Verreckt-Ariën, Tessenderlo sees marvellous start to the season crowned with provincial victory from Limoges

The ‘National champion’ KBDB 2010 in the ‘grand middle distance’, the tandem Verreckt-Ariën…appeared at the beginning of this season to continue their momentum in the grand middle distance and short long distance.

It was clear in the first few weeks of the provincial and national racing calendar that Agy & Pascal were already planning to defend their title in 2011. The first races left no doubt, and immediately gave them a first ‘top success’ from Limoges, where ‘provincial victory’ was booked… and this in the well-known very tough conditions, where the Verreckt-Ariën pigeons were given extra kilometres on the counter there in the north-west of our country! Let us take a look at the naked figures for proof: 

04/6 Limoges  club 345 o.b.: 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-37-67-69-70-78-81 (13/30 per 4) Provincial 1.508 o.b.: 1-3-9-14-15-17-21-131… National 19.369 o.b.: 22… (according to the first forecast)

04/6 Chateauroux Club  340 o.b.: 1-2-7-9-11-16-24-42-70-83 (10/15) Provincial 2.359 o.b.: 9-10-50-55-81-118-158… Or 7 per 10 from the 15 nominated!

04/6 Chateauroux Club  397 yl: 1-2-3-4-6-9-11-15-20-21-26-30-40-43-44 etc… (20/55) Provincial 1.963 yl: 14-15-26-31-34-44-50-61-99-100-120-142-193… 

Or 13/55 per 10 (preliminary forecast per 10 )

28/5 Bourges 500 o.b.:

And 31/41 o.b .

‘Being there’ when you’re expected to be there… it is specific to real ‘toppers’, in whichever sport. Last weekend the racing conditions were also of a kind, so that mother nature could separate the ‘corn’ from the ‘chaff’… ‘quality’ floats to the top all by itself. When the wind is straight on the nose there is no excuses… it is a question of keeping up or falling behind… Chateauroux and Limoges this weekend were comparable to a tough mountain climb in the ‘Tour de France’, one ending with a magnificent climb!

It was the ‘top athlete’, the ‘Frans’, not just any old pigeon… but a real ‘crack’, who realized the ‘triumph’ (a week previously he also won 114° Prov Bourges 3.541 o.b.), and immediately gave the Verreckt-Ariën colony ‘provincial victory’ from Limoges.  A clapper with ‘power’ in the wings, that was evident in his powerful honours list which he has flapped together up to present: 

-The ‘Frans’ B08-5000505

 1° Prov Limoges           1.508 p.
 2° Prov Chateauroux       2.018 p.
 2° Nat Zone C Chateauroux 5.993 p.
 4° Prov Argenton            865 p.
14° Nat Zone C Argenton    2.719 p.
 8° Prov Bourges           2.181 p.
10° Prov Blois             1.111 p.
 9° Prov Montluçon         2.649 p. 

A provincial victory waiting to happen…  a logical conclusion when we look at his honours list, and when we also include his pedigree, honesty commands us to say… this is no coincidence: 

Father: ‘Den As 415’ B04-6162415

Self Ace bird middle distance ’10-verbond’ in 2006, with a cartload of top prizes to his name… as son of the ‘Blue breeder 810/02’ x ‘Dikke Duivin 993/03’ 

Mother: ‘Full Sister Milan’ B03-5063325

Self winner 4° Prov Souilac, and granddaughter of the ‘stock couple’ Verreckt-Ariën ‘Dikke Lowet 247/97’ x ‘Lang Lowet 255/97’ via their son ‘Den Argenton 883/99’ (self winner 5° S-Nat Argenton 9.300 p…. but moreover father of Milan: 1° Prov Bourges 1.982 p., Gina: 1° Prov Gien 5.800 p., Yoran: 3° Prov Aurillac 1.091 p., Sister Milan: 4° Prov Souillac… talk about a ‘breeding talent’!) x ‘Patricia 778/00 (super breeding mother and mother of no less than 4 x 1° Provincial winners with 1° Prov Bourges 2.300 p., 1° Prov Gien 5.800 p., 1° Prov Chateauroux 2.400 p., 2° Nat Argenton 5.001 p., 3° Nat Limoges 7.500 p.). 

This ‘Frans’ was clearly given a special gift by Mother Nature, and he knew how to develop it and exploit it to its full potential… a chap with real ‘winners blood’ flowing through the veins! Consider him as a ‘prototype’ of the modern Verreckt-Ariën pigeon!

Because at the Schoterheide in Tessenderlo there is a great deal of upcoming talent… not only by the current racing team of old pigeons, but also by the youngsters who seem to have picked up the rhythm right from the start, with 

Momignies 1.777 youngsters : 
Momignies 1.248 youngster s:
1-2-3-17-55-66-73-76-78-97… (26/68)

Verreckt-Ariën straight into a starring role? That’s the least we can say… with such performances in mind. Performances which they hope to add over the next few weeks! Agy & Pascal are clearly ready… we would like to congratulate them with this first ‘banger’ of this 2011 sport season! 

The loft of 'chaos', as Pascal so nicely describes the 'total widowhood' by the Verreckt-Ariên household! 


Proficiat Aggy en Pascal,doe zo verder maar laat in zone C binnenkort ook iets voor mij.Grtj Theo en Mia.

Hoi Aggy en Pascal
Proficiat met jullie overwinning


Hub Kovacs Spaubeek

Mooie uitslagen,

Proficiat. Maar jullie superkweker de sjef op de stamkaart heeft hij nu ringnummer
96-6030759 of 96-6039759???
Of zijn dit verschillende duiven????

Groeten Arend

Hallo Aggy en Pascal,

proficiat met jullie 1e provinciale overwinning van 2011 en laten er nog velen volgen,


Huub Hermans, Born

Van harte gefeliciteerd weer ! Super gedaan, op naar de volgende.

De fles Bubbels heb ik reeds in huis.....

Congratiulations Wink

Het fantastische goed uitgevoerd Vliegen



Tanyong China