ZLU boss Eddy Hoedemakers (Geleen, NL) wins 1st International Marseille 2011

With more than fifty year’s pigeon experience of which 35 years (!) at governingboard level we have Eddy Hoedemakers from Geleen. But the ZLU-president also leads an exceptional stock of long distance racers which have earned an unearned peak by winning the 1st International Marseille …

Eddy Hoedemakers … tried and tested in the national pigeon sport and then especially with his beloved long distance races at ZLU-level. His absolute speciality since the middle of the eighties in which a group of 30 o.b. and 19 yl widowers have given him national glory more than once. The basis couple was also formed then; a cock from Th. Crommentuyn out 1984 (75% Van der Wegen and a hen directly from Antoon and Lucy van der Wegen out 1988. Descendants of this couple were the best by far in Eddy’s loft. Whatever he tried, he couldn’t find any better. Logical conclusion that the Limburg long distance matador decided to purely reinforce his colony with pigeons out the same lines.

The victory from Marseille, won by the NL09-1546403 ‘Rhone Boy’, is then also a result of Eddy Hoedemaker’s very strong Van der Wegen basis. Wherefrom the famous ‘006’ is now the absolute stock father. For the initiated a cock which needs no further introduction; for the uninitiated … ‘The 006’ won 17 prizes from 17 races in the grand distance – with a.o. 1st prov. / 8th Nat. St. Vincent and 2nd prov. / 14th Nat. Soustons – and was crowned 1st Nat. Ace bird over 5 years in the National Fondspiegel. Not surprising – this ‘006’ comes directly out the proven basis couple from Eddy Hoedemakers.

Back then to ‘Rhone Boy’, a late from 2009 which in 2010 was trained in five ‘in-between races’ and saw ‘the real basket’ for the first time from Sens (360 km) … with a nest. 2011 was his first year in widowhood. He was given for lorry money up to 450 km and his first real test was from Bordeaux. After the prizes, but returning home fresh and so given a second chance to show what he was worth from Marseille. Liberated at 7h00 and surprising his master by arriving home with the ‘Cahors-team’ (the yearlings which were being tested from Cahors) whilst Eddy was busy in a different loft. His ‘trumpet-clank’ caught Eddy’s attention and so he was able to clock him at 20h26. They only had a minute to win 1st International against 10.606 pigeons in a result which was not really dominated by any one country. 

The blue winner stems from a son of ‘The 006’ x a hen from Jan van der Veeke … mother comes out a Van der Veken cock (son 1st Ace bird ZLU 2004) x a direct Van der Wegen hen. A full sister of ‘Rhone Boy’s mother bred another topper, namely NL07-1028214. In 2011 winner of 95th Nat. Barcelona and in the two previous years also the 10th Nat. Barcelona and 171st Nat. Barcelona – a very emphatic candidate then for the title Golden Barcelona pigeon 2011 (his fther is also a son of ‘The 006’). 

The secret of the success in Geleen? A strong stock of pigoens. And racing with discretion, because Eddy makes sure that his yearlings aren’t tested too hard. A race of 800-900 km is no problem, but not if head wind and warm weather have been predicted. After this they have have to perform to be allowed to stay and that’s how you breed a stock of very strong pigeons. It sounds simple, but not many can do it. Eddy Hoedemakers managed not only to lead the ZLU organisation with skill and conviction, he also managed to organise his racing team in such a way that they are capable of top performances. Homage then for the Chairman – a victory has rarely been more deserved!   



Beste Eddy,

Nogmaals van harte gefeliciteerd met deze Internationale zege !! Chapeau !!

Groetjes Frederik

Ook ik ben wild van de van de Wegen duiven Eddy !
Topprestatie !!!

Ook ik ben wild van de van de Wegen duiven Eddy !
Topprestatie !!!