RPRA allows continental entries into its one loft race for the first time

For the first time in history, fanciers from the European mainland will be able to participate in the one loft race of the (UK) Royal Pigeon Racing Association. The organisation has 100 spaces available. Fanciers from the European mainland can enter up to and including 7 December. After that date, the remaining spaces will be offered to UK entrants on the reserve list.

For more information, please check out this flyer or visit the RPRA Southern One Loft Race website.

RPRA Southern One Loft Race lofts


Why is the RPRA membership necessary (extra fee payable) for European/Non EU fanciers who might be interested to take part in this One Loft race? Where as, in the rest of the world, participants only pay for the One Loft entry fee for their pigeon entered without the need to take additional membership at an extra cost as the participants would not be racing in UK in their own names (all pigeons are automatically transferred to RPRA when they are first submitted as race entries).

Can someone explain please?