PIPA celebrates 15th anniversary!

16 December 2000. That was the day when Nikolaas Gyselbrecht purchased the www.pipa.be domain name. Just over 15 years later his company PIPA is the world's number one in pigeon auctions, with 20 employees. He looks back on 15 years of PIPA in an extended interview. It was a time with many ups and a few downs as well.

Father Carlo and his sons Thomas and Nikolaas in front of the pigeon lofts
that have been turned into a visitor center

You began your higher education in 1998. Why did you decide to pursue an education in economics, and not for instance in veterinary medicine, like your father Carlo?

Nikolaas: When I started my studies I had no idea what I was going to end up doing. I was good at math and science and I had an interest in economic science. A good friend of mine had opted for Business Engineering and I decided to do the same. We went to Leuven together.

I realised I had not made the right choice after just a few months. The mathematic courses were too theoretical. For instance, I had to know hundreds of mathematic proofs by heart for the exam. I heard that the math courses in Applied Economic Science was more practice based, and so I switched over after half a year. In 2003 I graduated with a one year delay (five instead of four years).

Was your higher education enough of a challenge for you? You already started publishing news articles about pigeon racing in 1999...

Nikolaas: It definitely was! But PIPA was just a hobby. Some people do sports in their spare time, I published news aticles about pigeon racing. 

You were the right-hand man of Freddy Thienpont, who was running the pigeon website Racing Pigeons All Over The World.

Nikolaas: That is correct. I got in touch with him in 1999 through my father. Freddy's website (domain name: http://www.cevi.be/pp/freddy/index.html) had about a hundred visitors a day. This is not a lot compared to today but it was still a great number. I was responsible for the news articles and for the technical aspect but Freddy would still take the time to upload all the information onto his own server.

Over time Freddy had less and less time for his website so I suggested that I would further develop his website and upload the updates. We came to an agreement and the website became mine. My internet provider at the time offered free webspace, so the website moved to a different URL as well (http://www.pi.be/rice1/index.html). That URL was not clear and difficult to find. That is why I changed its domain name to www.pigeonparadise.com in 2000. In December I changed it again to www.pipa.be, which is even more straight forward.

The website reached 1,000 visitors, which they celebrated with a bottle of champagne

This all happened during your studies. What did you struggle most with in the beginning? The fact that you could not spend enough time on PIPA?

Nikolaas: Yes, and it often annoyed me. I felt I could not put enough effort into PIPA. I had this constant struggle: should I continue my studies or work on further developing PIPA? In my study room I was usually occupied drawing wireframes and developing new ideas and content tables for the website. After a day of studying I would usually end up with several pages of ideas. I enjoyed it but I also knew I did not have enough time or money to put my ideas into practice.

Fortunately I met Martin Degrave in 2001. Together we have put our heart and soul into PIPA, and he worked day and night as a volunteer. I will never forget what he did. I am also very grateful to my father, because he has put al lot of effort in PIPA as well. He also made a financial contribution.

Thomas, Carlo and Nikolaas with Martin Degrave, who spent several years working for PIPA as a volunteer

When did you feel for the first time that your efforts were paying off, and that almost every fancier knew the PIPA website?

Nikolaas: That was in 2003, the year of the pigeon flu in Belgium that held pigeon fanciers all across Europe in its grip. Pigeons were no longer allowed to enter France, and new measures could be introduced every day. I brought news updates about the flu every single day, whereas the pigeon magazines appeared only once a week. Sometimes our news coverage was quicker than that of national television. That was quite exciting, especially since we suddenly attracted tens of thousands of visitors a day. Basically every fancier in Europe got to know our website, since everyone wanted to know when they could start racing pigeons again. Other news reporters would follow. Ad Schaerlaeckens for instance said in an article that PIPA was the CNN of pigeon racing. This was an exciting but often chaotic time. This all happened in May 2013, my last year at university, when I was working on my thesis. In this hectic period I also met my wife Jana. I had no time to attend lectures and so I borrowed other students' notes, including Jana's notes from English class.

The PIPA website in 2004

A milestone in our online auctions was our Tsunami event in 2005. We sold hundreds of pigeons in our charity auction for the victims of the seaquake and the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, raising 100,000 euro in total. Fanciers from all across the world placed a bid, and our auction was an international news item in pigeon racing.

