Bourges I 2020

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  • Categorías: Palomas Adultas, Yearlings
  • Fecha de enceste: 25/06/2020
  • Fecha de suelta: 27/06/2020

National and zonal results online

Campeón Nacional Belgium Yearlings: Bonte Dirk (Rijmenam)

El Campeón Nacional Belgium from Bourges I 2020 en la categoria "Yearlings" es Bonte Dirk (Rijmenam).
La paloma fue comprobada el sábado a 14:22 CEST despues de una carrera de 465.11 km, consiguiendo una velocidad media de 1805.47 m/min.

National winner old pigeons: Jan Moors (Zonhoven)

The National winner Belgium from Bourges I in the category "old birds" is Jan Moors (Zonhoven).
The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 14:28:00 CEST after a race of 485.64 km, achieving an average velocity of 1846,54 m/min.

Pedigree father
Pedigree mother

First pigeon has arrived

The first arrival has just been added on the KBDB-Online website.

Soltadas a 12:00 CEST

Weather conditions during liberation: high clouds, south-southwest wind, good visibility.

Number of pigeons

45,697 (23,191 old birds & 22,506 yearlings) pigeons have been basketed for Bourges I, the first national race of this season. Last year, 41,989 birds were basketed.

Mapas del Tiempo

Weather expectations: rather cloudy, showers, southwest wind, strong wind.