PIPA Events

(21/02/2012) Sizzling party evening from PIPA and Het Duivenblad

Not only was the Fugare exhibition a bestseller, but also the party evening from ‘PiPa’ and ‘Het Duivenblad’ which took place on Saturday evening directly after the exhibition in the Xpo-rooms in Kortrijk was a real topper!

(23/10/2011) Videos public auction Pros Roosen

During the Pros Roosen auction on January 8 and 9, a lot of footage was shot, which was used for making a three-part video on Pros Roosen and the public auction. Part 1 is an interview with Pros Roosen himself, part 2 contains the interviews conducted before the start of the auction, and part 3 reflects the atmosphere at the auction.

(17/01/2011) Public auction Pros Roosen - pictures day 2

The pictures from the second auctionday of the Pros Roosen collection

(12/01/2011) Public auction Pros Roosen - pictures day 1

The pictures from the first auctionday of the Pros Roosen collection

(24/12/2010) PIPA & Duivenblad Party 2010 - Pictures

The PIPA and Duivenblad Party 2010 was a great succes. The unique location in Brussels created a wonderful athmosphere for celebrating a wonderful 2010 in pigeon sports.

(22/12/2010) Public auction Jos Thoné - pictures

We took a lot of pictures on the public auction of Jos Thoné, in Thorn (NL). Enjoy once again this great day in pigeon sports history.

(23/12/2009) PiPa & Duivenblad party '09

Salons ‘Waerboom’ burst at the seams: ‘PiPa’ and ‘Het Duivenblad’ provided an exciting afternoon party

(09/12/2009) Erik Limbourg - public auction photo report

Pictures Public Auction Erik Limbourg 5th and 6th December, a historic sale with a total turnover of over 1,250,000 euro !

(26/10/2009) Van Houten - Public auction - Full photo report 150 photo's... See it here.

Public sale of the 1st international Barcelona 2009 Nellie through the brothers Wim & Martin Van Houten, organised by PiPa. The auction was an overwhelming success with an average of 2775 euro ( incl. tax ) per pigeon ! And once again a perfect organization led to an enthusiastic audience...

(20/05/2009) Total auction Frans Sablon

The total auction of Frans Sablon was held in February 2009 and organised by PiPa. It was a great auction with high prices, but not only the prices were high, also the atmosphere was excellent.