Peter Symaeys, Bruges winner 1st National Pau 2.338 pigeons!

The early liberation on Friday morning and the favourable ZW-wind meant that the majority of prizes had been won on Friday evening! The winning pigeon in Belgium landed at 18h53 in the ‘Venetië of the North’ at the trap by Peter Symaeys!

With 464 pigeons more than last year, the organisers of ‘La Colombe Joyeuse’ must have rubbed their hands together… in our country there were almost 150 more pigeons basketted than in 2010… it’s just a shame that this race only has a few basketting centres, resulting in a great number of fanciers passing on this race, as they are not prepared to travel the extra kilometres to a different basketting centre. Possibly an argument for the organisers to think about for the future, if they want to continue with this race in the future.
Although there was no problem with the number of participants… the weather forecast for the weekend was a different matter, very windy and many storms. On Friday morning it was not too bad on the racing line, although rain was still forecast for the afternoon from the west to south-west, land inwards. Seeing the favourable weather on the racing line ( and the inadvertent weather for the rest of the weekend) the organizers decided top open the baskets at 7am. In the afternoon it did indeed rain in a ‘narrow’ but rather ‘long strip’, which spread over our land from the region just above Paris! The international winning pigeon from Great Britain will probably have had less trouble with this as this pigeon had 1431,94 m/min and was followed in the result by 9 French pigeons, which probably had less trouble from the rain due to their shorter distances, and struggled through better than our Belgian pigeons. Because converted to about 1h15 after  the international winner (at 17h23 from 892,097 Km) the national winner of our country landed in Bruges in the ‘Fortuinstraat’ by Peter Symaeys.
Peter clocked his national winner Pau at 18h53’02” from a distance of 917,015 Km which gave a velocity of 1286,07 m/min! Peter Symaeys entered the 4 old birds from his racing team only for Pau as planned… and he had a marvellous result, as after his national winner was clocked at 18h53, he clocked another 2 early pigeons at 19h44 and 20h24, with, as result: 

Pau Club Gistel    331 o.b.: 1-13-25 (3/4)
    Prov West-Fl     528 o.b.: 1-16-32 (3/4)
    National      2.338 o.b.: 1… and here also 3 pigeons which will win per 20
    Internation    8.601 o.b.: 11… 

It was the 2nd nominated ‘Lichte 39’ which won national victory and raced the colony of Peter Symaeys into the international spotlight. A clapper which had also displayed his class over previous years with early prizes in a few national classics, wherefrom this selection from his honours list: 

-The ‘Lichte 39’ B07-3003539

  1° Nat. Pau       2.338 p. 2011
165° Nat. Tarbes    4.576 p. 2010
204° Nat. Montauban 6.654 p. 2010
418° Nat. Montauban 7.203 p. 2009   

He is a 100% Chris Hebberecht pigeon (who also won 3° National from this Pau). His father is an excellent breeder in the lofts of Peter Symaeys and answers to the name of‘Donkere Gabor’ B05-4411646, a direct Chris Hebberecht which is a grandson from both the ‘Krommen 629/91’ (grandfather of the ‘Champion’: 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) and the ‘Pancho 210/99’ (self 1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004). The mother is then again a 100% Hebberecht pigeon, the‘Pure’ B06-3058849… bred in line to the golden stock father by Chris Hebberecht, the ‘Bjorn’… because she was bred from 2 pigeons originating from Evergem, namely Arne B05-4410033 (grandson of the ‘Zwart Björnke’, daughter ‘Björn) x ‘Corry’ B05-4410091 (granddaughter of the ‘Schone Zwarten’ or the father of ‘Champion’, coupled with the ‘Geschelpt 033/92’sister Björn)! 

