Van Eynde-Goovaerts (Putte, BE) winners of interprovincial yearlings' race and provincial old birds' race from Vierzon

The Van Eynde-Goovaerts partnership has had a great weekend. They won an interprovincial first prize from Vierzon against 2,900 yearlings, as well as a double provincial victory in the province of Antwerp against 1,827 old birds and 1,253 yearlings respectively. They have achieved a 100% prize percentage!

Bad weather was predicted over the weekend but the weather turned out to be fairly good. The provincial winners of Van Eynde-Goovaerts had a velocity of 1228 m/min and 1198 m/min respectively. All old birds arrived home within an hour; the yearlings finished within one and a half hour. It proved quite a smooth race.

We present you the duo

Marc Van Eynde from Putte and Joseph Goovaerts from Rijmenam have been in this successful team for twenty years. This partnership allows the two fanciers to combine their job and their hobby. Joseph raced in the sprint races under the name of Goovaerts-Van Eynde, until they decided to sell all their sprint pigeons in 2008, simply because there were not enough sprint races in the neighborhood. When the partnership proved to be too strong they were sometimes expelled from the races and they were not being encouraged to race. That is why all breeding pigeons were moved to the lofts of Joseph in 2008, while the lofts of Marc were solely used for racing pigeons. Their main goal was now the short and the middle distance. They currently have 22 widowers (19 yearlings and three old birds) and 28 racing hens (11 old birds and 17 yearlings). They used to race with their hens only, due to lack of time. Two years ago they decided to use widowers again. “We noticed that hens are perfectly suited for the extreme long distance. For the one day long distance however it might be a better idea to use cocks”, says Marc.

Joseph Goovaerts (left) and Marc Van Eynde excelled in the race from Vierzon

Miss Vierzon

Miss Vierzon, BE12-6225820 is the interprovincial winner from Vierzon against 2,900 yearlings. Miss Vierzon deserves the name of top class pigeon. She took part in two national races as a young bird; these are the results:

152/33524 Bourges nationally  
245/25949 Argenton nationally 

She won many prizes as a youngster, including eight prizes per ten. Her interprovinical victory from Vierzon is a logical next step for her!

Miss Vierzon

The sire is a direct Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeon and a grandson of Gaston's top class breeder Kaasboer. Beauty Gaston, BE07-6385731, developed into an excellent breeding pigeon in the lofts of Van Eynde-Goovaerts. He is the sire of, for instance

1/2900 Vierzon interprov.
2/2564 Vierzon prov.
4/6659 Vierzon interprov.
9/7806 La Chatre nat. zone B
47/8624 Argentonn nat. zone B
80/12532 Bourges nat. zone B
103/17017 La Souterraien nat.

The dam of Miss Vierzon comes from the loft of Jos Maris from Itegem. She is a granddaughter of Goldwing, a nest brother of Den 500. This is a great pigeon of Johan De Belser from Berlaar. Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Miss Vierzon.

Mr. Vierzon

The provincial winner in the old birds' race is Mr. Vierzon BE11-6262292. His victory was not a surprise. He has already won ten prizes per ten, including a 29th prov. Salbris, 144th prov. Argenton, 173rd prov. Montlucon, 218th prov. Montlucon, etc. He has won the following prizes this season:

62/397 Quiévrain
14/348 Laon
8/152 Soissons
25/463 Melun
1/1827 Vierzon provincial

Mister Vierzon

The achievements of this pigeon are not surprising when you consider the bird's origins. Mr. Vierzon is a 100% Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeon and an inbred of Gaston's world famous breeder Kaasboer. The sire is a brother of Kim, the first Nat. Gueret. Their grandfather is that same Kaasboer.

The dam is also a granddaughter of Kaasboer and she originates from the lines of LBJ Geerinckx and Fieneke 5000 of the late Flor Vervoort. Click here for the pedigree of Mr. Vierzon.

The other pigeons in the team of Marc and Joseph have had some excellent results from Vierzon as well. They achieved a 6/6 both in the yearlings' and the old birds' category, as well as 9 out of 12 prizes per ten:

1827 old birds: 1-3-68-103-105-176 (6/6)
1253 yearlings: 1-32-37-59-131-271 (6/6)