Vandersmissen Serge wins International St. Vincent yearlings!

With only 1 pigeon basketted,he achieves the most beautiful triumph of his career!

Serge Vandersmissen - Paifve



On Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock the 8.628 St.Vincent racers were given their freedom. There were more than 7.400 Belgian pigeons and roughly 1.200 French pigeons in the competition. This is once again a good increase for Cureghem, because it is an increase in the number of pigeons in this international St. Vincent for the 3rd year in a row. It was to be a race with an abnormally slow course whereby on the evening of the day after liberation many places didn't even have 10 percent of the pigeons home.
The organisation gave the information that between 800 and 900 pigeons had returned home on Saturday evening, which indeed means +-10%... The first pigeon manages 975 m/m and only 5 pigeons manage the 900m/m boundary, in total 80 pigeons manage the 800 m/m boundary… Together with Montelimar national and Marseille international one of the toughest races of the season…
The reason for this slow course was without doubt the area of rain that the pigeons had to face starting from the region between Ruffec and Poitiers. An area of 200-300 km with rain that gradually turned towards Belgium, and that still affected the pigeons in the morning in the north of France, far from ideal circumstances. St. Vincent International 2008 was clearly not a race for 'softies'…

The winning hen from Serge Vandersmissen was his only pigeon in the competition. At the end of each year Serge selects 2 hens from the youngsters that he will race as yearlings. In principle the hens are not actually raced, with the exception of a couple. In earlier Long Distance races this season she has already won prizes from Bordeaux and Jarnac. As specific preparation for St. Vincent she was taken to a distance of 30 km on the Tuesday afternoon, this then being the day of basketting. When she came home she was allowed to stay with her cock for one and a half hours. A motivation which has clearly borne its fruit…

Pedigree Father Click here - Pedigree Mother : Click here

In 2005 Serge reinforced himself for the Long Distance races with a few Schroeder pigeons.
They were then late youngsters and there was hardly anything bred from them in 2006.
2007 was then the first real breeding year for these obtained pigeons, so a first analysis can only be made after 2008, but the result is of course already clear because both father and mother of the winning pigeon are bred by Schroeder.
The father of the winning hen is bred from a crossing from Adam Gerard (winner National Montelimar 2007) X Georges Bolle X Hubert Jongen (national winner Pau the Netherlands 2008). All proven pedigrees…
The mother also comes for the majority out the lines of Bolle X Adam Gerard. Just like for the majority of the St. Vincent participants, it was also a long wait for the Vandersmissen household.
"With St. Vincent you always have the chance of night racers, so if a pigeon did manage to come through, it would be a shame to miss it. Your site was checked regularly for notifications, at the time that the pigeon arrived home there were only a handful of pigeons reported, and they were all from much shorter distances, a minimum of 50 km shorter. I knew straight away that I had a very early pigeon! Then it is a very long afternoon waiting in tension and even though some time later no other faster pigeon had been reported anywhere, I didn't dare consider the possibility of a victory. Only when I was officially notified was I 100% sure."

Every year 80 youngsters are raised here in Paifve, which later results in a team of 30 widowers (yearlings + old). The focus chiefly lies for Serge in the One-day Long Distance races so as Narbonne, Montelimar, Orange, Bordeaux, … But in the future he would like to fight for victory in the Middle Distance races, and for this reason he has recently bought pigeons from Johny Jonckers.
This victory is for Serge, and also for his mother, where the pigeons are housed, and a crown on a pigeon career measuring 35 years. They had never won a national or international victory before now.
Also real top results nationally or internationally were very rarely achieved. Let this victory be a new start to a beautiful pigeon career!