The high number of visitors during the bird flu crisis and the highly successful Tsunami auction. Would those be your best moments in 15 years of PIPA?

Nikolaas: I do not really have one favourite moment, because there have been so many in the past years. Honestly, I have been feeling happy and excited throughout this adventure, because it has never felt like work to me. Sometimes I would rather work than going on vacation, because when I'm on vacation I am still thinking about PIPA. I just love my job.

I get satisfaction from so many things. It might sound strange but it am very excited when we hire someone that turns out to be a perfect match for PIPA. I am equally satisfied when one of our online auctions turns out to be a major success.

Nikolaas meets Luna Lai, who represents PIPA in China. This cooperation turned out
to have a major impact on the further development of PIPA

Have you had any moments that made you think about stopping the entire project?

Nikolaas: Not really no. PIPA is my project and I would never leave it behind. You put your heart into it, even in difficult times.

I did have a few difficult moments, especially in 2004. I had a few health issues due to the high workload. I could hardly get any work done for a few months because I did not have the energy. My brother Thomas helped me out, and this is how het got involved in the project. I learned a lot in these few months. I learned to put things in perspective, and I started to see things differently. I was partly influenced by Steve Jobs, who talked about his way of life in his book, which I was reading at the time. His speech in Stanford in 2005 was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen or read.

How do you clear your head if the workload gets too high?

Nikolaas: I always find it difficult to forget about work, because like I said it feels like my faourite hobby. I do try try to exercise every week, either running or cycling. I can also clear my head when I'm with my family, and with my daughter Amalia (4) in particular. She gives me a lot of energy as well.

How does your wife Jana feel when PIPA is going through a difficult time?

Nikolaas: She is happy to provide a listening ear. One of her strengths is that she is not at all interested in money, material things or business life. She only cares about me as a person and our family.

This is something I learned in 2004, when I started suffering from health problems. I was not yet making any money with PIPA, and she was always by my side during these months. I am very grateful to have met such a wonderful person. I think there is a lot of truth in the following quote: "The most important choice in you life is to decide who you will be marrying to."

Nikolaas and his wife Jana on their first holiday together in 2003

Do you get a lot of support from your father and your brother? Or is it difficult because you are running a company together? It is often said that family and business should be kept apart.

Nikolaas: Both. On the one hand I can trust them for 200% but on the other hand it can be difficult to criticize my father's work, after he has done so much work for this project. But I have to treat everyone the same way. This has to do with my strong sense of justice. I try not to make a distinction between my father or brother and my other colleagues.

And new something else: the PIPA Elite Center, your other hobby project. What is your ultimate dream for the PEC?

Nikolaas: I hope to win a 1st National Ace Pigeon title KBDB with a pigeon that was bred in the PEC. This is why we built a brand new breeding loft in 2013, which currently houses about 40 breeding pairs. I know it will be nearly impossible to realise that dream but we might have a chance with our partner Pascal Ariën. He has a positive influence on our pigeon breed, just like the introduction of Geerinckx pigeons.
In addition, I hope to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, winning an international first prize from Barcelona. This is why the PEC has started working together with Batenburg-Van De Merwe for the extreme long distance. Hugo (Batenburg) is invaluable for the PEC: he is very passionate and he loves his job. Such a talented fancier, combined with our high quality pigeon collection (including two international Barcelona winners), should enable us to claim the international first prize one day.

Carlo, Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht with their PEC star Porsche 911

And what do you hope to achieve with PIPA?

Nikolaas: My dream is to create a work environment that our employees love to come to every day, and I hope this will in burn lead to customer satisfaction as well. Customer satisfaction is something I want to improve next year; I think we can provide even better service towards our clients and sellers. Our employees and our clients are the heart of this company. Most of all our clients, since they pay our incomes every year. That is why they deserve special attention every day.

In the long term I want to turn PIPA into a stable company, the strongest firm worldwide in pigeon trade. Many people have told me they think PIPA is the number one worldwide and that it hardly has any competition. But I think there is still room for improvement. I really want to work on that.

As you say: many think PIPA is the number one, and that it has no rivals. Who do you call if you do not find a solution for a problem?

