his field of choice and the results have been great. The middle distance competition has only been underway for two weeks and team BDS has made no secret of its ambitions. They have won an impressive local first prize, as well as some other great results.

Bart Declerck, loft manager of the hens' team, takes two consecutive wins from Fontenay and Blois

These are the results of the hens from Tielt, which are basketed under the name of BDS/Declerck:

03/5 Fontenay  with  118 olds: 6-10… (3/5)
03/5 Fontenay  with  78 yearlings: 1-2-8-11-20-21-26… (10/16)

11/5 Blois  club    115 olds: 3-12-14 (3/5)
            Prov    1,766 olds: 22-64-73… (Prov top-100)
11/5 Blois  club    87 yearlings: 1-3-7-8-12-13-15-25-29 (9/18)
            Prov    1,131 yearlings: 6-12-38-47… (Prov top-100)

The racing team from Vinkt, where the cocks are raced under the name of BDS/Speybroeck, claimed the victory in the first middle distance race from Fontenay-sur-Eure last weekend:

03/5 Fontenay with 472 olds:
1-12-28-34-41-47-75-84-155 (9/10)
03/5 Fontenay with 304 yearlings:
3-8-9-14-21-27-55-61-77-80-86-101… (12/22)

A flying start of the year usually indicates that a loft has everything in place for a splendid season, both in terms of health and fitness. It is no secret that this team has plenty of top quality pigeons ready to win great prizes and it is now up to them to get the most out of their pigeon family. The three members of team BDS are working hard, knowing that they are very strong as a team.