Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL) are exquisite racers at national level

The two brothers Frans and Hannie Fanger have become successful fanciers at national level in recent years and they have continued to excel in the national races even after they sold their best racing pigeons in early 2013. Their consistent level of performance illustrates the skills of the two brothers.

The pigeons of Fanger have great potential and this really shows in the one-day long distance competition. The following is an overview of their best results of 2013:

The best results of the Fanger brothers in 2013

Department 6 North Holland, district F

 6-7-2013 Chateauroux 653 km   856 pigeons  1, 5, 14, 20, 45, 58, 60 & 85 (8/20 p.)
20-7-2013 Bourges     608 km   650 pigeons  8, 15, 21, 27, 34, 86, 90, 91, etc. (11/28 p.)
 3-8-2013 Argenton    681 km   637 pigeons  2, 27, 33, 57, 61 & 93 (6/18 p.)
 8-6-2013 Orléans     531 km 1,370 pigeons  3, 6, 14, 33, 41, 57, 99, etc. (13/24 p.)
13-7-2013 Soissons    338 km 1,130 pigeons  2, 19, 41, 62, 68, etc. (10/18 p.)
 4-5-2013 Wolvertem   156 km 3,449 pigeons  3, 17, 20, 33, 69, 83, 96, etc. (26/48 p.)
17-8-2013 Meer         94 km 2,641 pigeons  6, 9, 11, 70, 93, etc. (22/32 p.)


It is thanks to these results that the two brothers have made it to the top of our sport at national level once again. Their best pigeon of 2013, Kim-Liane NL12-5205337, won a sixth prize in the Europe Cup one-day long distance championship, as well as a 9th position in the National Pigeon Championship One-Day Long Distance NPO 2013.

It is no surprise that Kim-Liane originates from their best bloodline, as a granddaughter of Suarez NL05-1195001 of Hennie la Grouw. Suarez is the sire of Messi NL10-5005817, 1st Best Cock WHZB 2012. Click here for the pedigree of Kim-Liane NL10-5005817.

The lofts

The lofts of the two brothers deserve special mention: the roof of the lofts consists of polycarbonate panels and the roof has several windows to allow sunlight to enter the loft. This means the temperature sometimes rises up to 40 degrees Celsius, with the humidity dropping to 30%. If the temperate outside rises up to 25 degrees, the windows are opened and provided with windbreak mesh.

It is also remarkable that the old birds of the Fanger brothers are darkened. They light their lofts as well: the lights are burning in the lofts during the season from 8:30 to 10:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00. During the season, they close the shutters at 19:30 and the lights go out at 21:00. The lofts are lighted again at 8:30 in the morning. The shutters are removed when Frans is there to clean the lofts and feed the pigeons. This darkening procedure is maintained from mid-March until the last old birds race, after which the days are lengthened. You can find more information about, for instance, their feeding methods on the website of the Fanger brothers.

One thing many top-class fanciers have in common is that they can quickly react to changing circumstances and this also applies to the Fanger brothers. They adapted their loft to allow enough sunlight and they apply a special lightening approach as well, which shows that they know what they're doing.

Hospitable brothers

Frans and Hannie run their own store specialised in pigeon related products in Badhoevedorp, near Amsterdam. This is a popular place for pigeon fanciers from near and far and a meeting point for people who want to share their experiences in the sport. The two hospitable brothers are happy to offer a listening ear and will not hesitate to provide visitors with some good advice. You can also have a good laugh with them.

The first one day long distance race starts in just a month’s time and we are curious about their results this season. We wish them good luck!