Nikolaas: It comes down to surrounding yourself with people that are better than you in a certain field. I am fortunate to be surrounded by talented people both inside and outside of PIPA. I used to call Pros Roosen very often. He is a clever man in pigeon or business related affairs. Today I often turn to Dirk Deroose for advice. He is the leading man of Willy Naessens, and he has an answer to most of my problems thanks to his many years of experience in business. That does not mean I call him every single day. I will always try to come up with a solution myself.

PIPA has had an increasing number of employees over the years:
Its first two employees are on the left (Martin and Erwin), the current team is on the right.

We have talked about your dreams with PEC and PIPA but we would also like to talk about your personal ambitions. Some people have a bucket list, a list of things they want to achieve during their lives. What would be your number one?

Nikolaas: I do not really have a bucket list. I wake up every morning with Steve Job's motto in mind: If you live each day as if it was your last, some day you'll most certainly be right. Would I have lived my day the same way had I known it had been my last? If the answer is no for several days in a row, I know it is time to change things around. This is how I try to live. I do the things I want to do right away, instead of waiting for later. What if there is no later?

Speaking of later: how long do you want to go on with PIPA?

Nikolaas: Like I said, PIPA is my personal project. I will never stop working for PIPA, although it might be possible that I leave the day to day running to someone I consider to be capable. I am already thinking about this today. It would allow me to continue with PIPA without it ever becoming too much.

Perhaps I see myself as the advisor of the future CEO in a few years' time, instead of being the CEO myself. Most of all I would like to continue maintaining business relations and travelling around to visit clients worldwide. In fact, I might have something on my bucketlist after all: travelling around China with my family for a few months or perhaps an entire year. I would like to get to know the country even better, and I could also visit our clients during our trip.

PIPA will always play an important role in your life, even when you are no longer the CEO. Nikolaas, thank you for talking to us.

Nikolaas' son Jef. Is he the future CEO of this family company?


cool story , but try to sell some fixed priced pigeon also

I sure would like to thank PIPA for helping me realizing my dream of owning world class racing pigeons. Thank you PIPA!

Nikolaas en het hele PIPA team,

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie 15 jarig jubileum.
Ga zo door!!!

Proficiat aan het pipa team met jullie jubileum en dit al 15 jaar
ook persoonlijke groeten aan carlo nicolaas thomas met jullie sucses

Danny en Jenny

Bonne continuation et bonne fête a l'occasion de ce jubilé ,une bonne bouteille de champagne serait de circonstance....
Nicole et Ghislain

big congratulations for the 15 years of fantastic PIPA Company, We wish all your Team next 15 years with big successes and with great cooperation with us in future!

The PiPa site is number 1 on the world and hope it will be no changed for next couple of years!

Every year you introduce new ideas wich are very interesting ans helpful fot the clients and all people who love pigeons,

keep fingers cross for you and further good luck!

best regards from Poland,

Maziarz family

Pipa the best deal with financial

Een hele dikke proficiat aan Nicolas en het ganse PIPA team van Danny en Luc Senden !!!

Aan gans het pipa team van harte proficiat met jullie jubileum en nog heel vele jaren


Duivenlokaal knesselare

gefeliciteerd met het 15-jarige bestaan.

Pipa is like a leader in this field! 15 years, looks short but actually long. All things are difficult before they are easy. So glad to witness u became better and best in 15th year anniversary!!Thank you for your team for working so hard to attribute this!! Glad to have PIPA which bring us the newest information and best pigeons to us. With such a great (kindest) CEO and professional team, I believe u are and u will be the No.1 in this field! Good luck and happy 15th anniversary! Hope one day we can join the celebration and have one bite of th cake! Congrats again!

我们相信,在创始人尼古拉斯.吉赛布赖特(Nikolaas Gyselbrecht)和一支神奇的团队不断努力下,PIPA必将“势若骏马奔平川”,将赛鸽运动引领至更加美好的天堂!


PIPA - the Leader of Pigeon Sport for Fifteen Years
Pigeon Paradise in Belgium.
During the 15 years, PIPA, along with the diligent pursuit of pigeon quality, the most authentic, newest and the most correct transmission of pigeon sport, as well as the most rigorous, professional and high-quality service spirit for the international pigeon world, has become an epoch-making milestone and leaderof the sport!
In the fifteen years, PIPA has always been at the forefront of the times. Screening pigeons in combats, inspecting quality through results, PIPA has cast core competitiveness though the most advanced concepts and formed non replicatingand symbolic racing platform.
Great team creates great miracle. We believe that under the leadership of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and a miracle team .PIPA will “rush on the plain like a fiery steed”(Su Shi, Sung Dynasty of China) and lead the sport to a better “pigeon paradise”!
Best regards
Sky Chen Free Fly Loft


Félicitations pour le boulot réalisé
bonne suite pour le futur

Great job!!!




