New auctions online: Charity Auction New York, Jos Vercammen, Rene Geladi, Snellen & Son, March Auction I and Pieter Veenstra

On Tuesday the 26th of February six auctions started which will end on the 9th and 10th of March. We would like to present them to you.

Charity Auction: New York hurricane "Sandy"

In this New York Charity auction PIPA thinks about the consequences of hurricane Sandy for the population of New York … together with PIPA-agent USA & Canada Andy Larentzakis, the idea rose of organising an auction where all income is donated to the Hurrican Sandy funds … PIPA, Andy, the photographers and text writers all corporate for free; Andy approached 8 fanciers to donate a special pigeon and none of the eight hesitated one second … it resulted in a small but very valuable auction.

Jos Vercammen (BE): 40 yb from the best breeders (with DNA!)

A household word in pigeons is that of Jos and his son Lars Vercammen from Vremde. Where champions and families of pigeons came and went, Vercammen has been at the top of Belgian pigeon sport for decades already and their pigeons were extremely successful for many fanciers worldwide. 2012 was again supreme for Jos and Lars, with several provincial sieges and many top 10 provincial positions. Very exclusive is their offer of a round of youngsters for the first time, all from their best and DNA guaranteed.

Rene Geladi (BE): Pros Roosen collection

René Geladi was one of the best friends of Pros Roosen and he visited him every day. Pros visited the lofts of René regularly as well to have a look at his pigeons and to examine them. That is because René’s loft was the second breeding loft for Pros. The eggs of nearly all breeding pairs from Pros were given to René to be brooded. After weaning, the birds were moved to the loft of Pros again. Countless outstanding pigeons were born in the loft of René Geladi, including the famous SUPERCRACK 327 (National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB) of Pros Roosen, the SUPER-36 of Rik Custers, the LIMOGESKE (the dam of a first National) of Pros Roosen, the VIEUX PROS (stock sire for Thibaut-Boons) and many more. In addition they regularly selected a group of late youngsters off the best breeding pairs of Pros in the loft of René as a reserve. Pros only wanted the best of the best in his loft. The death of Pros in 2010 brought a sudden end to a close friendship that lasted over 50 years. René turns 78 this year and the maintenance of his pigeons becomes increasingly difficult for him. He would like to continue as a fancier but with a smaller team of birds. That is why René decided to sell his Pros pigeons. This auction consists of direct children of CHATEAUROUX, TARZAN, FLITS and FREDDY. These are the four pillars on which the Roosen pigeon family was established during the last decade. This family impressively dominated the middle distance worldwide.

Snellen & Son: all the best racers

The trio consisting of Wim L’Or, Netty Snellen and Kees L’Or is surely a top sensation in Dutch one day racing. Many massive wins, acebirds, etc. are mostly thanks to a breeding pair of unique class … a pair based on golden bloodlines from Bosua and Koopman, from their star breeders ‘Kleine Figo’ and ‘Den Dromer’. All their best racers are sold on PIPA, including 1. NPO winner ‘Ferdi’ and sisters and brothers to this phenomenon.

March Auction 1

The International pigeon top offers a selection of high class in the March 1 auction … Youngsters from their best breeders are offered by Johan De Belser, Gevaert-Lannoo, Daniel Poussart, Rens van de Zijde and Bart Verdeyen … Adrien De Munter brings 3 different 1st prize winners … Philippe Dobbelaere offers a daughter to super hen ‘Brigitte’… Polish toppers Piotr Ebelewicz and Wieslaw Kurek offer great breeding- and racing pigeons … Geert Declercq brings a daughter to ‘Cor’ x ‘Perpignan Lady’ Meirlaen in auction … Eddy and Maarten Leutenez offer National top racers … top performers are sold by Bert Penne and Sonia Van De Maelen … Ron van Noort offers 2 different NPO winners and Cees Schroevers provincial toppers from his golden strain … last but not least 8 super pigeons of David Vermassen, with top ace ‘Game Boy’ as unique offer. An auction therefore of the highest class.

Pieter Veenstra (NL): 40 birds from the best breeders

Still record holder as most expensive pigeon auction in the world is that of Pieter Veenstra … with some pigeons sold in bis, still the founding cock ‘Mr. Blue’ and his super daughter ‘Special Blue’ form the head of the breeding colony. Late breds from all the former super performers complete the new breeding colony that forms the base for a new era of success, with a.o. a 1st NPO again in the 2012 season. From those late breds 2011 Pieter Veenstra selected a unique group of birds for sale now, in combination with some birds bred early in 2012.