Frans Rutten (Horst, NL) firmly believes that top quality pigeons are bred from top quality parents

It seems his belief didn’t do him any harm. In fact, it has allowed him to claim quite a few important victories.

Once again, Frans amazed his Dutch colleagues with another outstanding performance. He has claimed an impressive number of top prizes, which most fanciers could only dream of. We take a look at some of his achievements:

Charleville      2,856 p.     1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,25,26,29,30,33,37,40,41...  
Rethel           2,880 p.     2,3,24,42,43,44,45...                            
Sezanne          1,508 p.     1,2,5,9,11,13,29,32,33,41,45...                         
Sens             2,992 p.     1,2,3,10,13,16,19...
Marche           2,876 p.     6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13...
Pithiviers      14,959 p.    1,3,4,5,6,12,13,30,32,34,35,41,59...

He has also won the following national titles:

1994: 1st National Orleans 150,000 p.
1995: 1st Ace Pigeon WHZB (Wie Heeft Ze Beter) with Ace Cock 60
2007: 7th National Blois 43,758 p.
      1st National Loft champion young birds
      2nd, 3rd, 10th National pigeon champion young birds
2008: 5th best young bird WHZB
2011: 1st National loft champion young birds
2012: 3rd best sprint pigeon WHZB
      4th best middle distance pigeon WHZB
      3rd and 6th Ace Pigeon WHZB
      7th best cock WHZB
      3rd best fancier WHZB
2013: 1st Natour pigeon WHZB

Frans Rutten

One goal

We talked with Frans about his career and we soon started to understand why he is such a successful fancier. From the very beginning, he had only one goal in mind: he wanted to become one of the top players in our sport. He started looking for the best pigeons he could find and he initially turned to the excellent lofts of Janssens and Tourniers. He did remarkably well with the bloodlines of Het Kanon (NL67-766379) of Wout Smeulders (Neunen, NL), a grandson of Bange van ’51 of the Janssen brothers. Het Kanon has won 23 first prizes and he proved of great value in the breeding loft, where he bred new generations of equally talented young birds. Frans gained an international reputation with his Orleansduifje (1st nat. Orleans and fastest of 150,000 p.) and Asdoffer 60 (Ace Pigeon WHZB). Asdoffer 60 later developed into a stock pigeon for Frans and eventually for Jan Van de Pasch & Dtr. (Grubbenvorst, NL) as well. Orleanske bred Maxima, which claimed the title of Best Hen in The Netherlands in the WHZB competition both in 2001 and 2002.

Het Kanon of Wout Smeulders, winner of 23 first prizes

Inbreeding and crossbreeding

Frans uses close inbreeding to keep the bloodlines of his best pigeons in his collection. This involves pairing his good breeding cocks or hens to their son or daughter that had good results in the races. The youngsters from these pairings are then placed in the breeding loft, where they are paired to a different bloodline. These crossings tend to breed his best pigeons (strong crossbreeding). The breeding pigeons of Frans have two years to prove themselves. If a pigeon is not capable of breeding youngsters that are equally as talented as Frans’ best pigeons, it will be removed from the loft, together with all descendants. “It is important to carefully select your pigeons to get what you want”, says Frans, who wanted to give us a valuable tip. 

Every season Frans obtains new pigeons that are paired to his existing breed but few breeds will actually make it to the team. He had great success with the bloodline of Henri Van Venrooy (Deurne, NL), who had successfully introduced pigeons of Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) in his existing Janssen breed. Frans obtained additional Koopman pigeons from Jan Hofman (Meterik, NL) later on as well. In addition, he found some of the very best pigeons from Germany via Diego Wouters (Spaubeek, NL): descendants of Der lebende Rakette Flitzer (D-01769-03-31) of Andreas & Walter Drapa.


We take a closer look at some of the most successful pigeons of Frans:

Miss Pitha (NL11-1993596)

1st NPO Pithiviers 11,852 p.
2nd NPO Argenton 3,184 p.
3rd NPO Montluçon 5,185 p.
4th NPO Gien 4,866 p.

Miss Pitha is a daughter of Mister Sezanne (NL10-1950835), winner of a 1st NPO Sezanne against 4,384 pigeons. Mister Sezanne is a crossing of Koopman x Line Asdoffer 60. The dam is Miss Blois (NL06-1346476), winner of a 7th national Blois 43,758 p. She is a crossing of Janssen x Koopman. Click here for the pedigree of Miss Pitha.

34 doffer (NL10-1950834)

1st Orleans 797 p.
2nd Rethel 2,880 p.
2nd Charleville 2,840 p.
13th NPO Pithiviers 14,959 p.

The 34 doffer is a son of NL07-4097802, which has also bred the hen that won a 1st NPO Pithiviers 14,959 p. The 802 originates from the line of Noble Blue (NL97-2253103) of Koopman. The dam is inbred Asdoffer 60 and she is also the dam of the 7th best young bird WHZB. Click here for the full pedigree of 34 Doffer.

Miss Linn (NL10-1950867)

1st NPO Pithiviers 14,959 p.
5th NPO Gien 4,846 p.
16th NPO Chateauroux 5,282 p.
3rd Ace Pigeon WHZB 2012

Miss Linn is a half sister of 34 Doffer (they have the same sire). Her dam is an inbred Asdoffer 60. Click here for the pedigree of Miss Linn.


The 2014 racing season is near. His 15 breeding pairs and the best racing pigeons have bred about 70 young birds. Now is the time to race them and to try and select the cream of the crop, in the hope of finding a new champion or ace pigeon. We think his approach of pairing great pigeons to each other will make things a lot easier for him.