Congratulations! Well done!

We are congrulating the PİPA family for this reliable and high quality website we wish you a continued success

Happy birthday my dear PIPA family !!! Smile

Well....so many thoughts and feelings in my mind while watching this pictures, and reading this lines.

In the first place I'm so happy and proud to be part of the Pipa familly officially since 2003, but normally from the beggining, from winter between 2001-2002. I'm happy to be part of the Gyselbrecht family also.

Me and Nik were just kids back then, in the begginings. For sure, that all the Gyselbrecht family were involved in this "small online project in 2001", but the "man of vision" was my belgium brother Nik. And man of vision were always very rare !!! To keep on going against all the opinion around him,against all the envy shows really qualities of leadership. And this is the real truth, we are not the people to praise eachother in public for nothing. We are real man now.

This is reality, this are the facts : PIPA is No 1 by far concerning online pigeon information and pigeon auctions. Concerning online pigeon auctions Pipa was and is a PIONEER !!!

Pipa family grew up year by year, and now we are many, and we are strong !!!Stronger and stronger in fact !!! For me is also amazing how the Pipa agents help eachother in time of need !!! All my colegues are amazing and I respect them all . But I will like to thank especially to Dimitar Todorov and Green Xiang for their friendship and help trough the years.

Love you all guys !!!

And despite all, we just keep on walking, because the future looks bright !!!

Happy anniversary again my beloved Pipa family Smile


Great idea at the start and great team to make that dream come true!
I m happy because I m part of it.
Congratulation for 15th anniversary!


Dear friends at PIPA, Thomas, Nikolaas and the rest of the team.

Congratulations with the 15. years!

Even tough we are in the business, we are happy that we are able to talk, laugh and have good times together when we meet. It means a lot to us!

We wish you succes in the future and a happy new year!

Kind regards,

M&C Hansen, Denmark.

What a nice story ! 15 years of really top work indeed. A modern adventure.

My point of view, the best thing is that Pipa allowed Fanciers to have access to really top birds. Birds that are able to make the difference on their competitors. Because quality was always the priority since the beginning.

Pipa is also one of the nicest place with passionate people who are working around and for the Racing pigeons.

I'm sure that this success story will continue in the future because of the very professional way those men and women are working.

Definitively a warm Congratulation for all the team and a big up to Nikolaas, Thomas and Carlo ^^

Great example how one man's dream and passion can change the world!

I joined the team on the half way, but still it is great to see how PIPA changes.

All the best to whole PIPA team.

Best regards,

My heartfelt blessing Pipa successfully gone through 15 years, Pipa has become a mecca for the pigeon fans in China and the world, wish in the new year a Pipa fellow staff health for pigeon fanciers to provide better pigeon!

frank liu

Congratulations on 15 years of PIPA.BE this great family and company. It is the site number 1 in the world in pigeon auction information and high quality. My most sincere congratulations and continue in this line we are proud of all the fans of this great sport.

Best regards,

Salvador Vidal Ferré

Thanks to site pipe that abiamo managed to get excellent pigeons with utmost seriousness and great competence abiamo obtained excellent pigeons with good results in itali wonderful people and maximum seriousness to top
Sir lorenzo intagliatore italy

Congratulations to this family , which is a world reference in the pigeon sport , it is an honor to write these words . desire to continue to do this great work by pigeons , and that in the near future we can see the Portuguese valued fanciers and the Portuguese language in your site . Congratulations

First, the 15th anniversary of the blessing PIPA Happy Birthday! On this platform so that I can know a lot of very powerful in Europe each loft, also met a lot of pigeons Ming, With PIPA to let me get so much information, with PIPA let my grades are getting better! So thanks PIPA! Is also a blessing PIPA can spread to the rest of the world, so that the world can recognize people like pigeons big platform to PIPA

I would like to say, thank you Nikolaas, it's my pleasure to work with PIPA.

