Resultados provinciales 2014: PE Limburg

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FechaLugar de sueltaCampeonReportaje
07/09/2014Guéret II (Palomas Adultas)Loockx Guido
07/09/2014Guéret II (Pichones)Schots Modest
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Palomas Adultas)Vanoppen-Luyten
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Pichones)Bosmans-Leekens Bosmans-Leekens (Beverlo, BE) claim national first prize yearlings from Châteauroux with Miss Limburg
23/08/2014Tours (Palomas Adultas)Das Jos
23/08/2014Tours (Pichones)Caenen Hubert
16/08/2014Argenton II (Pichones)Ryks Kristine Ryks Kristine (Donk, BE) wins 1st national Argenton against 27,267 young birds
16/08/2014Argenton II (Palomas Adultas)Buvens Roger
16/08/2014Argenton II (Yearlings)Vanoppen-Luyten
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Yearlings)Bosmans-Leekens Bosmans-Leekens (Beverlo, BE) claim national first prize yearlings from Châteauroux with Miss Limburg
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Palomas Adultas)Janssens Johny
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Pichones)Serre Rudi
02/08/2014Bourges II (Yearlings)Vanoppen-Luyten
02/08/2014Bourges II (Pichones)Herbots Kobe & Kato
02/08/2014Bourges II (Palomas Adultas)Stockmans Rudi
01/08/2014Perpignan (Palomas Adultas)Willems-Eijerkamp
01/08/2014Tulle (Palomas Adultas)Cams Cyriel
01/08/2014Tulle (Yearlings)Bollen Marc
27/07/2014Jarnac (Palomas Adultas)Lindekens Jean
27/07/2014Jarnac (Yearlings)Dirckx Theo
26/07/2014Narbonne (Palomas Adultas)Peeters Norbert & Vital
26/07/2014Narbonne (Yearlings)Herbots Luc
19/07/2014Gien Autovlucht (Yearlings)Serre-Laporte
19/07/2014Gien Autovlucht (Palomas Adultas)Vanmeert Roger & Koen
19/07/2014Gien Autovlucht (Pichones)Alaerts Jonah & Noah
19/07/2014Gien Autovlucht Derby (Pichones)Alaerts Jonah & Noah
18/07/2014Brive (Palomas Adultas)Jorissen Cyriel
18/07/2014Brive (Yearlings)Cams Cyriel
18/07/2014Marseille (Palomas Adultas)Morren Rudy
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Palomas Adultas)Buvens Roger
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Yearlings)Thijs-Peters
12/07/2014Libourne (Palomas Adultas)Mortelmans Ludo
12/07/2014Libourne (Yearlings)Wouters Ronny-Domien
12/07/2014St.-Vincent (Palomas Adultas)Vuerstaeck Gebroeders
05/07/2014Argenton I (Palomas Adultas)Saatdüzen Saban
05/07/2014Argenton I (Yearlings)Kempeneers Pierre
05/07/2014Barcelona (Palomas Adultas)Nouwen – Paesen & zoon
05/07/2014Limoges II (Palomas Adultas)Cams Cyriel
05/07/2014Limoges II (Yearlings)Vanbrabant Gerard
05/07/2014St.-Vincent (Yearlings)Didden N & E
30/06/2014Gien (Palomas Adultas)Vrancken Sandra & Willy
30/06/2014Gien (Yearlings)Vrancken Sandra & Willy
30/06/2014Guéret I (Palomas Adultas)Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae
30/06/2014Guéret I (Yearlings)Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae
30/06/2014Montélimar (Palomas Adultas)Milissen Michel
27/06/2014Agen (Palomas Adultas)Van Briel Yves
27/06/2014Agen (Yearlings)Aussems Richard
21/06/2014Gien (Yearlings)Bosmans-Leekens
21/06/2014Gien (Palomas Adultas)Van Meeuwen Piet
21/06/2014Montauban (Palomas Adultas)Thoné Xavier & Maxim
21/06/2014Montluçon (Yearlings)Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae Tandem Verreckt-Rutte-Deplae (Tessenderlo, BE) wint 1e provinciaal Châteauroux
21/06/2014Montluçon (Palomas Adultas)Van Hertem-Schuurmans
20/06/2014Pau (Palomas Adultas)Witters Jaak
14/06/2014Cahors (Palomas Adultas)Plevoets R&L
14/06/2014Poitiers (Palomas Adultas)Thoné Jos Jos Thone (Niel-bij-As, BE) excels in race from Poitiers and takes a zonal win in Zone C2 both with the old birds and the yearlings
14/06/2014Poitiers (Yearlings)Veulemans-Persoons
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Palomas Adultas)Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae Tandem Verreckt-Rutte-Deplae (Tessenderlo, BE) wint 1e provinciaal Châteauroux
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Platteeuw-Noels
07/06/2014Valence (Palomas Adultas)Vanbrabant Gerard Gerard Vanbrabant (Nieuwerkerken, BE) is the proud national winner of Valence old birds
31/05/2014Bourges I (Yearlings)Vanwezemael Paul
31/05/2014Bourges I (Palomas Adultas)Stockmans Ivan
31/05/2014Limoges I (Palomas Adultas)Plevoets R&L
24/05/2014Gien (Palomas Adultas)Mignolet René
24/05/2014Gien (Yearlings)Dierckx-Dams
17/05/2014Gien (Palomas Adultas)Rego Daan
17/05/2014Gien (Yearlings)Engelbos Johan