‘Good’ means a lot 

Peter Symaeys (50 j) is a teacher at the St-Jozef institute and teaches, in the higher secondary direction, ‘public relations’! The race from Pau was a welcome break during the busy examinations… although his ‘Lichte 39’ caused him some ‘stress’ as candidate national winner… until finally the redeeming telephone call came, and the champagne corks could pop! Peter Symaeys is certainly not unknown in pigeon fancier circles, and he is one of the driving forces behind the Bruges Barcelona club, and is also well-known for his interactions on the PIPA-forum. At the Peter Symaeys Household the pigeon sport is purely for relaxation. His colony is built up with 8 breeding couples, mainly based on the Chris Hebberecht pigeons which are crossed with pigeons from Hendrik Mortier, Mark Pollin, Etienne Meirlaen, and Frans Denoo… that’s it! Every year he buys 60 rings and once these have all been used he stops breeding. The youngsters never see the ‘big basket’, and, as he states himself, they are treated according to the ‘old method’… counting on ‘natural health’. He trains the pigeons with the small basket, and this from all directions… that can be Brussels, or Rekkem which lies on the south-westerly flight line. This year Peter started the season with 5 old birds and 14 yearlings. He gave one old bird away… and for the 4 remaining old birds there was a programme Pau-Tarbes and if possible also Perpignan, but according to Peter it won’t happen now. The national winner has naturally been moved to the breeding loft, together with another loft companion. After selecting in the very tough Chateauroux 2 weeks ago in which Peter also won 1st prize against 713 yearlings, Peter only had 5 yearlings left… anything which didn’t return home fresh and spry from this tough race was selected out! Peter now hopes that these 5 yearlings will give him some pigeon pleasure for the rest of the season! The racing pigeons were coupled in February and after raising a round of youngsters they were allowed to lay eggs again, wherefrom the youngsters were raised by a few breeding couples… so that in this way Peter could ring 4 youngsters from his best racing pigeons. From then on the pigeons went into widowhood and raced all the sprint races in April. The week before the first provincial Tours (2nd weekend of May) they were prescribed rest, then with an intermission of 2 weeks they raced the provincial Tours (3/5) and on the day of Bourges the provincial Poitiers (3/4)… to then be entered for Pau, with the known result! The pigeons had already proved then that they were full of ‘verve’! The cocks are never shown their hens before the race, only the dish for a few minutes, so that the pigeons are ‘calm’ when they are basketted… but after the race they are allowed to remain with their hen for a long time, even in the beginning with the sprint races. Peter says himself that he feeds the pigeons quite ‘heavily’ with a mix of diet, breed and corn. In the beginning quite rationed, but towards the basketting more than enough (read: too much). The leftovers are removed after a while! The vets won’t be rich through Peter… they are only visited for the compulsory vaccinations against paramyxo, for the rest they are given a 1 week cure against ‘tricho’, nothing else… not even disinfection by the homecoming. The natural resistance of a pigeon is the best medicine here! As a fancier he observes whether the ‘form’ returns directly after a race, whether the pigeons fly again directly… if not, then he will visit the vet… but on a yearly basis this is rather the exception than the rule!

With Peter Symaeys, a man with the so-called ‘small basket’ beat the great tenors in our sport… and that is what makes our sport so nice! At that level Pau is a battle with equal weapons… due to the limited number of pigeons allowed per fancier! Peter Symaeys proved that with his minimal number of pigeons it is not that a lot means ‘good’, but that ‘good’ is a lot! An approach which has now been crowned with national victory from Pau! Congratulations Peter… and enjoy this new highlight in you pigeon career to the full!





Hallo Peter

Hartelijk proficiat met je mooie overwinning op Pau nationaal,weer eens een "kleine melker"die het haalt.
Ik zag dat je ook op andere vluchten in jou lokaal vroegt pakt....misschien wel "einde kleine melker" hé...

Sportieve groeten uit Zedelgem.

Eddy D'Heedene.

proficiat met uw overwinning

proficiat peter met jouw mooie eerste plaats op pau.
hopelijk dat ik dat ooit ook eens mag meemaken.

gr steve stoffels,


Nogmaals ne dikke proficiat!!
Geniet ervan en hopelijk mogen we nog een passeren met een fles bubbels!!

Pieter & Carlos


Proficiat Peter, geniet van deze overwinning en doe zo voort!!

Bart Verdeyen