Nikolass and all at PIPA your a credit to your Nation and the sport of pigeon racing.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Muchas Felicidades
Marino. Arona. Tenerife

proficiat Nikolaas en het hele team van pipa met jullie 15 de verjaardag je moet het maar doen ook je nieuwe uitdaging met PEC ADK zal slagen de juiste man op de juiste plaats , ook wil ik langs deze weg jullie een gezond en gelukkig 2016 toe wensen

Thanks a lot for the wonderful reactions! It is nice to read them Smile

Goedemiddag terecht Feestvierend Pipa-Team,
van Harte proficiat, jullie zijn niet meer weg te denken in onze sport. Hoop dat over 10 jaar als het 25.jarig Jubileum gevierd wordt we nog steeds met plezier uw site aanklikken en er van genieten.
SUPER INITIATIEF geweest Nicolaas...!! Nogmaals mijn Gelukwensen,
Colla Alberts

Proficiat Nikolaas en het volledige team !!

Jullie realiseerden de 'American dream' in België en bovenal zijn jullie een mooi uithangbord van de Belgische duivensport !!

Doe zo verder en veel succes nog in de toekomst!!!

感谢PIPA 团队对赛鸽运动推广付出的的努力和汗水, 希望喜悦不断 , 成功相连~~~
同时祝 2016 幸福美满, 笑口常开。。

Congratulations to Mr. Nikolaas to build up PIPA and reach worlds number one position in the racing pigeon auction in our country Bangladesh many pigeon fancier happy with the PIPA auction pigeons for their top quality and they also won many top prizes I hope in future PIPA will be more successful in the pigeon auction .

Het is mooi om PIPA te zien groeien van een kleine website ''onder vrienden'' tot een van de meest toonaangevende websites van de duivensport. Waar is de tijd dat Nikolaas nog bij me langskwam om enkele t-shirts te brengen Smile.
Ik hoorde al dat jullie gaan proberen om een 1e nationale asduif te spelen of een 1e internationaal en ik denk met zo'n visie en kwaliteit dat er bij jullie aanwezig is dat het niet zal zijn of het gebeurt maar wanneer Wink
Ook leuk dat jullie geregeld acties ondernemen om iets te winnen en dergelijke. Ook zijn jullie steeds met de voeten op de grond blijven staan en dat siert jullie. Telkens leuk een babbel te maken!
Doe zo voort en dan komen jullie dromen uit!

Proficiat en veel succes!

Bart Gillis

Simply the best !! hard work ,discipline, quest for the best pigeons . congratulacions for this family achivment .

Gefeliciteerd met jullie jubileum!

Mooi om te zien hoe een droom kan uitgroeien tot werkelijkheid!

I'm very happy to be one of the warm PIPA team,those are always fantastic memories for my work at PIPA.

In my opinion, the reason of PIPA growing up so fast is innovation, PIPA continues to bring new changes every year,
just to offer the best client experience, without any doubt racing pigeon sports has been changed dramatically by PIPA in the last 15 years.Online auction,DNA test, quality control ,PIPA ranking etc., most of them are accepted and followed by the others in the sports.

I believe PIPA will never stop its innovation steps, please keep enjoying the exciting happiness with PIPA !

Proficiat met deze prachtige mijlpaal!!

Als ondernemer kun je je maar op een manier onderscheiden, en dat is succes behalen!
De lat ligt hoog en tegenslagen komen vanuit alle hoeken op zetten.
Afgunst en kritiek hebben jullie allemaal overwonnen, keer op keer zijn jullie sterker geworden.

Het is dan ook geen wonder dat jullie dit jubileum met elkaar hebben behaald, familie en personeel zijn en blijven de motor achter dit prachtige bedrijf!

Succes de aankomende tijd.

Vriendelijke groet,
Wichard de Vries.

Dag Nikolaas en en het volledige PIPA-team

Heel mooi artikel om te lezen hoe alles heel klein en bescheiden een aanvang neemt en uiteindelijk tot marktleider in zijn soort kan uitgroeien. De sterkte achter het succes van PIPA naar mijn mening is de constante aandacht voor "people management" in al zijn opzichten: tevreden klanten, tevreden leveranciers en niet te vergeten de juiste mensen op de juiste plaats binnen het bedrijf maken PIPA tot hetgeen het nu is geworden, de onbetwiste nummer 1!

