Ally Norbert - Aarsele

The name Norbert Ally, as veterinarian from the West Flanders’ municipality Aarsele, has gained trustworthiness with many of Flanders’ Long Distance pigeon fanciers and even far abroad his name is reputed. Norbert has himself proved for many consecutive seasons his worth as absolute star in milder one-day long distance competitions. The many acquired honorary titles in various championships and the multiple top prizes obtained on a national and provincial scale say enough. Competitions varying in distance from 600 to 700 km are his favorites. The fact that he scores particularly high in national long distance races is not surprising. Norbert has in fact a collection of real class pigeons. ‘Breeding is gold, racing silver’ is a maxim which certainly prevails on this first class loft of veterinarian Norbert Ally.

Dr Norbert Ally together with his son Stefan (26) who is also interested and who occasionally helps out during the weekends in the season : here they are returning home from the homage of November 12, 2005 Provincial Long Distance championship of ‘de Westvlaamse’ (West Flemish Kuurne)

1st Provincial champion Long Distance Youngsters,
3rd General Long Distance champion,
3 x 1st Provincial, Brive, Argenton, La Souterraine..,
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Yearlings

was a super year with as many as three provincial victories on Brive (665 km), Argenton (509 km) and La Souterraine (548 km). Argenton brought moreover a zonal triumph with “the Bordeaux”.

Norbert obtained in 2005 numerous honorary ranks in provincial championships. In the West-Flanders and Interprovincial championships, Norbert ranked as absolute champion with his Juniors, in both the free and payable championship (supercup Juniors). In the general provincial long distance championship ( Seniors + Yearlings + Juniors) a worthy third place was obtained.

Norbert was crowned provincial champion with the Yearlings on the more strenuous middle distance and long distance races in 2005. The “Schumi” aimed for the top. He triumphed with a sharp coefficient of 0.78% and promises herewith very high expectations for the future. With the Juniors Norbert was 3rd and 6th provincial champion on long distance.

In the long distance clubhouse “De Arend” in Rekkem Norbert also made it as champion long distance for Juniors, 3rd champion long distance Yearlings and 4th champion long distance Seniors.


Front view of the magnificent loft which was built with ytong interior wall, upstairs there are some
compartments for widowers and youngsters, the breeders are housing downstairs which is where
the aviaries are situated as well. There is a service corridor at the back of the lofts.

The cold exterior air enters via the service corridor and is not blowing directly onto the pigeons.
This implies that fluctuations in temperature are limited.
(also because of the relatively large loft capacity and large space in the roof).
The small wood fire below in the service corridor is lit sporadically in view to chasing away the cold humid air.

Interior view of the widowers' loft; notice the pea straw on the floor, the sliding panes upstairs and the
possibility to install a wind shield in the window next to the sputnik.

Championships and top prizes in 2004 and 2005

Fondclub Rekkem "De Arend" - 3rd Champion Long distance Old pigeons.
Championships "Westvlaamse" & Interprovincial".
6th General champion - 11th Champion Old pigeons.
Provincial ace pigeon 2th provincial ace pigeon Long distance Yearling with "De Witpen Roland".

7th national Bordeaux old. 519 p. "de Bordeaux"
7th national Brive II old. 7446 p. "de Brive II"
30th national Beziers yearlings 2075 p. "733/03"
45th national Brive old. 19477 p. "de Bleken"
4th provincial La Souterraine youngsters 1899 p. "710/04"
7th provincial Chateauroux yearlings 4930 p "Witpen Roland"
7th provincial Blois youngsters 4896 p. "674/04"
9th provincial Tours youngsters 1899 p. "778/04"
12th franco-belge Poitiers old. 3234 p. "710/01"
18, 25th provincial Bourges youngsters 6298 p. "758/04"

Fondclub Rekkem "De Arend"
1st Champion Youngsters
3rd champion Yearlings - 4th champion Old p.
Championships "Westvlaamse" & " interprovincial"
1st champion Youngsters
1st supercup Youngsters
3rd generel champion
Provincial ace pigeon
1st provincial ace pigeon yearlings middle long distance "Schumi"
3rd provincial ace pigeon long distance youngsters "Supergirl"
6th provincial ace pigeon long distance youngsters "Fannie"

1st provincial Brive old p. 3400 p. 16/20310 nat. "Nadal"
1st 4de provincial La Souterraine youngsters 1563 p. "10de nat"
1st zonal Argenton old p. 759 p. "de Bordeaux"
2nd provincial Limoges yearlings 4099 p. 17/17456 "Schumi"
2nd provincial Argenton yearlings 384 p."130/04"
2nd provincial Poitiers youngsters 1175 p. "836/05"
14th provincial Bourges yearlings 2043 p. "Dina"
22th, 30 provincial Argenton yearlings 5458 p. "Schumi,674/04"
24th, 28 provincial Chateauroux yearlings 7206 p. "Schumi"
19th provincial Blois youngsters 3300 p. "Supergirl"