A PIPA delegation is sometimes invited to attend an event abroad or sometimes pays a visit to fanciers from other countries than Belgium. A report on each visit is published here.


(16/11/2010) PIPA visits China again!

On the 11th of November, a PIPA delegation embarked on its journey to China. Minna Yi ( COO PIPA ) and Thomas Van Cauwenberghe ( President of the board ) left together with Miss Sarah Jung ( SG Jung-Jupid ) for a short trip to China where they would visit the Lang Fang Pigeon Exhibition, the Gala-evening and final of the One Loft Race of Sissi, a visit to the final of the the One Loft Race of ...

(04/11/2010) PIPA visits Morocco - November 2010

In 2010 PIPA was invited to Morocco by the Casablanca pigeon federation. The date of invitation did not fit us well, so nobody from PIPA was able to make it.

(04/10/2010) Trip to Germany - PiPa at visit by some of the best fanciers in Germany !

At the end of august PiPa was at visit by some of the best fanciers in Germany.

(30/09/2010) PIPA IT-team visits DrupalCon in Copenhagen

The Pipa-IT-team joined the 4 day Drupal conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) to hear about new web-initiatives, tips and tricks, and to meet other web developers.

(19/06/2010) PiPa trip to China - All pictures + text online

PiPa visits China - June 2009. Nikolaas (CEO/Founder PiPa) Thomas Van Cauwenberghe(President of the board PiPa) and Luna Lai (responsible for China & Taiwan market PiPa) of the PiPa-Team are going to spend the next 2 weeks travelling all over China. Also top pigeon fancier Marcel Sangers from The Netherlands is joining. Today, 6th of June we arrived Beijing...

(09/06/2010) Trip to Russia - Pigeonsport in Moscow

Russia is located in Northern Asia (the area west of the Urals is considered part of Europe), bordering the Arctic Ocean, between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean .Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area (total: 17,098,242 sq km) yet despite its size, much of the country lacks proper soils and climates (either too cold or too dry) for agriculture.

(18/05/2010) Trip to APC LOFT ~ George & Jennifer Rankin - Top racers in Houston, Texas - USA

We all remember the total sale of Kees Bosua, a few years ago in the Netherlands. Well, the best breeder from this auction "Kleine Figo" was sold to APC LOFT , it's the wife Jennifer who asked Belgian friend Jos Thoné to purchase it as a 2008 Christmas gift to the husband George! Nikolaas, founder of PiPa, had the honour to visit George & Jennifer Rankin's loft in May 2010 in Houston, Texas.

(21/03/2010) Derby Arona - Tenerife - 2010 - Update pictures 2nd day after liberation

Today 20th of March, the pigeons of the Derby Arona race in Tenerife are liberated in Fuerteventura at 8h10 am on a distance of approximately 300 kms.

(29/07/2009) Italian Pigeon Sport - Trip to Rocco Toscani in Tuscany - July 2009

In July 2009 we had the honour to visit Rocco Toscani in Italy. I didn't know it before I visited Rocco, but it seems he belongs to one of the most famous families in Italy! Text to the pictures will be added as soon as possible. Nikolaas Gyselbrecht

(08/07/2009) Round Trip in China...Every nice story has an ending [LAST UPDATE]

In June/July 2009 Luna and myself make a round trip in China. We try to visit as many as possible customers from PiPa. Of course with a limited time schedule and such a huge country like China, it is impossible to visit all of them. But this trip is such a great succes, so it will be repeated in the future. And then we can visit another group of customers. It is amazing to see that in such a ...