Steeds aandacht voor de afgelegde weg door de jaren heen, met beide voeten op de grond, het nodige realisme, een zeer sterk HRM-beleid en de juiste aanpak om bepaalde problemen de wereld uit te helpen, maken van PIPA en in het bijzonder de CEO een zeer betrouwbare partij!

Wij beamen de zeer vlotte samenwerking met PIPA en met de vooruitstrevende visie zitten wij en velen anderen voor jaren goed. Kortom, PIPA is een zegen voor de Belgische duivensport!

Doe zo verder!

Heel tevreden klanten/leveranciers!

Tom Van Gaver
Namens DVV-Pigeons


Proficiat met diit jubileum.
Hopelijk doen jullie er nog eens 15 jaar bij.

Carrette - D'Hooghe

Grosser Erfolg, Gratulation an Pipa Team.
Bülent Mavis

Van Harte gefeliciteerd.
Ga vooral zo door want ik kan nog elke dag genieten van PIPA!!!!!
Gr. Ineke en Rens

Beste Pipa Team een hele dikke Proficiat met de voorbije 15 jaar.
Jullie hebben tot op heden en prachtig parcours afgelegd!
Duivensport kreeg door jullie wereldwijd aanzien.
Nog vele succesvolle jaren.

Respectvolle groeten,

Annick en Geert

Congratulations on the great achievement. I see the insistence for quality, the open mind for innovative ideas and the continuous pursuit of excellence. It shapes the greatness of the bygone days and will lead to many more glory moments in future. Luckily I am a witness and part of it.
Thank you,Nikolaas! Thank you, PIPA!

Congratulations for the 15 years anniversary! Nice story,great achievements.
The best quality of a professional team. I wish Pipa excellence developments in the future.
Proficiat Nicholaas , Proficiat Team Pipa!!!

De tijd vliegt .... 15 jaar!
Proficiat me de uitbouw van de website en je bedrijf.
Je hebt een prachtig team samengesteld ...

Félicitations à toute l'équipe PIPA votre site est très varier surtout continuez comme cela
Famille 3D

Beste PIPA-team

Van harte proficiat met jullie 15-jarig bestaan. Jullie hebben de voorbije jaren echt prachtige zaken verwezenlijkt. Doe zo verder!

Jos en Lars

15 years ! Amazing !

But when that special guys work together per 15 years ... work very hard it must be succes !

And I think PIPA is now after 15 years one of biggest pigeon bussines on the planet !!

Congratulations from Poland Smile

Best Regards

Een dikke proficiat aan het ganse pipa-team met dit jubileum!!
Het is een ongelooflijk mooi parcours dat jullie hebben afgelegd de voorbije 15 jaar, iets waar jullie terecht heel fier kunnen op zijn!!
Op naar het volgende jubileum!!

Bart Geerinckx

Top !
Vanaf het prille begin op de voet gevolgd en al meer dan 10 jaar van nabij meegemaakt.
Niet alleen zakelijk, ook op menselijk vlak hoedje af voor Carlo en de zonen.
Speciaal dankwoordje aan Nikolaas voor herhaaldelijk persoonlijk advies.
Welgemeende proficiat !

Happy Birthday my Friends !
Fifteen years TOP professional work by the PIPA Team !
Great friendship !

Dear friends at PIPA, Thomas, Nikolaas and the rest of the team.

Congratulations with the 15. years!

I wishing the best for your team


Happy Birthday, my Friends !
Fifteen years TOP professional work by the PIPA team !
I am very happy that I know you and that we have had such a great friendship for these fifteen years !

Beste Nikolaas,
Beste Pipa team,

Het is werkelijk ongelofelijk hoe snel dit bedrijf geëvolueerd is naar de meest toonaangevende website in de duivenwereld.

Proficiat met het 15 jarige bestaan van Pipa!

Tom De Rijck

Alles begint altijd met een eerste stap, hoe bescheiden ook. Ondertussen al vele stappen gezet en een prachtig parcours afgelegd. Mooi als je werk je hobby, en je hobby je werk is. Alleen dan kan je top worden en dat op zo'n relatief korte termijn. Met de juiste mensen op de juiste plaatsen kan alles en veel.
Proficiat aan het ganse team!
Doe zo verder!

Eddy Noël

Proficiat Pipa met jullie 15-jarig jubileum !!

