Norbert De Schrijver (Balegem, BE) is supplier of top class racing birds for the Sun City Million Dollar Race South Africa

Norbert De Schrijver knows everything about delivering top quality pigeons. Other fanciers have been achieving top results with his breed as well, which clearly proves that his pigeon family is of excellent quality.

Norbert De Schrijver has been really fond of one loft races since 2005; he has taken part in these races very often, both in South Africa and in the United States. He belongs to a partnership with his friend Philippe Brantegem and they attend the finals every season as well. These finals are always worth the trip, given their excellent results there.
2004: Final Race 631 km - national results: 4th, 7th, 8th in Belgium and 110th, 157th & 158th against 2,016 pigeons at international level.
2008: Hot Spot 5 347 km - national results: 3rd, 4th in Belgium and 10th & 17th against 2,979 pigeons internationally.
2009: Ace Pigeon Title over all 24 races with a 4th national prize in Belgium and a 20th international against 4,249 pigeons (with Maarten). Finale rac 552 km: 4th and 6th in Belgium (with Maarten and Wouter) and 34th and 44th against 3,082 pigeons internationally.
2010: Final Race 559 km - 14th, 15th in Belgium (with Gentle bret and Whipsmart) and 81st and 84th against 3,155 pigeons internationally.
2013: Final Race 553 km - 1st and 37th in Belgium (with Spook 1 and Branto 5) and 35th and 571st against 2,793 pigeons internationally.

A breeding loft founded on Marcel Aelbrecht, Karel Meulemans, the late Rene Vandenheede, Gerard Koopman

Norbert started keeping pigeons on his own in 1980. At first he basketed his pigeons for the middle distance most of the time, before gradually switching to the extreme middle distance and the long distance. He saw a significant improvement in his breed and his results after purchasing a few descendants from some of the best breeders of Marcel Aelbrecht from Lebbeke. He purchased pigeons from the lines of the 548 and the Perpignan, which were then crossed with pigeons of Duchène-Scheirs (the Verbruggen bloodline) and Karel Meulemans (Arendonk). These crossings worked out really well with his existing breeding pairs as well, with descendants of ‘t Spook (from the line of Antigoon and ‘t Krijt from the Vandenheede family in Zingem). He obtained some top class pigeons from Gerard Koopman in Ermerveen as well.

The best hen in this loft is Monique (BE06-4368520), a 100% Marcel Aelbrecht hen: her sire is Perpignan (1st national Cahors) and the dam is a daughter of Limoges 043. She is the dam of Limoges (36th national Limoges 14,211 pigeons, 207th national Tulle 8,322 pigeons) and she is the dam of Whipsmart and Wouter, winners of a 44th and 84th prize in the final race of the Million Dollar Race South Africa. Click here for the pedigree of Monique. He did a joint breeding with Gerard Koopman (with pigeons from the line of Monique). The pigeon Star Crusader bred by Koopman achieved a 12th, 12th, 39th, 82nd and 124 prize in five races. To further improve his own pigeon breed Norbert also purchased Bullet, the First National Ace Pigeon in South Africa of Koopman. Alborada, an ace pigeon of 2009 of Janssens/Houben was obtained as well.

Quality over quantity

He has a lot of talent in his loft but he still tries to avoid having too many pigeons. The Belgian racing team is limited to 20 widowers (cocks and hens) and 50 young birds. He has 10 breeding boxes but only the very best youngsters can stay in the loft. His loft is well ventilated and quite roomy and the pigeons are taken care of in a basic but consistent method. The pigeons are treated against paramyxo, parathyphus and the pox.  Acid is added to the drinking water and there are regular tricho treatments. He adds vitamins, electrolytes, garlic and grape sugar to their drinking bowl as well. He uses the moulting mixture of Bonduelle throughout the year, sometimes in combination with green peas or a diet mixture. This simple approach has led to the following results:

Old birds
Poitiers       420 yearlings 4-38-59-66-76-83-89 (7/10)
La Soutteraine 244 yearlings 4-8-15-28-34 (5/8)
Chateauroux    554 yearlings 7-20-36-41-53….(10/15)
Brive          237 yearlings 2-45-65 (3/5)
Souillac       128 yearlings 7 (1/2)

Young birds
Issoudun       471 pigeons 10-15-17-21-84-101 (6/9)
La Soutteraine 324 pigeons 4-35-106 (3/6)

It appears that Norbert has a pigeon breed of excellent quality that allows him and other fanciers to win top prizes even at international level. This is the result of a carefully selected and composed pigeon family.