A PIPA delegation is sometimes invited to attend an event abroad or sometimes pays a visit to fanciers from other countries than Belgium. A report on each visit is published here.


(08/07/2009) Round Trip in China...Every nice story has an ending [LAST UPDATE]

In June/July 2009 Luna and myself make a round trip in China. We try to visit as many as possible customers from PiPa. Of course with a limited time schedule and such a huge country like China, it is impossible to visit all of them. But this trip is such a great succes, so it will be repeated in the future. And then we can visit another group of customers. It is amazing to see that in such a ...

(21/04/2009) Derby Arona Tenerife One loft race 2009

Last weekend the International One Loft Race Derby Arona in Tenerife was on the programme for the 4th time. This 4th edition also saw an exponential growth in the number of enrolments for the 4th time in a row. In Tenerife, Jose Ledesma, founder of this One Loft Race, gave us a personal account of his successful project.