De winters duren door jullie een stukje minder lang ... elke dag blijven de liefhebbers up to date via jullie site.

Veel succes verder.

Proficiat met je onderneming nummer1 van de wereld.


Happy Birthday, my Friends !
Fifteen years TOP professional work by the PIPA team !
I am very happy that I know you and that we have had such a great friendship for these fifteen years !

Nikolaas, Thomas en gans PIPA team,

Fantastisch wat jullie gedaan hebben, doen en nog zullen realiseren voor de Belgische en internationale duivensport!

Fantastisch om met jullie te mogen samenwerken

valoi lagtece , manuser paca chata comment deke.. haire amar desh .


Nikolaas & Thomas en het team proficiat met jullie 15 jarige jubileum van de fantastische veiling site die zeer profisoneel werkt met topduiven en de Nederlandse en Belgische duivensport buiten Europa echt op kaart heeft gezet doe zo verder nog maals proficiat daan westeneng

Great interview about 'the story behind the story'.

Always great to see that behind each successful business is hidding doubtfull moments & stress but also perseverance & courage.
If you work, it will always pay out a day or another and it is probably the greatest lesson in life.

Congratulations Nikolaas, Thomas & Carlo.

Proud to be a part of the team

Félicitation, nous vous souhaitons, ainsi qu’aux membres de votre famille et à tous les colombophile une heureuse année 2016, pleine de satisfactions diverses, bonne continuation.


Congratulations for the 15 years of fantastic PIPA Company.

Number 1 on the world, we hope all it will be no changed for long time.

Yours motto most be:

"We believe in PIPA because PIPA believe in us."

Happy New Year PIPA-TEAM

U. Arslan

The first time I met Nikolaas was with a piece of paper and a pen. Smile This was the beginning of his dream.
During the years PIPA was growing faster and faster. All those years my relationship with Nikolaas and his team was getting better and better.
In those 15 years they brought pigeon sport to a higher level.
I wanna thank Nikolaas to be such a good friend to me.

Congratulations guys and keep going!!! Smile

Gefeliciteerd Nikolaas en gehele Pipa team.
En een Barcelona droom kan eens uitkomen.........

vrgroeten Kees Droog

Gefeliciteerd met u vijftien jaar voor het hele team en in het bijzonder Nicolas.

Eddy Wilms

Een succesverhaal waarvoor men enkel grote waardering kan hebben.

Luc en Nada Klaps, Genk
vanaf 2016 spelend onder de naam Klaps-Phetsuwan

Ingezonden reactie:

Hallo Familie Gyselbrecht,
Een jubileum met een gouden rand ingelegd met diamanten.
Zo denk ik over Pipa en over de familie Gyselbrecht.
Bijna 18 jaar geleden ging ik met een groep Belgen naar China.
Daar heb ik Carlo leren kennen als een fijn mens.
In de groep sociaal en altijd eerlijk. Een eigenschap die je niet te vaak meer
tegenkomt. Ik denk dat zijn DNA goed is overgedragen.
Veel succes nog in de toekomst

Jaap Koehoorn

Hallo compleet Pipa Team,

Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze mijlpaal die nu al bereikt is, waarin veel is gebeurd en veranderd, zoals het veilen in de zaal verleden tijd is geworden met uitzondering van eventuele jubileum verkopen ,de waarde van de duiven die toch wel opgekrikt is door het wereldwijde netwerk die jullie zelf hebben opgezet.

Een diepe buiging en petje af is dan ook wel op zijn plaats.

Met de meest vriendelijke groeten en een super en vooral gezond 2016


Congratulations on a fantastic 15 years PIPA!

Nikolaas is a great man, leading a great company that has made the sport so much more known throughout the world. Everything he and his team has done for the sport has been greatly appreciated. The website is flawless, along with the great proven pigeons that are always sold on the site. Thank you from Chicago for the pigeon donations to our Midwest Convention that brought in great attention and money! Long live PIPA forever!

Thank You Nikolaas and Company,

Sam Younan

WOW 15 years already!

Nikolaas, It's has been a pleasure in working with you and the wonderful Pipa team. it's amazing how Pipa has brought the pigeon world to the next level. I would like to congratulate Pipa on your 15th year anniversary and for many more years to come.

Thank you

Andy Larentzakis

Congratulations. Your pigeon website is the best worldwide.