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Nico van Noordenne (Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NL) is successful with his Torero breed

Nico van Noordenne has had quite a few successes with his Torero breed. His best pigeons of the season once again originate from the line of Torero (NL01-5151021), a great racing pigeon and breeder.

Limited Edition

The best middle distance pigeon of this loft, bred from the Torero line, is Limited Edition NL12-1632066. This cock was first Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Entente in South Holland East and he was quite successful in the entente this season as well:

Pommeroeul       170 km      3/3,600
Sens             417 km     14/1,051
Nanteuil      	 332 km     23/3,470
Mantes La Jolie  383 km     16/1,278

This wonderful blue coloured cock was bred from No Limit NL09-1204107, one of the big stars of this loft. This cock was co-winner of the title of first National Loft Championship Middle Distance 2010, winning the following prizes:

Creil            Provincial 332 km    1/12,243 p.
Mantes-la-Jolie  Provincial 383 km    4/23,879 p.
Menen            Provincial 162 km    9/18,176 p.
Peronne          Provincial 249 km   30/15,911 p.
Creil 	         Entente    332 km    1/ 1,014 p.
Strombeek        Entente    107 km    1/   963 p.

The amazing breeding value of the Torero bloodline is illustrated by the fact that No Limit was bred from a full sister of Torero NL01-5151021. Several other references have shown that this breed performs very well in other lofts too, for instance in the loft of Mark van den Berg (Ijsselmuiden, NL). One of Mark’s best pigeons is Nicolette, a full sister of No Limit and winner of, for instance, a 3rd NPO Orléans against 15,1000 pigeons. She is also the dam of Nicole (of Henri van den Berg), the first pigeon for The Netherlands to be sent to the Nitra Olympiad in Cat. C (one day long distance) in 2013. Nicole is winner of a 4th Geel – 10,886 p, 5th NPO Orléans – 5,079 p, 12th NPO Orléans – 10,510 p, 18th Breuil-le-Vert – 3,344 p, 40th NPO Blois – 7,700 p, 48th NPO Tours – 2,956 p. and 64th NPO Bourges – 3,381 p. A half sister of No Limit (NL13-1252354) won a first prize from Peronne (250km) against 1,933 pigeons this season.                  

The dam of Limited Edition is Amazing Surprise NL10-1700776, winner of a 1st NPO Bourges against 10,490 pigeons (555km). She also won a third Mantes-la-Jolie against 3,121 pigeons, resulting in an 11th place in district 5 South Holland against 31,758 pigeons.

Click here for the pedigree of Limited Edition NL12-1632066.

Best young bird

The best young bird in the loft of Van Noordenne was without doubt Alonsita NL13-1252393, winning the first prize in the entente two weeks in a row:

Peronne      250 km    1 / 1,686 p.
Morlincourt  282 km    1 / 1,571 p.

The sire of this young hen is Alonso, which is in turn a son of the renowned Torero. The dam of Alonsita is Kassai’s Witje from top pigeon Kasai x Witje 975 of Ludo Claessens.

Alonso is the winner of, for instance, a 1st Provincial Creil against 13,852 pigeons and he is a great breeding bird. Click here for the pedigree of Alonsita NL13-1252393. One of the grandchildren of Alonso, the NL10-1756094, is currently Nico’s most successful racing pigeon:

Peronne 	250 km 	  1 / 2,049 p.
Peronne 	250 km    3 / 1,667 p.
Lille-Lesquin 	182 km    6 / 3,304 p.
Nijvel 		141 km    7 / 3,856 p.
Sens 		417 km   10 / 2,324 p.
Peronne 	250 km   10 / 2,180 p.

This great looking cock originates from a pure pigeon of Rinus van Gastel, paired to a daughter of Alsonso, which we just mentioned.

Good pigeons do not need a lot of training

The young birds are trained only once before the season, after which they are released one or two times with the club. Nico is not fond of training flights so there are no additional releases for the young birds. He accepts the risk of having a disappointing start to the season because of this approach. “I only care for top prizes and I think a good quality pigeon will automatically start winning prizes as the season progresses”, the grandmaster says. For Nico van Noordenne the only thing that matters is a collection of good quality pigeons winning first prizes!

The old birds are not trained often either. The widowers are taken away once before the season before being basketed for the races. They did not take part in the one day long distance and the after-season races.

Nico’s approach resulted in a third prize in the sprint in district 5 South Holland rayon East (according to the NPO results) and a 6th not nominated prize.

Torero and his descendants

To conclude we give you the results and the best descendants of Torero, first National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance and the best breeder of this loft. He has won for instance:

1st Prov. Pont-St.-Maxence against 24,402 pigeons
1st Hensies against 5,373 pigeons
1st Peronne against 464 pigeons
1st Pont St.Maxence against 289 pigeons

Click here for an overview of all the prizes that were won by youngsters and randchildren of Torero.
Keep in mind that these are all prizes without duplications!