Beute and Son (Wilhelminaoord, NL) excell with a 1st-2nd-4th from Hapert against 13,553 pigeons

Gert-Jan Beute achieved an excellent result on the weekend of 31 August, beating the entire district 11 of Friesland ’96. We give an overview of the past season.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. This tells the story of the pigeon family of Gert-Jan Beute. He has managed to gain a reputation in pigeon fancying, which deserves our respect. It seems as if the fanciers from Wilhelminaoord have more than 24 hours a day to work in their loft. Gert-Jan works in a gas station and he spends his free time in his pigeon loft: pigeon fancying is a passion for him. He has published three books and he was the subject of a few documentaries. He helps with the selection of pigeons all over the world: every single day he takes pigeons in his hand to give professional advice.
In 2008 he tried a different strategy in his own loft. Until then he had only been using pigeons that originated from the Janssen breed. He has now started pairing them with modern-day racing pigeons, for instance with pigeons from the breeding loft of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. He leaves nothing to chance in his loft and his pigeons are raced on double widowhood. The pigeons have two training flights of at least an hour per day during the season. A lot of attention goes to the feed of the pigeons as well and he uses the Beyers mixtures most of the time, as well as sweet seeds, hemp seeds and peanuts. In addition he uses the well known products of the Beute Company. 

The talkative fancier from Friesland impressed us with excellent results in 2013, for instance, by winning a first NPO from Sezanne earlier this season with his pigeon Firestone (NL12-1057924). He silenced the critics by taking a double win from Hapert on the last weekend of August, in a race against 15,553 pigeons.

We give you his best results of 2013 in ACG 8 of Friesland '96:

04/05/13 St. Truiden 2045 p. 3-4-9-16-27-39-41-57 etc. (27/55)
25/05/13 Sezanne      474 p. 1-6-7-9-11-16-18-25-34 etc. (25/30)
01/06/13 St. Quentin 1482 p. 2-3-8-9-10-11-18-20-22-25-32 etc.(31/40)
29/06/13 St. Quentin 1082 p. 2-4-5-6-7-11-13-21-28-31-36 etc. (31/40)
03/08/13 Gennep       312 p. 2-5-6-8-17-23-26-27-28-29-31 etc.(13/20)
31/08/13 Hapert      1502 p. 1-2-3-7-10-11-12-18-21-22 etc. (25/30)
08/09/13 Duffel      1281 p. 3-4-6-13-22-25-35-47-54-56 etc. (20/23)

We have taken a look at the strongest pigeons of the Beute pigeon family, based on their results from Hapert.

Dena (NL10-4223045)

This blue-coloured hen took the first prize for Gert-Jan. Dena is a sister of the First NPO Sezanne 2013 and she is a textbook example of a successful crossing. The sire is Tovenaar (NL09-1837122), a Heremans-Ceusters cock that was obtained via Eijerkamp. The dam is a granddaughter of Wondergirl 30, which has won three first prizes in the ACG competition. This hen brings us back to the old Beute bloodlines. Dena had already won a first prize from Hazeldonk against 2,102 pigeons and she won 11 top prizes this season. Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Dena.

Firestone (NL12-1057924): 1st NPO Sezanne / sister of Dena

Damon (NL10-4223036)

The second prize in the district was won by Damon, an excellent blue coloured cock that won 17 prizes in 17 races this season. He won the title of First Ace Pigeon Sprint and First Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in ACG 8. He has also won a first Isnes 3064 p, a 2nd Quievrain 12,179 p. and a 3rd Strombeek 10,322 pigeons in the entire district of Friesland ’96. Damon is an inbred pigeon of Olympiade (BE01-6455003), which brings us back to the Heremans pigeons. The grandfather of Damon is Jackpot (BE03-6192777), a son of Olympiade and an excellent breeder for Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. His grandmother Artemis (BE06-6149989) is a sister of Finette, which was an Olympiad Pigeon in Dortmund. Click here for the pedigree of Damon.

Daisy (NL10-4223012)

Another top class hen and winner of 14 prizes in 2013 is the successful Daisy. She is a twin sister with Dalia (NL10-4223013), winner of the title of First National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance TBOTB in 2011. The sire of Daisy is Vechtmachine (NL09-1652988), a great breeding pigeon of the new generation in Wilhelminaoord. Daisy is the dam of the 8th NPO Chateauroux in district Friesland ’96 when she was paired to Damon. Click here for the pedigree of Daisy.

Vechtmachine, sire of the golden twins


Gert-Jan is convinced about his theory on the selection of pigeons and it has helped him a lot. First of all he thinks a pigeon should have a perfect body and feathers and it should be in excellent health. He thinks good orientation and motivation are not enough to perform well in one day long distance races.  He uses a rating from 5 to 8.5 for his own pigeons and pigeons with a score of 8 or 8.5 are placed in the breeding or racing loft. He then pairs pigeons with an excellent eye with a grey-coloured full or ¾ full circle of adaptation around the pupil to pigeons with only a small circle of adaptation or no circle at all. He also likes to pair pigeons with white coloured eyes to pigeons with yellow coloured eyes.

A new basis

From 2014 Gert-Jan will only be using his pigeons from 2013 and 2014 and he will do everything to create a new basis for his pigeon breed. He told us he would like to make it to the top again but he knows this will not be an easy task. This is what he said in his diary: “On the other hand I have helped hundreds of fanciers with pairing pigeons and with improving their selection methods. So I tend to believe that I should be able to create a successful racing team by 2016. I think I can manage that.” We wish Gert-Jan all the best.